Welcome to the New Daions Online

Well, the old site is gone. Hope the search engines pick this one up.

Good news is that the new home of Daions Online here is up and running, and seems to be a total success. The site is averaging about 60+ hits per day, which I think is phenomenal for such a narrowly focused subject. Once the search engines pick it up, maybe it will increase even more. Thanks to all who are visiting, and sending comments and info.

Look around at the links to the right and feel free to make suggestions. I have tried to stimulate a little interaction with the new serial number lists and other sections like First, Latest, Current, Super Rare Daions and Daions Onstage. Any other ideas for new sections are welcome. I’m really trying to avoid this site being as stagnant as the old one. It’s a lot more fun from my end already. The software here is SOOOO much better than what I used to build the old site.

Also thanks to Anne Jarrod Amohau​ who started us a Facebook page! Please join us at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1066707010017715/


29 Responses to “Welcome to the New Daions Online”

  1. Hi, Im looking for a volume knob for a 555 Headhunter. Can anybody help? I can’t find a replacement anywhere and i need one asap. Thanks

  2. Daion Acoustic guit Heritage” The` 78 Heritage ” , 12 strings , in a good condition for sale or make an offer if interrested ..drop me a note
    i`m based in london .

  3. jarrod and anne amohau Says:

    amazing job Michael , don’t give up , you will get there , hi all from aussie. ( daion the 80w doubleneck and powermark xx )

  4. Hey Michael Callahan, you bought my Daion Fretless Bass a few years ago on e-bay. I have regretted selling it ever since. Let me know if you would consider selling it back. Thanks! dburk2002@gmail.com Dan

    • Dan, nice to hear from you! Sorry, but I’m not selling it anytime soon (probably ever, unless my hands get so stiff I can’t play anymore). I dearly love that bass, it’s my right hand. I upgraded it to EMGs last year (of course the original electronics are tucked away in a baggie in a drawer), and I sanded the neck and re-set the action last week, due to the wear I have put on it with constant playing. If I do ever sell it, you shall certainly be the first to know. I’ll also give you the heads-up if any come available here. They are rare, but so are the folks who play fretless and want them.

  5. Ok. I realized that it’s not Tamaki but YAmaki. http://mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=147263

  6. Hello from Paris (France) I have a Mugen MARK V guitar, I can see the Daion Logo on the head of the guitar but Daion is not marked on it. I can only read inside de the body “Mugen Mark V Tamaki.Co Ltd” and there is no serial number. On the picture, I can’t see no difference with the MARK V by Daion (mine also have the “handlebar mustache” shaped bridge). Can you please tell me what is (are) the difference between a Mark V by TAMAKI and a Mark V by Daion. I am very curious about the history (and the value) of my guitar. Thanks for your help. Best

  7. doug lick Says:

    Well you’re the first one I’ve heard of . Now , do you think there is any difference between the ones marked Daion and the ones marked Yamaki ? Mabye the Yamaki ones were meant for the Japanese market ? By the way ,I couldn’t part with my Heritage 78.
    Sold two other guitars instead and bought a brand new Canadian made Fury electric .

    • Ross Taggart Says:

      I Guess It might be more acurate to say that one of my friends owned a Yamaki Dreadnaught Back in the early 80’s which had the same Lyre design on the back of the tuners. Both of my Daion guitars have that design on them.

      • Interesting. My tuners just say yamaki across them, just under a tiny gohto logo. Also says yamaki across the back of the headstock.

  8. Ross Taggart Says:

    actually two Lol :0)

  9. Ross Taggart Says:

    I have one with Yamaki tuners..

  10. Ross Taggart Says:

    Except to say that i have shared the link with ibanezcollectors.com
    Tk bro nice work

  11. Ross Taggart Says:

    All i can say is way to go Bro!!!

  12. doug lick Says:

    Wow,just found this site. Big Yamaki fan.Have owned a few over the years.Now I only have my 78 heritage left, and sadly I’m reluctantly thinking about selling it. Something I said I’d never do. But something else has caught my eye and I need to raise money for it. Does anyone else have a 78 that doesn’t say Daion on it ? Most of them Iv’e seen have Daion on the back of the headstock.Mine says yamaki on the back and on the tuners too. I’m kinda kicking tires here , but if I sell it .I’d rather sell it to someone who appreciates Yamakis. Rather than throw it up on Ebay.

  13. Hey Mike, I am actually running active EMGs in my black fretted bass and the factory pickups in the fretless. I keep procrastinating installing the EMGs in the fretless, but need to to get it done. Main reason I want the EMGs in the fretless is just to bring the gain up to the same level as the EMGs in the black bass and my Hamer B12L. Tone-wise the old stock pickups sound great, but just not nearly as hot as the EMGs. I have to turn the other two basses down so I don’t have to fiddle with the amp volume onstage. If somebody turns the knobs on any of the basses, I’m hosed when time comes to change out and go to the next song. Having them all the same output will put an end to that.

  14. hi mike. love your new site! i was reading your review of 2 power mark xx b basses that u have. u mention a Bartolini pickup and elecs package. is that the best electronic package a person can have on a bass? i am waiting to recieve a daion xx b from ebay & wondered if that is what i should get installed on it. i am totally new to bass guitars since i am mostly a fingerstyle acoustic player. i own about 7 daions. thanx for any tips u might send my way on the bass.

  15. No RSS? Be great to able to RSS this site to keep up to date on posts and comments.

  16. Gavin Dixon Says:

    Hi ! You need to remove the old website addresses from the Info section of facebook, and slot in the new one. Appreciate all you are doing.

  17. Just added a new section, Daions for Sale or Wanted. Please post sell/wanted in this section to avoid cluttering other areas.

  18. It’s great to finally find you after your old site went down. I’m a new recent owner of an original Daion Power Mark XX B fretless in terrific condition. Been well kept for 27 years by one owner and now in my hands will get some TLC and some play time!


  19. Good to see you found us, Bruce! Sounds like a real nice guitar! There is also a link to Bruce’s webpage on the links in the right hand column.

  20. Yeah, one of the kewlest sites on the web is BACK!!

    JUST IN!! 4/23/2010
    A Daion 555 Headhunter!! Very hard to find and highly desirable Top of the line Daion semi-solid body , strings through, Brass nut /bridge saddles Gold plated tuners and bridge . Flammy walnut finish. In great condition W/ HC, call bruce at diamondstrings 585-424-3369

  21. I am hoping a lot of folks can find the new site here. I was forced to move here due to my internet provider shutting down the old site, but now I like this a LOT better. Just hope the search engines will pick it up quickly. The old Daions Online site had a lot of traffic.

    • Teresa Says:

      Is this Mike? I’m sure glad I decided to Google Daions!
      I have a black Savage fretless with unlined maple neck. If anyone is interested, please reply here and I can send pics.


  22. I am sure this will be a nice place to land on from time to time 😉

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