Acoustic Serial Number List?

Since apparently nobody else has created a serial number list for the Daion acoustic guitars, I guess this will be the place for it. If  there is enough interest, I will create and manage the list for all acoustic models.

Please post comments about other models on appropriate category pages. I cannot move posts to other pages, so unrelated posts will be removed or not approved.

If you would like your Daion Acoustic guitar on the list, I need model (Mk.1, Heritage, 80, Legacy, etc…) color, serial number, 6 or 12 string, and your location. Might add if it has a factory pickup in it, or other significant details. Email your info to

Michael Bechmann has generously compiled and created a new list for us that can be found at the “Updated Serial Number List” link in the blogroll on the right side. This list will no longer be updated, so if you don’t see your instrument listed here and have sent your number to us, check that list. If you don’t see your instrument on the updated list, then please email me!

Daion 80

100433  6/12 Double Neck (UK)

100448  6string (Winnipeg, CAN)

100825  12string  solid headstock (BC, CAN)


75 Responses to “Acoustic Serial Number List?”

  1. Chris Holloway Says:

    Just acuired a Daion Mugen Mark 1 in near mint condition. Serial numberr is 107238. Trying to figure out what year it was made. Thanks in advance. Awesome guitar by the way – holds its own with my Martins, Taylors, Takamines, and Gibsons.

  2. Sam loBalbo Says:

    Have a 12 string acoustic with a Daion pickup. Serial AY742T…..any ideas anybody cause i’m striking out all over the place with this serial number…thanks Sam

    • AY742T is the model, not the serial. The serial should be up in the body on the end of the neck. You can use a flashlight to find it. The model is usually stamped there, with the serial underneath it.

  3. Tree Menane Says:

    The guitar also has a fishman pickup in it.

  4. Tree Menane Says:

    I have no idea as to model or how to find it. It is a red acoustic with the horned head logo and also on the machines. My brother got it in Nashville many years ago. The serial number I could find is inside where the neck attaches and appears to be 022185. I will appreciate any info.

  5. I have a 1981 Caribou (“The ’81 Caribou ” according to the small wooden plate mounted on the inside surface of the back of the guitar and centered visually to be viewed through the oval sound hole.) Serial #192482. It has slider volume & tone controls and dot inlaid fret markers. It has enclosed tuning machines with the Caribou logo on each.

  6. Daion The’81C serial 829161D

  7. Mike Boyce Says:

    I was given a Daion acoustic guitar. Serial # AY092 100530. The fret board has 2 pearl maltese cross type other markers. Dark mahogany color. Beautiful rich tones. Very loud. What year was this made? I don’t see any other Daion with the unusual cross like symbols.

  8. Patrice Webb from Vancouver Canada. Dark brown Legacy L999, AY 09 (possibly 091) and 105242.

  9. marvin debruler Says:

    Hi, this is Marvin DeBruler in Falmouth KY united states…….. I have a Daion mugan serial #828929D……. I need to know wat year this guitar was made and some other history on it please…….. Ty in advance

    • Anthony Hornbeck Says:


      This is Anthony Hornbeck from Fort Worth, TX with a…

      Daion Mugen Mark I
      Acoustic 6 String
      Made in Japan
      Yamaki Machine Heads
      Serial: 80031316

  10. David Parry Says:

    Hi from New Zealand,

    I’ve had a Daion Mugen Mk III 6 string acoustic solid top since sometime in 1983. The top’s got steadily darker over the decades, and I guess developed a better tone. Sometime during the late 80s I had a Martin thinline pickup installed under the saddle. It’s got the odd minor dent on the top and back, but the neck is dead straight and it still plays well

    Model: Mugen Mark
    Version: III
    Serial: 281268-D
    Type: Guitar Acoustic 6 String
    Color: Tan, solid top
    Special Features: Made in Japan
    Country: Christchurch, New Zealand

  11. Chris Burnett Says:


  12. Scott Dixon Says:

    I have a D125N acoustic. Any info on materials used would be very much appreciated.

  13. Gretings from Greece.Thenk you for this grate job about Dion mugen guintars.I have a Dion 4
    nom 831715 wich is in a verry goog contition.The body is made by palisanter.For sour it is hand made.

  14. Ye I have been told that they are all hand made

  15. Hello from Germany, I have a Daion L99 serial number 158915th I like to play with you and she has a great sound for me. Can anyone tell me how much it is worth it to me. It is in a good condition.

    Best wishes Peter S

  16. I have a Heritage th’78 12 string #125562 which I bought in the UK second hand in around 1980/81. It’s still in lovely condition but sadly doesn’t get played these days. I’m in New Zealand these days

  17. hi !

    Ihave a daion # ay032d 106088 82 ou 83 great condition ,do you a list price for this model.

  18. Graham Davidson Says:

    I have a Daion ’82 serial #831787 bought back in 1983. Was able to try it out at the South African importer Arnie Davidson’s warehouse in Port Elizabeth. Tried 3 guitars, all had different feels to the neck. Have enjoyed playing it from the beginning. Only had it re-fretted a few years ago and a pickup and graphic fitted at the same time. Great guitar!! Still in excellent condition.

  19. Anne DeMille Says:

    I have a 78 Heritage Ser. #831085, brass nut, bridge, dots, tuning gears. Mahogany color, not sure what type of wood. Bought new back in (I think) 1985, This guitar toured with me for several years. Although I own other guitars, this one is easy to play, has its own unique sound and projects well on stage. I am retired from the road and am considering selling it. Does anyone have any idea of its monetary worth?

    • I have a mugen the. 78 I bought this from a friend back in 1980 it has serial number 007528 it has mugen written on back of neck and at the front it has a emblem carved in to the head of the neck like a tuning fork anyone know anything about this guitar it sounds absolutely lovely when played

      • I have a Mugen “The 78″ bought in Manchester 1979 no. 9010314. Cedar top, laminate mahogany back/sides,one piece mahogany neck,Rosewood bridge ,fingerboard and headstock veneer. Front & rear body binding, full neck binding and headstock binding,back centre strip, heel cap, Daion tuning fork inlay and wide band rosette all in Maple. Brass nut (1 11/16”),saddle and gold Gotoh machine heads.
        Mugen stencilled on headstock back and “The ’78” stamped on back centre brace.No other build information.
        I was told by the salesman that a few Mugen brand guitars were imported to test the market and the distributor was not going ahead with a launch. I believe these were OEM Daion/Yamaki models built in Taiwan.

    • oliver seager Says:

      is your ’78 Heritage acoustic still for sale?

  20. Candice Says:

    Daion DV-95TSB
    Electric acoustic could you tell me anything about it?

  21. Steve croft. Says:

    I have a 1980 Daion Heritage 78 model, that I bought in Len Stiles shop in Lewisham, back in February 82. Serial number is 80062316. It is the one constant (Apart from my 84 Gibson J-100Xtra) in my ever changing guitar collection. It has been with me everywhere, and is now a bit bruised and battered, but still sounds wonderful. The Daion is loud and bright, but I `ve fitted a bone saddle, which has tamed her a little.

  22. My Wife and I have a Daion acoustic…A very nice sounding and playing acoustic.
    Inside the sound hole, looking north to the neck block, the guitar is marked as follows:
    THE ’78

    My wife bought this guitar in a private party sale in 1994 for $150 (along with a violin that turns out to be a classic too!)

    the instrument has quite a low playing action, so low in fact, that I had to shim the saddle a bit and install medium gauge strings to eliminate a slight fret buzz in the higher register. After reading previous posts I found out that the saddle was supposed to be brass as well as the nut. Ours has the brass nut but a plastic (bone) saddle. I will replace it with brass asap.

    We LOVE this guitar, play it daily and gig with it once or twice a week. Come hear it with the JEWEL THIEVES, Darwells Café,
    Long Beach, Mississippi.
    John and Viki

  23. Brendon Miles Says:

    I have a Daion “The ’81’ CARIBOU” acoustic/electric 6 string. Serial No:106692. A beautiful cherry red with cut away and a slim line body with a belled back. It has the lyre on headstock and it looks like a solid brass inlay – not sure but the round dot fret markers are definitely brass. Brass pegs and covered gears with the lyre symbol on each gear cover.

    Beautiful solid wood – book matched at back with a sitka spruce colour stripe up middle. The binding is white with black pin stripe layers on body, neck and head. The sound hole is oval and the rose matches the pin striped binding. Made in Japan sticker on back of headstock.

    I bought new from local music shop in the early 80’s (Probably 82 for $600.) Came with a nice solid, brown coloured hard case. I used it to perform about, mostly in restaurants for 10 years. Sounds great acoustically.

    Unfortunately always had a bit of trouble with the piezo pick-up and changed it. No pick guard, and so being a finger stylist, I wore a hole in the wood just under the strings where I rest my pinkie. Tried to fix myself and it’s a bit rough. Re-fretted once and I still play it daily.

    I live NSW. Australia

  24. Hi

    I live in France and I have a Daion Mugen Mark II serial number: 80072539.
    How do I know the year of manufacture ?
    I want to sell it, what is its rating ?

  25. Tony Davies Says:

    I have A Daion, The Heritage 78, serial No 89082804 bought secondhand in 1980 in England. I have extensively gigged with it so it is a bit battered but still sounds brilliant. Now living in France.

  26. I have a MK 11 bought in ’82 in Tasmania. Still a great guitar. serial No. is 109013.

  27. Giovanni Says:

    I have a ’80 bought in 1982, serial number 807605.
    Greetings from Italy !!!

  28. Dan StAmand Says:

    Bought new in early 80s, AY078S Ser# 3112818. Bridge starting to lift, Dry air up here. My only 6 steel string acoustic. ( I have lots of electrics, a Yamaki 12 acoustic.). Great guitar, never even looked at buying anything else. No neck hump !

  29. the player Says:

    I play a 80/12 string, bought around 1984. Perfect condition, no scratches or repair. Great sound. I love this guitar. Serial number 829424 D. Greetings from Germay

  30. I have a 6 string MS-100. I bought it in ’81 and it still sounds fantastic. Perfect condition, no scratches at all.
    Serial number: 80089441.

  31. I have been given a Daion guitar model D124E acoustic but with place for battery and has treb, mid, base and volume keys.. sorry dont know correct terminology!! should I be giving this to someone who will benefit from having it ? Is it a good guitar to learn on?
    would appreciate any info / help

  32. I have a 6 string 78 DAION HERITAGE serial number:
    80020110 Location: USA
    -dreadnought style, solid cedar top with hand-stained mahogany finish, hardwood neck, round soundhole, maple binding, mahogany sides/two-piece back, 14/20-fret rosewood fingerboard with brass dot inlay, rosewood bridge with brass saddle, brass nut, rosewood string pins.
    I have had it for 13 years.

  33. It looks like I have a Daion 78/12. AY078T, serial number 103246. Thanks to this site I didn’t even know what it was for years. It was given to me in pieces and when my luthier was done we were both surprised how great this guitar sounds. Anyone know what I should be putting as a value on my insurance?

    • Hi Wayne! I too have a Daion 78/12. AYO78T. My question to you is, does you Daion have a solid headstock. I’ve yet to see another like mine. Thankyou in advance. Bill.

      • I forgot the the number which is serial# 105390. Cheers!

      • Hey Bill,
        Not sure how I missed this email. Sorry.
        Mine is solid as well. Looks like we are a rarity.

      • Hi bill…I have a Daion Ayo78t 12 string with solid top carved logo serial number 105013. dave

      • Hi again!! I was just wondering what these are worth in monetary terms..? Mine is pretty banged up but still plays amazing..I had to have the bridge reglued..when I bought it had screws holding it on and white glue all around it..the body has some good dings in it too..also had to have a fret banged back into place and now there is no buzzing and the action is really nice!! love it!!

  34. albertpicker Says:

    I have a Daion 12 string D124-12E it has factory fitted (6 star screws pickups) on the 19th fret (20 frets in total) a Vol and a Tone knob on the top side, jack input doubles as chrome shoulder strap button,the description inside says it was made in Korea for Central Musical Instruments Australia.
    It Just has the word Daion on the headstock no numbers or letters anywhere that I can find. Rosewood fretbd. cedar/maple top.
    I am interested to find out how old it is, It has a wonderfully rich tone, quite unique as I have had some 12 string guitars before.
    I was quoted a price of $ 700 by a Luthier to restore it quote ” now the wood is all matured ” unquote .. is it worth it?

  35. I have a 1981 Caribou, brown finish. Serial number A Y732B. I bought it new “in the day” and pretty much ignored it until recently. Changed to bone nut and saddle. Had to place a new bridge as the old one was lifting. Now has a Fishman with no preamp.

    I have seen it written that it’s a solid cedar top with flame maple sides and back. This appears to be true, comparing it to other guitars where I know the materials. The neck is extremely narrow for an acoustic. It is double bound with brass markers in the finger board and on top. The only flaw to date is the finish on the headstock has gone milky in two places.

    I have not seen any references to the Caribou double neck. I now wish I had bought one, as it hung next to my Caribou in the store(I’m pretty sure I bought it in Prince Rupert BC, Canada).

  36. I have The 82 12-string, serial # 825811, brass nut, saddle and fret markers. Spruce binding, I’m told. Dark red wine stain, bookmatched back, cedar top. Wondering about its value.

  37. Ian Eardley Says:

    I have a Daion 80 Double Neck serial number 101129

    Looking to sell it if anyone is interested.

  38. I HAVE DAION 6 string the #101388 this is above that #
    AY032B can’t find anything about this whould like to have more info about it thanks johnny

  39. Ross Taggart Says:

    I have an L99 AY092 Ser 103554 Bought new in 1982 Edmonton Ab Canada.
    Recently found a Year series at the Acoustic music shop here as well AY02B Ser 821177d

    *I have a correction to make. The guitar I formerly thought was a year series is in fact a Mk III acoustic :)*

  40. Ross Taggart Says:

    I have an L99 AY092 Ser 103554 Bought new in 1982 Edmonton Ab Canada.
    Recently found a Year series at the Acoustic music shop here as well AY02B Ser 821177d

  41. Lewis Dawson Says:

    I have an L-999 Daion in great condition. Serial number is
    # 101093. Any idea what its worth? It sure is a fine guitar.

    • Ross Taggart Says:

      The list price of the Guitar new was 539 us If it is in ‘excellent’ shape, it should hold its value. Damage decreases value of course

  42. Interested in selling my 81 Caribou like new. Blonde color like a gorgeous women. Call Brad (941)716-1042

  43. Great to see the site back up & running! I am an original owner of a Daion MUGEN Mark II 12-string. Number on neck block inside is 109252. I purchased it new about 1982.

  44. I have a 6 string acoustic Daion. Model YD-36 Ser# 141201. Been trying to find year and worth of this guiter. I have had it for about 26 years and I got it used. Hard to find anything on line giving me info on this guitar.

  45. I have a Daion Mugen MK II 12string, serial number is S0060606-does any know what year this was made, and what apporximate current value is? I would so appreaciate any infromation you could share with me.
    Thank you!

  46. I was given an unmolested in the original case blonde 81 Caribou serial # 113222. This guitar is easily 95% like new. Gorgeous tiger strip maple sides, arched back, and head stock. Brass inlay work, brass nut and bridge, ebony pins, and original pickup. Nicest guitar I own. What is this guitar worth? I’m located in Sarasota Florida

    Brad Tritschler

    • Johann M C Faurie Says:

      Hi All , back here in South Africa l have a ‘the ’81 Caribou’ Serial no 83131 and a mark behind the last digit either a weak printed 8 or it looks li a ‘R’ printed back to front. cannot really make it out, but for sure it is the real mckoy!!!
      Bought it in 1982 for SAR R500.00 secondhand, but it was still brand new never used, still in it’s case!!. what a gem!

  47. Tom Karshner Says:

    i picked up a Daion Junior Acoustic Electric, great playing and great sounding, neck is a little ” beefier ” for my hands, serial # is 281009D. any info would be appreciated. Thanks for the site.

  48. I have a Caribou ’81 serial number 108888 could be 108868.Bought it from a salesman when the company closed. I believe that was late 70’s or early 80’s. Cedar top with maple sides and back. Very bright sound. Still looks and sounds great.

  49. Adrianne Collard Says:

    I have a black Daion serial no D124B , it also has a signiture of Melissa Etheridge in gold across the front. Brought from a second hand dealer 16 years ago.. Any info would be great 🙂

  50. i have a diaon guitar sereal number 105216 as well model aj078h.can someone tell me year value ?

  51. Found a Daion Acoustic no model number but has serial number of A1227. They claim it is a 70’s guitar. Spruce top made in Japan rosewood sides and back. with top and bottom white binding. Very new to guitar so any info would be great .
    Thank you,

  52. Gavin Dixon Says:

    I have a Daion Heritage ’78. Serial 826093d I have had it since 1985, but haven’t played it for 18 years ! So I had the frets re-dressed, machine heads overhauled and an under-bridge pick-up added, no pre-amp. Work done by Dan Macpherson of DM Guitars here in Southend, UK. Sounds SO sweet acoustically – an amazing rich tone, and fantastic through my Marshall AS 50d. Rediscovering the joy of my Daion ! (a few photos on facebook site)

  53. Jim O'Meara Says:

    My Dad has a Daion ’78 Century ser. no 101344. He’s had it since the eighties and it’s a great sounding guitar. Not sure what wood the various components are made of but would like to find more info about the company and their guitars!

  54. Daion Ym50 #9052405.It is identical to a Yamaki Ym50 of ’76 except it has Daion on the front of the headstock. I am a bit puzzled because all the Daion’s I have found online have the name on the back with just the emblem on the front. Any thoughts. Thanks

    • neil trett Says:

      i always thought daions started out as a high end yamaki and then went out on their own.this could explain why earlier models are different.just a thought.

  55. Thanks Neil, you are first!

  56. Neil Trett Says:

    daion 80/12 twelve string .mahogany ply back and sides,solid spruce top with bookmatched mahogany veneer facing.rosewood fingerboard and bridge,brass nut and saddle,maple binding on body,neck and headstock.solid headstock,not slotted as some were made.serial number sent

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