Caribou and Gazelle Serial Number List ONLINE!

After much deliberation, I have decided to go ahead and start collecting Caribou and Gazelle serial numbers. I expected one of the other Daion enthusiasts would take on this task, but they all seem to have fizzled.

I’ll do this one same as the solid body electric guitars, send me model (Caribou or Gazelle), color, serial number, 6 or 12 string, and your location. Please email your info to

Serial numbers on these are kind of hard to find. You’ll need a flashlight. Look up towards the neck inside the body, you’ll see the number.

Please post comments about other models on appropriate category pages. I cannot move posts to other pages, so unrelated posts will be removed or not approved.


113233 Tan 6st (Ohio, USA)

829536D  Wine Red 12st (Ohio, USA)

830714 Tan 6st (Ohio, USA)


13 Responses to “Caribou and Gazelle Serial Number List ONLINE!”

  1. G’day, I’m in Australia and have a ’81 Gazelle in very good condition; serial no. is 825388 D. The first ‘8’ is ink filled and could be a ‘5’ but to me looks like an ‘8’. Spruce top and beautiful back and sides of a dark/light striated timber. Shaped headstock with Daion symbol there and one at the base of the neck at the body. Nut is brass but the bridge, if originally brass is now plastic composite.

  2. Bought the Le caribou 81 (“winered”) in the year 1983-1984? as an end of stock item at half the price, 23000 Belgian francs, so 11500 B fr, in Euro’s 285,,but now you have to count at factor x3 in compare with euro status, it was still very expensive for a young guy in that period, but I was in love with that instrument (love at first seeing), great instrument, still in use (years in rest), now again.

  3. Caribou ’81 nr 105170

  4. Aladin Thalar Says:

    I have inherited a Daion Gazelle ’81, and it’s in pretty good condition too. I don’t really need it though, since I like my Takamine acoustic. The serial number is 108754, and I am in Austria-Europe.

    • Hallo Aladin,
      hast du die Gitarre noch, wenn ja, was soll sie Kosten, und könnte ich einige Bilder haben.

      • Hi Werner, I still have it, and I don’t think I’ll be selling it, as a guitar like this would be very costly these days. I was originally gonna sell it for 1000 Euros. You can try to convince me though. Cheers, Ali

  5. Fredrik Persson Says:

    Hello i live in Sweden and i own a 6 string black Daion caribou ’81 with hardcase. Serial number 8368 D.
    It is in good condition, and i wonder what the approximate value of this acoustic guitar is?
    I love it, probably the best guitar in the world!

  6. I own a Caribou. 105823

  7. The oldfart Says:

    Hi I live in Australia and have an 81 Gazelle 6 string serial number 154592. It is solid natural spruce top rosewood back and sides. Slider pickup controls. Diaon emblem on the front of head and the word Diaon on back of head. It has gold tuners with Dian emblem on the back of them and beautiful binding. The case is original brow hardcase. It has a sticker on the end of the case that stated model “THE 81G” and Serial 154592. The case also has the Diaon emblem and word on it. The down side is the action is a bit too high and I can’t seem to reduce it without major modifications. This is one I will tuck away and grow old with. I also have a Mugen MkII and a tele electric.

  8. I have a Daion I bought new in about 1984 0r 1985. I think it is a Gazelle. The nameplate is a piece of wood glued in the sound box under the sound hole. the ink is and always has been smeared, so i cannot read the serial number or name of the instrument. i played it professionally for about 10 years full time. It has a two piece back and the sides and back appear to be rosewood, but could be mahogany. I had a Martin many years ago and this thing sounds just about as good. Unfortunately the bridge is popping up, but it still sounds good. It has a brass bridge and nut.
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Caribou and the Gazelle?

    • The serial number is actually on the end of the neck, up inside the body. You’ll need a flashlight to see it.

      Caribous have cedar tops and maple back/sides, usually all stained the same color. Gazelles have rosewood backs and sides with spruce tops. Gazelles are not stained.

  9. Hi, I have just received a Daion Caribu The 81 C WR Serial number on the case 281915. East London South Africa. Any info in this guitar would be appreciated. I would have to send it in for restoration as it has a small crack and the action is a bit high. It still has the brass nut and saddle fitted.

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