Daion Performer models

Since I am covering everything else, here’s a discussion page for the Performer models. I am not going to do a serial number list, as there are just too many of them and the models are too varied. You are certainly welcome to post info, ask questions, and even post your serial numbers here, but I don’t plan on keeping an organized list, as for the original designs.

Michael Bechmann has generously compiled and created a new list for us that can be found at the “Updated Serial Number List” link in the blogroll on the right side. His list includes some performer models and some other makes that appear to have been made by Yamaki. If you don’t see your instrument listed here and have sent your number to us, check that list. If you don’t see your instrument on the updated list, then please email me!


27 Responses to “Daion Performer models”

  1. rajanspolia Says:

    Hi regarding the Performer series Les Paul’s, I understand that some were bolt on necks, and some were fixed neck. Did they both have the same spec apart from this ( pick ups, body,hardware etc) or did the fixed neck have a higher spec ( better wood for body, better pick ups etc).
    Can anyone help
    Many thanks.

  2. Juha Ryhänen Says:

    HI! I am from Finland and cannnot found information of this guitar anywhere. Ican sent foto if it helps. but don´t know Where can I send photo of my Daion?

  3. Juha Ryhänen Says:

    My Daion has strat style body and tremolo with S-S-S mics and colour is very dark green nearly black and toward center becomes whiter(burst-style), Neck is shorter LP-scale(24 3/4″) and blade is like LP too and Daion logo is only in front side of neckblade, Serial number is back side blade 84084 (without E) and there read also DION. Never seen this anywhere and catalogues and don´t know what is model. I think this is only Japan market model?.

    • PLS PRVT EMAIL – where are you from?

      • Juha Ryhänen Says:

        Hi! Here is my Daion with short 24 3/4 scale and anywhere cannot find information of this guitar.T.Juha Ryhänen

        Lähetetty Samsung Galaxy -älypuhelimesta.

  4. Posted by “Brian” in reply to “Oscar” and moved here…

    “Hi Oscar….My Daion (2nd hand) acoustic that I bought about 10 years ago (and earned a lot more money for the 100 bucks I spent on it) doesn’t have that emblem on it either. But as much as it is a great guitar, I have since bought a Yamaha A3R…lovely guitar too…I always thought though that only Yammys had the tuning fork…in fact 3 of them as an emblem…well ya learn something more each day….lol.
    I haven’t been on this blog for ages…so long now i can’t even remember.
    The Daion I have looks like an acoustic copy of the Fender acoustic as the headstock on it looks very much like that of a Fender too.”

  5. Posted by “Oscar” in Super Rare section and moved here..

    “I know this thread is getting old – but I have a cream Daion Performer bass clearly modeled on the Charvel Jackson bass of the day with the pointy (not reversed) headstock. I found it on a rubbish pile on someones front nature strip one morning about 4 years ago on the way to church and walked back to ‘liberate’ it during the worship service.
    It was in poor shape but structurally sound enough – I fitted it with some new hardware (tuners, pots, etc) and it plays well for a ply-body beast. I’ve left the body age-fatigued for character.
    Might put some quarter-pounders in it one day and reuse the Daion pup covers…”

  6. Yes, there are apparently a wide variety of styles/ models/ combos under the ‘yamaki made’ daion, let alone after 1983 when things branch off again!… I have been grunging away for about 20Yrs, owned/ loaned/ and roamed a huge range of weapons in that time, hopefully many more… So far, I have only played 1 Daion (my first electric guitar). The NECKS DIMENSIONS alone are what makes this racehorse so unique, and stand out from the crowd. Research ‘Japanese Vintage’ a bit, so you don’t part ways with a superb instrument… I have only 1 experience with daion though, and have READ mixed results, especialaly regarding korean made makes.

    • Yes, the later Korean ones are nothing special. Yamaki is the key. From our research, it is starting to turn up that a vast majority of the really good Japanese guitars were actually contracted from Yamaki. Some of the really nice early Arai Pro II, Washburn Wings, of course Daions, and others. Sadly, it appears to be Daion that took the company down. Put all their eggs in that basket by declining or backlogging work for other companies in favor of Daion around 1979-82 and it didn’t work out.

  7. Diamondstrings.com has two NEW 1980’s Daions in. An LP ‘set- neck’ Cherryburst and a Power X top bound model ! [ posted 10/24/14-] – call Bruce at 585-424-3369 11-9 est Thanks

  8. Diamondstrings.com has Daions. –An LP ‘set neck’ Performer in cherryburst [ 7 1/2 lbs!! ] and a Power X model — just in ! call Bruce at 585-424-3369

  9. I brought this guitar years ago and the only thing I was told thats its a Flying V.
    I decide to strip it back and repaint because it was in pretty bad shape. I discovered under the 5 coats of paint it had Daion written on the head stock, thats all and I couldnt find a serial number and there are no bolts attaching the neck either.
    Im curious to know a bit more about this guitar if anybody can help.

  10. Hi
    I have a daion my grandmother baught me for christmas round -83. Its a Strat copy and it says “Daion electric Custom” on the “head”. I can find no serial number but it says made in Japan on the back. I know nothing about guitars so I post here to get a hint if it has any value?
    Merry Christmas from Sweden.

    • Andy O'Sullivan Says:

      I have a Daion which I believe is a Performer. It is a sunburst Les Paul copy in less than immaculate condition, although it has no major faults. It has a bolt-on neck with ‘Made in Japan’ on the neck plate. The body looks like a teak grain, ‘tho it could be mahogany. I can’t work out the other woods used. The machine heads are not schaller-type and have no name on them. The metalwork is gold coloured and is pitted. The pick-up surrounds and scratch plate is black plastic. The cover plate for the neck rod says ‘CUSTOM’. I can find no more information on the guitar such as age, or serial number.
      I haven’t used the guitar much, but it has a great action and a comfortable neck and sounds great too. I am thinking of selling it, but I’m not sure what it would fetch on eBay. I have lots of pictures, but I don’t know how to upload them here.
      Any advice or feedback would be appreciated. I am UK based.

  11. Hi guys,

    Not a Performer, but the Rockson MDL which is what the Performer appears to have been branded as in Australia and some other non US countries from what I have read.

    I’ve now got two Rockson MDL’s, a beautiful natural finish one with rosewood neck and a set of wonderful Kinman noiseless pickups, and a recently purchased and slightly beat up black with white pickguard and rosewood neck model.

    I have not taken the neck off the natural finish one as it is set up so well and I don;t want to disturb it, however I whipped the neck off the black one tonight to reveal the serial number 76 90019.

    From what I have read the first two digits of the serial number relate to the year of manufacture, which would make this a 1976 built model?

    If you use the following links you should be able to see the guitars.

    Black Rockson MDL

    Natural finish Rockson MDL


  12. i have a daion lefty strat copy, black with white pickguard. just has daion on the headstock and a serial number on the back. brilliant sound.

  13. I have an original Japanese made Daion performer strat copy based on the early 60’s strats with rosewood neck. I bought it new in 1984 in Bendigo Australia and it was my main gigging guitar for the next 5-6 years and I still use it. The quality of these Jap ones compared to the Korean ones is remakably different. I’ve played a few of those Korean ones and they are well below the Jap ones in quality and performance. There was no serial number on mine unfortunately but a Made in Japan sticker that I took off. These are great guitars and many people thought it was an “L” series strat based on the sound and look of it. I have an acoustic Mugen Mk 1 which is also a very fine guitar. Long live Daion!!

    • claudio benassi Says:

      Hi Chris, I think I have one of the same as yours, looks like a 60s strat, correct headstock and everything (but 70s style pressed saddles bridge) but no gold sticker.. I’d love to send you a picture of mine to confirm, thanks Claudio

  14. I have just bought a Daion “performer” Strat copy with binding, 2 humbuckers, Square jack input on the side. Red burst on the headstock too and a funny piece of brass to guide the strings. Might be that they have added the piece of brass afterwards.

    Anyone know anything about this model?

  15. Hi I am wondering if anyone knows where to find the serial number on a Daion Performer. Any help much appreciated

  16. I bought it a couple of days ago, daion performer strat, maple neck, medium jumbo frets, it was mint condition the guy who owned it never played it, i opened the back plate and you could just tell its never been opened before. the original paint on it is an aged cracked black paint like the floor of a dried up salt lake. The lacquer is yellowing from the age. got it for cheap and it sounds so good, love it! definitely more value for money than a US strat!

    Its a bullet type neck so the truss rod adjust is on the headstock, the daion logo is hollow instead of gold, so its probably korean, I LOVE IT!

  17. hello, i have a daion performer series that has a jackson looking headstock, the body is like a ibanezes and it has 24 frets

  18. enzo_666 Says:

    I bought an original Performer in 1991 ($299 Australian). No idea where it was built, there WAS a gold sticker on it a long time ago saying Korea.

    Bolt on neck, twin humbucker & single coil. Headstock if Jackson performer style (not pointy) with the trademark Daion curl cut-out.

    Still own it. I have since modified it for reliability. Gotoh tuning pegs and Grolsch strap locks. Put in a couple of extra springs to lock down the bridge, as i dislike whammy useage and i am heavy on the palm muting. Gutted the pickups, and only use a single active humbucker in the bridge position. SHREDS!!!!

    Jumbo, not extra jumbo frets (24 in all).

    It plays very well for its age, and the sound it makes in E flat or D tuning is incredible.

  19. Hi guys,

    Does anyone have info on a Daion Performer Flying V? I just bought one but couldn’t even find a picture of one anywhere

  20. Hi all

    Just picked up a Korean ‘Daion Performer’ Strat, red with maple neck and finger board, pretty much unmarked no dents scratches etc, appears to be jumbo Frets, almost no wear and neck is straight.

    Guy I bought it off said he bought it 2nd hand about 7 years ago, but thinks it’s probably 20+ years old.

    Still has the strings that were on it when he bought so it needs a restring, action is pretty low, came with a little Pignose Gorilla TC-35 amp.

    I can’t see a Serial number, is that usual for these or is it hidden somewhere?

    • I have since found out that the Daion ‘Performer’ was also sold in some countries/markets as the Daion ‘Rockson’.

      Apparently there were also 2 different headstocks;

      (1) like I have is similar to a Fender ‘Strat’

      (2) Is similar to the Jackson headstock and was even painter black – I thought I’d bookmarked the link but can’t find it now.

    • I have since found out that the Daion ‘Performer’ was also sold in some countries/markets as the Daion ‘Rockson’.

      Apparently there were also 2 different headstocks;

      (1) like I have is similar to a Fender ‘Strat’

      (2) Is similar to the Jackson headstock and was even painted black – I thought I’d bookmarked the link but can’t find it now.

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