Daions for Sale, Wanted

Since there have been a few posts from folks wanting to sell or buy, might as well dedicate a page to it. Make sure to include contact information in your post.

I finally figured out how to change post listing here from oldest first to newest. Should make this section a lot easier to navigate for those selling and buying. Sorry it took so long.


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  1. Hi guys!

    I’m from The Netherlands and I have a blue Daion Savage for sale. I’ve had it for 26 years but never played it.

    Anyone interested?


  2. Im contemplating selling my 1981 daion caribou. Red wine color. Original lambswool case. Excellent untouched unaltered condition. I have 2 other daions and I just dont play this one as im more of a bass player than guitar player. Philadelphia pa. area. Email me at bobbbeck@mail.com with offers or for pics and questions. Thanks

  3. Dana L Crouch Says:

    I owned a power mark xx (red and natural) in the 80’s and like an idiot I sold it. I’ve regretted that ever since so now I’m looking for one. Either the red or green. Multi color laminated through neck solid body power mark xx. I’m ready to buy at any time.

  4. Any one know the value on a mark X
    Serial #812991, wine color.

  5. Raymond Harvey Says:

    Hi. I’m in Tasmania (Australia) and have a Daion Acoustic Mugen Mark 1 Acoustic Guitar – Left Hand. (Early 80’s). Only used several times and is pristine/new condition. Included is a hard carry case (lambswool interior). Can someone advise what today’s value is please?

    • This is a super rare instrument. We have it from the designer and export guy that they made VERY few left hand instruments. This is probably the only left hand one of this model we have on record. Would like to know the serial number, if you are willing to share it. Serial will be on the end of the neck, viewed by looking into the sound hole, maybe with a light to help.

  6. Hi, I’m John King in the UK. Used to own a legacy L999 in the 1980’s, but sold it regrettably. Now looking to purchase a replacement Daion acoustic. For example an 82 series, or a Mugen V or maybe another legacy

  7. Amy Seaman Says:

    I am looking for a Daion Mugen Mark lV with a rosewood pickguard. From 1980-1982…anyone who has one please email me pictures and price. Thank you!

  8. Hello,
    I have any Daion Headhunter 555, in Brown, verry good conditions.
    The Case is included, bat the condition, is not verry good.
    Is someone interested.
    Kind Regards

  9. Hey, I’m after a daion savage bass or guitar – I don’t mind which. Anyone got one for sale here in the uk? I might even be persuaded to trade my vintage aluminium neck bass.

  10. Looking to buy a daion ovation copy.
    Slim line guitar all timber including back and sides. made in Korea around 1985. Please contact me if you have one

  11. Alan Sullivan Says:

    I have a 1990 Daion thin solid body acoustic model DSM-70TSB in very good condition (actually was in it original shipping box.) I know it was manufactured in Korea, but have been unable to find out much else, in particular what its value may be. I paid A$395 for it.

  12. Kevin Charney Says:

    Parting with my 1980 Daion AY031D 6-string acoustic dreadnaught. Solid Canadian cedar top with ovangkol back and sides. Rosewood pick guard clear coated over. Rosewood fretboard, bridge, and overlay on front of headstock with Daion tuning fork symbol embossed. Maple rosette inlaid around sound hole. The AY series were imported into Canada by Great West Imports in Vancouver. This is a very rare guitar. Looks very similar to Daion Mugen series.

    Most people don’t seem to price what they are offering here, but I will. Asking $600 US plus shipping. Located near Toronto Canada.

    Email me at k dot Charney at Hotmail dot com and I will provide photos.

    • Kevin Charney Says:

      No interest so far. It’s hard to set a price. I’ve never seen another of this model for sale. How about $500 US (or best offer) plus shipping? I just learned that it needs CRITES documents to ship outside of Canada because of the rosewood content. I would be willing to apply for that, if necessary.

      • Kevin Charney Says:

        Still too high? Finally offered at $400US including me providing CITES documentation if shipped out of Canada. This guitar has a nice straight neck with extrodinary low action and chimes like a piano. It’s amazing as Daions usually are.

      • Todd Becker Says:

        Any photos? That might help.

      • Kevin Charney Says:

        Yes, In my first post I included my email address for interested parties to email me for photos. K.charney@hotmail.com

      • Kevin Charney Says:

        This guitar has sold to a great buyer in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you to all that contacted me about it.

  13. I have an electric mark xx with original case and all. make me an offer.

  14. I have a Power Mkii Tan Guitar AND a Power Mkii Tan Bass for sale if interested. Both great condition. South Australia.

  15. Hi have a Daion The 82 6 string and 12 string couple. Anyone interested? Just reply. Best wishes. Coltinger

  16. Hi, is there a reason why my comment is deleted? Please tell…!

  17. coltinger Says:

    Hi there…
    i am selling my Daion Jumbo the 82 12-string with matching Fender hard Shell Case in very good, near mint condition and my Daion Jumbo the 82 6-Sting also near mint, with OHC. Also available as a couple;) Exchange with another acoustic Guitar also possible. SEnd eMail, if interested, can provide as many Pictures as you want. Shipping within europe.
    Guitars are locasted in Germany/Bavaria.
    P. Coltinger

  18. Oscar sanchez Says:

    Hello. Im selling my electroacoustic Daion Caribou 81 with its original case. All components still original. Few minor dents and scratches. Good condition for its age . Headstock of the guitar was repaired by luthier. Colour i would say is dark brown
    The guitar sounds great with its unique sound i have never heard in other guitar. Please send me an email and I can provide some photos on demand. Guitar based in Spain

    • coltinger Says:

      Hi there…
      i am selling my Daion Jumbo the 82 12-string with matching Fender hard Shell Case in very good, near mint condition and my Daion Jumbo the 82 6-Sting also near mint, with OHC. Also available as a couple;) Exchange with another acoustic Guitar also possible. SEnd eMail, if interested, can provide as many Pictures as you want. Shipping within europe.
      Guitars are locasted in Germany/Bavaria.
      P. Coltinger

    • coltinger Says:

      sorry, Oscar:)

  19. Stephen Says:

    Have daion d 12 1e wondering on value

  20. I have for sale 1980LH Daion acoustic guitar for sale great condition

  21. Hi, i’ve found an accoustic “The 80’s” of 1982 for 750 usd, is it a good price?
    Thank you a lot

    • Couldn’t answer this weekend. Sorry to be bit getting back to you. If it is in very nice condition and has the original case, I think that’s a pretty decent price on an 80. They are pretty rare, but all Daions are. One of those deals where you might find one cheaper at a later date, but it may be years before you find another one for sale at any price.

  22. Chad Evetts Says:

    I have a vintage Daion 1978 Heritage acoustic with internal pickups in excellent condition for sale. It was a one owner. My dad bought it new. He is now deceased. Make offer. Phone number is (580)4four7-three3three3

    • i am interested. how much are you thinking? i own one already but it doesn’t have a pickup. it’d be nice to have one for playing live.

  23. I have a Daion Power Mark XX E-Guitar. Can you Tell me what it’s Worth?

  24. I have daion acoustic guitar model d124eb can u tell me what it’s worth

  25. Drop me the pictures to phil@stormproductions.biz please. Regards Phil

  26. Matthew iverson Says:

    Hi guys I have a daion acoustic guitar but I have no idea what it is my uncle gave it to me. Is there anyway I can send some of you some pictures so you can tell me what it is?

  27. Hi Lucas,
    please send me your mail-adress, so we can contact and I can give you further informations!

  28. Dear Peter,
    First of all ein Schones neujahr!
    Would it be possible to receive some pictures of the heritage 79 and caribou?

    All the best,

  29. Stav Prince Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an original 1990, custom hand made, single piece, solid wood Daion for sale.

    Anyone who is interested can message my work Email at Dreamsuiteseilat@gmail.com
    Pictures are available. It is all original everything and has been played maybe twise in the past 26 years however it is amazingly kept and taken care of.
    We ourselves are musicians who take great value and care of our instruments and have been sure to put on the up most attention in keeping this guitar so quickly is not an issue. (Im serious even the strings are original 1990 strings and with the collecters addition AC/DC pick collection that came with it).

    Stav Prince

  30. Hi
    I have a 1981 Daion headhunter Sunburst color in excellent condition with newer epiphone 335 hardshell case for sale on Reverb. I also have a green power mark XX for sale in very good condition with flight case as well. Feel free to check them out on Reverb and or email me at fretboardharmony68@gmail.com. i am in the continental United States Rhode Island to be exact and would be willing to ship worldwide if contacted 1st.
    Thanks Ken

  31. Nick Sugiyama Says:

    I have a daion Heritage 78 with the all the original brass components, a few minor dings on the front but overall great condition. I’m looking to sell, make an offer. I also have a strange daoin/yamaki guitar I can not find any info on online about, the serial number is f410 and it’s titled “Barcley custom” on the sticker and headstock. Please email me for photos and questions.

  32. Looking for a xxb in good original condition.

  33. Todd D Becker Says:

    Once upon a time I became an online/remote friend of Dann Rogers. Dann is the nephew of Kenny Rogers. Yes, that Kenny Rogers. Dann spent a great deal of his youth in Nashville, TN where he learned the art of songwriting, the craft of song recording, and found a love of both.

    One of the cool things that Dann told about those days was when he was in the studio the sound engineers were constantly looking for the best sounding acoustic guitars. Long story short, although Gruhn Guitars is/was right there in town and access to the best instruments was never ending, most of the time a Daion guitar won the day. Not Gibson. Not Martin. Not any other maker of guitars.

    One of the most well used Daion guitars on those recordings is the one I’m offering for sale. It is a Daion The ’81 Caribou with a very special pickup arrangement.
    There is one under the saddle and another in the sound hole. Now, that’s not that terribly special, I admit. But the wiring allows either signal to be used or both at the same time through the single output. In other words, with this guitar you can plug into the guitar on one end and run two separate signals out, one to one amp and another signal to another amp. Or you can have both signals running to a single amp. Or you can use either pickup by itself.

    Control of these signals lies in the on-board knobs and switches. Instead of the traditional Volume and Tone sliders, there are two Volume knobs and a toggle switch. The switch picks either the under-saddle pickup, the sound hole pickup, or both. The Volume knobs (rather obviously) determine how loud the signal from the individual pickups.

    Given that kind of flexibility in tone, you can see why this instrument was so well loved by the sound engineers and producers in Nashville back in the day!

    Full Disclosure:
    The under-saddle pickup is not original. The original was very beat up and unsalvageable.
    There are some bumps and scrapes on the guitar. Nothing that impacts the tone. But, it is not at all a pristine instrument.
    It has been played. A lot. Which I think opens up the acoustic tone of the instrument a great deal.
    The action does get higher as you go up the neck. I haven’t tried the truss rod, mostly because it means having to take of the sound hole pickup and I haven’t bothered to do that yet. I can if you wish to see if that remedies the issue.
    If a truss rod adjustment doesn’t remedy the action issue, it may need a neck reset. But, I’m not anything near an expert in that arena.

    Let me know if you’re interested! I’m happy to provide photos, answer questions, etc.



    • Todd D Becker Says:

      I thought my email would show up. Here it is: toddbecker@hotmail.com

    • Todd D Becker Says:

      I’m sorry, I’m not sure I said this explicitly but this Daion was Dann Rogers’ guitar. He played it and it was used often on many recordings. Oops! 🙂

    • Peter Prinsloo Says:

      Hi , I am peter from port elizabeth South Africa. I have a legacy 999…..I think. I will have to check. The guitar was restored by a Luther in Johannesburg. I you’re interested then please use my email address for further correspondence so that I don’t miss you response.

    • There were 2 guitars made for the Rogers. The one for Kenny was a pearl white mod.79 with dice inlaid with mother of pearl. the one you have was used by the Gatlins first, then disappeared. It was the Daion 78 that was so popular to record with in Nashville. Chet used it on every recording and Jim Bowen had 6 in his safe. The Caribou was only built by Daion 1 year. The rest were built in the Tacamine factory. Michael Sprigs at Warner Brs. in Nashville was the artist that gave it it’s popularity.

      • Hi JB, can you please advise me which year the Caribou was built by Daion? Do you know which factory made it in that specific year? Thanks, John.

  34. Hi everyone,
    I’m looking for a Daion Legacy 9, 99 or 999 or any Daion small body steel strings guitar in good condition.
    Feel free to contact me.

  35. Earl Feerst Says:

    I came across a double neck dual 4 string bass guitar made by Daion. One side is fretted and the other is fretless. I am wondering if anyone might know anything about this type of bass guitar such ad the model and value of it. The serial number is 830315 and it has the original case it came in as well. If you can email me at eminent1sdomain@gmail.com with any info or if interested in making an offer, please do so. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  36. Hi
    I have a daion power mark XX in very good condition overall. I have it listed on reverb if anyone is interested in the guitar. Comes with heavy duty flight case. Feel free to contact me at fretboardharmony68@gmail.com. i am in the USA but willing to ship overseas.
    Thanks Ken

  37. Daion The ’79 BR in good state for sale, incl. case. Good Normal wear and tear. One tuning peg replaced. Located in the Netherlands. Anyone interested? Leave your email below. Thank you.

  38. Joe MaCook Says:

    Hi – Can someone please help me out? I have a Daion DC-300 classical guitar. It was made in 1983 according to the serial number. I bought this used at a guitar shop. I was wondering if anybody know what these guitars price were back then when they were sold new. Also, whether they are regarded as high quality instruments like Oribe or Bruck.


    Joe MaCook


    Hi, how much for all of them together?please email me at pablo.garcia@qualitypoint.se
    BR pablo

  40. I’m going to sell these acoustic Daion guitars out of my collection:
    – The 80 6/12 doubleneck
    – Heritage 79
    – Mugen Mark I
    – Daion Caribou (wine red)
    – L 999
    – L 99
    All instruments are in a very good shape, they come with cases,
    please contact me, if interested!
    I’m from Germany, can ship worldwide.

  41. Like to sell my beautiful L999, perfect shape, incl. original case, carefully stored…
    please reply (best offer)!

  42. Dana L Crouch Says:

    Hi I’m looking for a mark xx guitar to purchase. I had one in the 80’s and would really like to own one again.

  43. Hi , can anyone give some history or idea on what this guitar i have is worth?
    It is a Daion Performer bass guitar that is a cherry red colour ,
    has serial number Vester E727577 .I have had to for around 20 years and looking to sell it.

    • mbechmann Says:

      Hi Steve
      The Performer series is a little bit tricky actually. A very limited number were made by Dyna/Ibanez in 75. Those all have a gold Daion logo and also a very special truss rod adjuster on the neck plate. It will also have “Made by Yamaki” stamped on that neck plate.
      After that short run, the Performer series almost died until 84 where a different company bought the pieces after Yamaki went bankrupt – and they are nowhere near the Yamaki quality. These can have the gold Daion logo as well.
      Around 85 the logo changed from gold to all black. By 87 the Daion brand was sold to Korea. The quality dropped even more when that happened.
      In 92 the Daion brand – including the Performer was sold to China, and now they were all cheap cheap cheap quality.
      By 96 the Daion brand was done.

      This means that the value is a bit tricky. The Performer has a reputation of being Korean or Chinese cheap quality and this means beginner level instruments. This means that the value is only about 150-200 USD.

      However the serial number on yours is an interesting one. There is a chance that its a Yamaki made. If you join the forum we have on Facebook, you can post some pictures of it. That will help a lot more with the value and so on:


  44. Oh wow, thanks for linking that. I certainly will be surprised if that sells considering what you guys have been telling me. I’m pretty sure that he was the only bidder on that guitar as well…..

  45. I agree the seller got a good price, considering condition. The guitar had numerous dings in addition to the issues you mentioned. Condition is critical in determining value. I’ve been tracking Daions for several years on an almost daily basis, noting actual selling prices. If you picked up a Headhunter for under $1K, you got a heckuva bargain! Congrats. It’s always nice to hear about someone picking one of these up who really appreciates the quality of these wonderful instruments.


  46. Where have you been looking? Under $1000 Power Mark XX’s in good+ to excellent condition certainly haven’t shown up on eBay, reverb.com, or craigslist very often in the last several years. I can only think of one – and I bought it.


    • mbechmann Says:

      You have to remember 1 thing. People can ask anything they want. I am talking about the sales prices – not the listed prices. And I have been tracking ebay and reverb from the world the last 7 years – not just in USA but in Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Sweden just to mention a few. The prices in USA are normally higher due to shipping not being such a big problem.

      And the one here for 1050$ is not mint to good condition. Its not 100% original and the add does not have an original case. All the screws for the covers and pickups are horrible.

      So I am sorry, but I think somebody overpaid for this one. I paid less than this 6 months ago for a Headhunter in mint condition with an original case.

  47. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Daion-Mark-XX-Guitar-/252405757228?nav=SEARCH

    This one is at 1050.00 with seven hours left on the auction

    • mbechmann Says:

      That one was the highest priced XX I have seen in the last 6 years. Its not even mint and have several issues.
      Seller also sold an acoustic and provided a lot of incorrect info – like what type of wood being used.

      So I do feel a bit sad for the buyer in this case.

  48. Thanksfor the good info, Bill. And that sounds like quite the collection. I have an 83 electra phoenix (the one that looks similar to a b.c. rich warlock) that this xx will look great next too. I’ll be sure to try and post some pictures as soon as I get it back from the shop.

  49. ben knuckles Says:

    Thank you for your apt response. I do have the case with it but nothing else. I am in America and thought it held a 15-1700 value just by putting together info I could find about them. Maybe I’ll just add it to the collection. Sweet axe either way.

  50. ben knuckles Says:

    I just purchased the black daion power mark xx. I paid a lot for it since it seems to be more rare. I’m curious what the value is since it seems most people are talking about the common tan ones here. It’s in the shop getting its input electronics fixed, but other than that it’s mint. Any ideas on value?

    • Value is very dependent on condition. Basses seem to sell for more than the guitars. If you have a really nice one with original case and original electronics and bridge, anything under about $800 is a bargain. Truly mint with an original sales reciept, brochure, Daion company letter, warranty card, warranty credit card and wrenches still with it, could be worth even more, but I have never seen all that stuff still with one. Beat up, scratched up and modified with aftermarket hardware and changed pickups, they go for about half as much. Seriously rough with a spry can paint job or similar, $200-300.

      • Under $800 USD for a good+ to excellnt condition XX would indeed be a bargain – anything under $1400 is a bargain, IMHO. I’ve been collecting Daions for many years. I currently have 5 XXs (one in each color), 3 Headhunters, 3 or 4 Power Mark Xs, an XX bass, a Savage, a Barbarian, a Savage bass, and a few acoustics. Power Mark XXs can occasionally be had in the $1200-$1400 range, but most often go for $1500 and more (again, assuming good+ to excellent condition. Scrapes and dings, let alone replacement parts, have a significant effect on value). The XX is my all time favorite production line guitar. And it has the most usuable coil splits I’ve ever encountered. The black one is indeed rare. I’ve only seen the one that I have. The catalogs I’ve seen don’t mention black, only brown, red, green and tan. The tan one is my favorite because it has a different wood recipe. While all the others are stained ash top and back over a maple core, the tan one is natural ash over a solid redwood core.

      • Main thing to realize about price of a Daion is the simple fact that., if you pass on one you think to be a bit too expensive, it may be months or years before another one like or in better condition shows up, if ever. They are extremely rare. My favorite example is that we think there were about 5,000 Mk. XXs and Mk Xs total production over the entire 4 years they were made. To put that in perspective, Gibson produced about 5,000 guitars in 1959 alone. These are actually far fewer than 59 Les Pauls.

      • mbechmann Says:

        Sorry but Bill’s prices are on the high side. A good XX guitar goes for 700-900 USD on Ebay. Yes you get the dreamers asking 1400 USD but they never sell. I have yet to see an XX sell for 1200-1400 USD. Prices might end up there, but not today. Not for an XX guitar. Basses tend to sell slightly higher than guitars and also the country location effects the price (shipping cost can be very high so that lowers the value). Not even a completely mint condition with no marks on it + a brand new original case, will reach that. Not for an XX. To reach 1400 USD you need to have a much rare one – like a headhunter. Headhunters are much much rarer since only about 50 were made. XX series were made in several thousands.

        Also the black is not that rare – at least not on electrics. They are in fact just as normal as other colors. The black ones are kind of split up into 2. The extremely dark green that is black – which is early models – and the solid black color. That black is not rare at all. In fact, I wouldnt even consider black raising the value at all – especially on the Savages/Barbarians.
        On the acoustics however its a different story. I have only seen 1 black acoustic Caribou for example.
        On the electric a green one is the rarest. Especially if its an early one.

  51. Ulrika Says:

    I have a Daion power mark XX, serialnumber: 804222.
    It has’nt been used for the last 20 years and still has its original case.
    What is it worth?
    Can someone help me value it?

    • Depends on condition and if all original, color too. But between 800-1200 seems to be the going.

      • mbechmann Says:

        Actually the 800-1200$ is what people are asking. Its not what they are selling for. It also varies where you are in the world – in US they sell higher than Europe due to no shipping
        Color, year and condition also effects value. 80-82 is where most of them were build so that effects the price as well.

        They mostly sell for around 400-900$. The case adds value, but without knowing color and where Ulrika is from in the world its impossible to estimate a value.

    • mbechmann Says:

      Hi Ulrika
      The value on the Mk xx varies a lot. I assume that its a guitar? What color is it? Have any pictures of it? Finally it also depends on where you are in teh world?

      We have a forum on Facebook where you can post pictures if it is.


    • Thanks SS and mbechmann for your kind replies!

      It´s a guitar and it´s in Sweden. It looks exactly like this one:

      Thanks once again!


      • mbechmann Says:

        Hi Ulrika
        Thats the tan version – which by far is the most common one. There are about 3-4 times as many tan Mk. XX compare to the other colors. That effects the value.

        Being in Sweden that also effects the value. You wont get the same price there due to shipping is expensive. I bought a rosewood bass for 4000sek and a Mk X for 3500sek. In both cases I picked up the instruments (from Denmark).
        The last few I saw on blocket sold for around 3500-5000 sek.

  52. Daikon D80 Wanted

    My dream guitar. If you have one that needs a great home where it would be loved and spoiled, please contact me. sueAE517@gmail.com


  53. matt Dunster Says:

    Does any one now the value of a daion performance led Paul copy been offered it in payment of some work but need to now value

    Many thanks

    • mbechmann Says:

      Thats a really tough question to answer Matt. The Les Paul version were made 90% in Korea. Those go for around 100-300$. But if you find one with a serial number on the headstock you have a Japanese made one. Those are worth more. About 300-400$ but sales can be slightly tough because the market are flooded by Korean made ones.

      • matt Dunster Says:

        Thank you so much I think it’s a Korean one gutted never mind. He will have to pay me my day rate and put it towards the prs s2 custom I want instead if any one does have a daion performance led Paul in Cherry sunburst with serial number for sale let me know

    • mbechmann Says:

      Finding a JP Les Paul is almost impossible. I have only seen 2 in the last 7 years. Daion was famous for creating original designed instruments – not copies. So the Les Pauls were made in 76 + in 84-85 but the later ones were made by Cushin – not Yamaki. So the quality is lower than the original ones.

  54. I have a daion mugen mark 1 guitar s# 105458 what is the year of this guitar and the worth? Thanks to anyone that replies.

  55. Hello,
    now it comes the 2. Daion Headhunter 555 for sale.
    A very special one !!!
    More informations here:

    Greetings Klaus

  56. The Dutchman Says:

    I’ve decided to sell my Daion Powermark XX-B. It is green. It has some non-stock parts: SD QuarterPounder pickups, non-original switch, non-original spring on one of the bridge pieces. The overall condition is probably about an 8 out of 10- there are bumps, scratches, and a few gouges. The good news is that it was refretted, and only has about 12 hours of play on it since the refret. Does not include the original case, but I’m sure I can find a gig bag for it. E-mail me for pics: rutschman@gmail.com.

  57. I’m looking for an L999. Please email me if you’ve got one for sale, I’ll pay a fair price with no hassle. brynloosley@yahoo.com

  58. I have a 1981 tan power mark XX that’s in great shape. I am located in Canada but will ship almost anywhere as long as who ever buys the guitar understands that shipping isn’t that cheap from here.

    It has the nice rosewood knobs and is all original with the green case.

    Please email me at cdw123456@hotmail.com.



  59. Can we get pics and price on the burgandy HH-555 if still available!?!


  60. Mark Watson Says:

    I have a Daion Heritage 78 – 6 string in very good condition for sale. Please look on eBay for it. It comes with hardcase and is listed for £824

  61. Hei and hallo to all Daion players,

    i come now to my “dreamguitar ” a Hamer Talladega ( also with a string thru body system and systainblock ) i like it !
    In this way i want to reduce my small Daion collection.
    One or to guitar i want to sell.
    There is:
    – Daion Mark XX Wine Red in excellent condition !!
    – Daion H 555 Tobacco Sunburst excellent condition
    with a little mark on backside
    – Daion H 555 Burgundy in very excellent condition !!!!!
    For those interested, I like to send images and more information.
    Please only serious inquiries. I live in Norway but can offer worldwide shipping.
    Greetings Klaus

    • Hey Klaus,

      Hi Klaus, wir waren schon bzgl. der tobacco Headhunter in Kontakt. Ich hätte prinzipiell auch Interesse an der burgundy und an der Power Mark (letztere nur so halb, aber man weiß ja nie). Schicke mir doch bitte mal deine Preisvorstellungen an SkyFlyer86 (ätt) web (punkt) de

      LG, Al

    • Hi Klaus,
      I’m very interested into the Mark XX. Can you send me your asking price and maybe some pics: gesolreut (at) gmx.net

    • Hi Klaus,
      I’m very interested into the Mark XX. Can you send me your asking price and maybe some pics to: gesolreut(at)gmx.net

    • Are Andreassen Says:

      Hei Klaus.
      Har noen Daion allerede men det er alltid interessant når det dukker opp noen på hjemmebane. Fint å få noen bilder.

    • Hi Klaus,
      My name is John. I’m in Australia. I would like to buy your Daion guitars. I have the funds ready to buy if they are in great condition. No time wasting from me.Please email me at burncitygospel@gmail.com Thankyou.

      • Hi John, I have a Daion Mark X, the body is natural ash, it’s in next to new condition. I has the original Daion case. It is a beautiful guitar. I will sell it for $550 US. I will ship at cost. I can send pics if you want to email me at abgamble@accesscomm.ca I live in Saskatchewan.

    • oliver seager Says:

      can you send me photos of daikon acoustics for sale please:)

    • Interested in the burgandy 555, as well as the other 555, with prices, Thanks

  62. I have a Daion 12 string from late 70’s early 80’s #80032805. I have installed a bridge under the nut 12 string pickup and replaced the original tuners which had ceased to function properly. Anyone in interested in this fine instrument? A few nicks but nothing serious. Situated Victoria BC, Canada.

  63. Hi
    I have for sale on Reverb a Daion Caribou with an aftermarket pre amp installed
    ( samick) that sounds good, guitar in good shape overall but bridge has Crack where pins are as I purchased this way with intentions of getting it fixed but need to thin my collection . I also have a Daion Savage for sale as well, very good condition, white, with original case.
    Both are on reverb but you can also contact me at fretboardharmony68@gmail.com

  64. The Dutchman Says:

    I’m looking for a Powermark XX-B factory fretless, in either Wine Red or Green. I’ve only ever seen one, and it was the very first Daion bass I played. I’m in Texas, and would prefer to keep the transaction within the US.

    • If the one you saw/played was a green one, it was probably the one I owned 821139 or the next consecutive serial number 821138. Mine was stolen in 2006 and never recovered, so it’s out there somewhere. When it comes to Daions, you usually can’t be too picky on color, just luck of the draw what you get. Fretless Mk.XXs even more so. I do have a really nice blonde one I could set you up with, but it is not all original and would need a little TLC to put back right.

      • the dutchman Says:

        I’m curious- are you also from Texas, and used to play for Chris Tomlin? Sorry to hear you’re was stolen. I keep my eyes open for Daions online and in pawn shops. If I see your serial number, I’ll give you a shout out.

      • I’m not from Texas, but I bought the bass from a guy in Texas (last name Stoilis) in about 2003. The other one, 821138 was also in Texas.

      • The Dutchman Says:

        Your are absolutely correct- yours is the one I played. I’ve seen one other fretless, and it was at Bass Emporium. It was natural, and had a lined neck. I hope you find yours.

      • Yeah, there were VERY few fretless and even fewer green fretless ones, and even less of them in Texas, lol. It has been gone for 10yrs now. I know what pawn shop it ended up in. They swapped the numbers or sold it under the radar because a friend found the case it was in at the same shop a couple of years later… you don’t pawn an empty case. I bought a tan unlined one a few years later and that’s still my main one. Unreal as it seems that one was ALSO stolen two years ago, but the idiot thieves took it to a legit pawn shop two days later and the numbers lit up the county sheriff. I did get that one back, and the Daion Caribou they stole with it. I also have a lined fretless I picked up last year that needs a new home. I can’t play the lined for fear of it throwing me off on the unmarked one. It’s cheap, but has been modified with aftermarket tuners and bridge.

      • Do you still have the fretless for sale?

    • Michael M Says:

      Have one – all original with exception of knobs, I think – red – I purchased at a pawn in TN in 1997. Did not have original case.

  65. Sascha Lenze Says:

    Hi there,
    i’m searching for a Daion Caribou for a while. Found this blog recently. So if someone thinks about letting his Caribou go just leave me a message.
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Sascha. I actually have a Daion Caribou I’m looking to sell. Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll get you my information.

    • Harold W. Stewart Says:

      I have a caribou and a gazelle, both in excellent condition with working Original Piezio pickups/electronics. Neither one has original case but both are in hard shell cases. I play them both and they both play very well. minimum fret wear and overall finish is very good. (especially for a 1981 vintage) instrument.

  66. Randy Williams Says:

    Hi all, I have an old Mk1 Daion Accoustic, in very good condition.
    Are there any buyers or someone
    who wants to swap something of
    interest? If so send an email or an SMS
    To Randy Ph 0429051677

    • Donald Yott Says:

      Hello Randy: I have just recently been learning about the DAION history; and am truly enamoured with their innovative build quality, as well as their solidly handsome apearance. Therefore; I am actively trying to source both the acoustic & electric models. There is a BARBARIAN in white; which I am presently in negotiable to buy, although if I acquire it I will also be seeking an OHSC. Please respond to me in regard to your Mark I; I will appreciate all of the details about its condition, including any history you can provide me with. I am very interested in acquiring an affordable instrument that can stand up to accompanying players using the Gibsons & Martins. I am located on the West Coast of U.S.A.; I look forward to your reply. Thank you, DY

      • D. Alexander Says:

        I’ve a “Dreadnaught” 6 string acoustic guitar… she is lovely to play, however time to part with her. Serial number 826436D and there is a number before that one… AY020D. I’ve no idea of her worth…

    • j.t. laney Says:

      hello tyler tx interested in your guitar. where are you located.

  67. Aladin Thalar Says:

    I have to sell my Gazelle ’81, because I don’t really need it, and want to buy other guitars. I can send detailed photos. It’s in good condition and a real beauty. I live in Vienna-Austria.

  68. 12 string Mark 1, near mint. $600

  69. Kevin Williams Says:

    Interested in 12 string or double neck acoustics.

  70. Anyone interested in a Year Series Acoustic 79 black? Located in Germany… Shipping all over Europe. toni.danders@gmail.com

  71. I am interested in the Westbury. Please send pictures,, condition, and price. Thanks

  72. I am thinking about selling my Power Mark XX bass. Very good condition, Plays great

  73. Hi,
    I have a 1982 Burgundy Headhunter and a 1982 Jumbo for sale in New York. I’ll have them on ebay eventually if I can’t sell locally but would rather avoid shipping. Email me for images and details:

  74. Hi all .
    I have a Daion 1981 Gazelle electric acoustic for sale . I live in Australia . The guitar is in good condition , the tuners are a little tarnished ..as is the bridge . Otherwise very good condition . Asking $1000 Australian dollars .
    Cheers Chris

  75. 12strings Daion 81′
    Near mint
    How much should i pay ?

  76. I have a Power Mark XX -B (bass-guitar) in original hard-case.
    I have some problems with my right wrist, if I can negotiate a good price he is for sale.

  77. Bill, I am also very interested in seeing pics of yours. Is it an acoustic or electric?

  78. Tom brickman Says:

    Love the site and the instruments!
    I have over 50 guitars and basses from the venerable yamaki production from 75- 82. Just great work! Will sadly be selling it all now. How can I help this great site?
    Regards, tom

    • Our main efforts have been trying to figure out the serial number system, as well as trying to identify how many different makes and models were actually Yamaki builds for other brands (besides Daion, we are almost 100% positive they were building for Aria, Washburn, and maybe even four or five other brands). Contact me via the email addy on this page and let’s compare notes.

      • Bill Panzer Says:

        I believe Yamaki/Daion also built Anea. I have an Anea that looks almost exactly like a Daion Power Mark XX with a bolt-on neck. Then, recently, I picked up an Anea acoustic that has a Daion tuning fork logo inlaid on the fretboard. Also, there is currently on eBay, listed in the adaion section, a guitar entitled Clifton which looks just like the Anea bolt-on/Power Mark XX.

        Tom: I’d love to get a list of the guitars you are selling.


      • We are thinking the Aneas were either Daions left over after Yamaki and Daion went bankrupt, or they were defective builds that were sold to another maker. The necks were cut off and inexpensive hardware, electronics and bolt on necks were used to make them a sell-able item.

      • Bill Panzer Says:

        I doubt the Anea bodies were leftover or defecive Daion Power Mark XXs. Though extremely similar, there are subtle differences like the placement of the input jack and the appearance of the tummy cut. And my recently acquired Anea with the inlaid Daion logo is circumstantial evidence of a true connection between the brands.

      • Very interested to see this guitar, got pics? Also, what is the serial number? One last thing, where are you located? (Just general area, not precise address or anything.)

      • Bill Panzer Says:

        I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. You can see a guitar just like the Anea right now on eBay. Search for Daion and look for the listing for the Clifton guitar. You’ll see that it looks like the Power Mark XX with a bolt-on neck.

        Daionsonline: I don’t see any email address on this page.


      • Yes, have seen the Clifton, but never one with the lyre. Does it have the same headstock shape, but with a lyre instead of the Clifton or Anea logo? Also, the serial is very important for determining if it is a Yamaki build. They used a distinctive serial sequence on all the Daions, Washburns and other brands they built.

      • Twangshui Says:

        Guys I am the owner of that Clifton on Ebay. I agree it looks like the Anea tho i have only seen pics. Once you handle enough Daions you kind of recognize them. But there isnt any single tell-tale defining trick or hardware that makes it a certainty.

        This Clifton is no leftover cutoff re-fit, its a top quality scratch built guitar in every respect, perfect fit and finish excellent binding and the best of the best Japanese craftsmanship of the era. The SN is 850134. Is there anything else you want to know?

        I once owned a Mann guitar that was like a few others, just like a Memphis or Vantage. Was told Mann was the Canadian trademark. My guess is the off-brands like this have a similar story.

        ALSO I have a nice 78 Heritage acoustic for sale 600 shipped and also a va reee naaass Westbury rosewood Dreadnaught with MOP binding – Never saw another like it. Both sound and play like a dream. Have a Caribou I will part with too. Switched to 1.75″ nut guitars and my fat fingers cant handle these. Only problem – nobody has a cash these days! i cant believe that Clifton hasnt been scooped up yet. Interested teckst me 262- 7 oh 5 -3484


      • mbechmann Says:

        Twangshui, I think there are a couple of reasons why you havent sold your Clifton. The first one is the price. Not to long ago an Anea was sold for around 350$.
        The second reason is the guitar itself. Your SN: 85xxxx. Daion went under in the beginning of Feb 84. Since yours is build after that it can only be a possible unfinished Daion guitar or something similar. There are some evidence that Chushin factory bought everything from Daion when they went under. So I think yours are build/finished there
        Daion also never sold a guitar with a bolt on neck. Well almost never that is. In around Oct 83-Feb.84 they build a few Yamaki instruments with bolt on – LP and Strats. Never anything else.

        That being said it is a very cool guitar. I have no doubt that it plays well. I also really like the connection to Daion and what it adds to the Daion history.


      • Well, Daion made Savages with bolt on necks, but never Mk.XXs that look like this Clifton. The only bolt on guitars in this style have been Anea and this Clifton.

      • Twangshui
        True about the Savages.

        In the case of yours it still doesnt change the fact that your serial number is dated after Daion went under. So there is no way it could have been build at the Yamaki factory. The body yes, but it was never finished there.

        However, when Daion went under in 84 everything got taken over by Chushin factory including not yet finished builds. Both Anea and your Clifton is most likely finished by Chushin. Yes the body is build by Yamaki, but they didnt finish it. This is actually confirmed by the serial number. Chushin used that kind of serial number as your have. If it had been made by Yamaki, it would have been stamped and painted into the neck or neck pocket. On the XX series it would be on the neck.

    • Hi,

      also interested in a list of the offered guitars: SkyFly86 (at) web (dot) de

    • I am also interested in a price list and some photos. Are you in the US? please send to zack at kerrvillelandscaping dot com…
      Thank you!

    • Bill Panzer Says:


      If you send out a list, please send one to me too: wgpanzer at earthlink dot net

      • Bill,
        I will be glad to send a list. Expect I tonight. I will also post a list on this sight for anyone else interested.
        Regards, tom

    • tom brickman Says:

      Here is a list of the Yamaki made instruments I am selling. Sorry it took a while to post.
      Here is a list of the Yamaki made instruments I am selling. It has been a good run. It is time to move these great instruments on so I can focus on violin building. Please ask any questions you like. Price and pictures on request. Regards, Tom tombrickhouse@yahoo.com


      1. THE 78
      2. THE 78
      3 THE 80
      4. THE 82
      5. THE 80 12 STRING
      6. SAVAGE
      7. POWER MARK X
      200 CLASSICAL


      WASHBURN A15


      19. B45 BUFFALO HEAD
      20. CUSTOM
      21. FOLK
      22. P BASS



  79. Andy Melia Says:

    Hi. I recently picked up a tatty ’78 heritage 12 string and need a secondhand tuner peg. Can anyone help? Really looking forward to finishing renovation and fulfilling a dream of owning and playing one these high-end Japan guitars. Andy. apmelia@hotmail.co.uk

  80. Paul Jordan Says:

    Hi Im chasing an Korean made acoustic Daion. The model was made in 85 and has a curved back and a fender style headstock with machine heads all on one side. No sound hole as such but with a couple of small holes in the topside of the guitar soundboard. I have pictures of what I’m chasing if anyone knows of one or would like to see pictures please email. Cheers

  81. Hi! I currently have a wine red Daion mark xx with original case on EBay as we speak!! Tony 916-519-6163, or email at tntcorrea@yahoo.com

  82. Loooking for a Heritage 6 string acoustic, my brother has one and as my 12 year old daughter likes playing it as she has just started to have lessons I am looking for one for her.
    My email is atinysplash@bigpond.com
    I am located in Australia, thanks

  83. Billy McMaster Says:

    I have a Heritage ’78 that I have had for 33 years, so it has had a few knocks. It’s possibly time to let it go to someone else. I thought I would tentatively put a post on here to gauge if there is any interest. Leave an e-mail if you want me to tell you about it.

  84. Hi, my name is John.
    I’m looking to purchase Daion guitars.
    I’m looking for PowerMark X, PowerMark XX, Caribou (acoustic), Savage & Performer.
    Please email me at burncitygospel@gmail.com if you have any of these for sale.
    It may take some years to find these guitars 🙂
    I may always be on the lookout so please try me at my email.
    Cheers 🙂

    • John, I have a Mark X I will sell, it is the natural finish, It also has the original case. It ‘s in next to new condition, is this something you are interested in, I am in Saskatchewan, Ab Gamble

  85. Can I get some opinions on this one as to model/price? Guessing Savage.

    Selling for owner and was basically just a show piece for his music room.

  86. peri beecraft Says:

    Looking for a Mk XX. Excellent condition. If you are interested in selling pls email pics and price to peri0124@gmail.com

  87. Still for sale,the 80,mint.

  88. Hi,

    i have a Daion L-999 in good condition for sale in Gothenburg, Sweden. Pls post your email here if you are interested!

  89. hello,

    i`m a drummer from germany. i own a red daion savage e-bass,
    with original case,i think. serialnr: 82197 e.
    i want to know, how much i can get for it?? it is for use, not for
    practice room stock i think. so, thanks a lot for your help, and sorry for my bad english.

    thank you, greetings

  90. Hello all, I am selling my father´s beautiful Caribou 81 acoustic 6 strings, right handed, with its original hardcase. Price set is about 750 euros. It plays and sounds perfect. For more details please drop me an email or ask here in the forum. I can post internationally as long as the buyer is willing to pay the postage.

  91. I am formally looking for right-handed HH-555 Headhunters that are still playable. I really wish the one offered in 2014 had been publised on eBay (maybe it was but I missed it). I guess I am asking to be informed if one is listed. I can’t find the link to the left handed one either. Thanks, johnblakearnold@gmail.com

    • Definitely wish you luck on finding one, but they are extremely rare. Our best estimate is under 250 total production.

    • I just want everyone to know that Rajan Spolia is an awesome vendor who can be trusted to describe and sell and ship these guitars. I received my Daion with no problems and will do business with Rajan again in the future if possible. Thanks.

  92. l listed my Daion YF-30 Folk guitar on ebay will ship worldwide. Item 301577069835

  93. Rare left handed headhunter for sale any interest hard to find same as the one on the rare page on this site. MINT condition.

    • Hi Jake – is the lefty Headhunter still for sale? If so, can you send pictures, price and your location? I’m located in central Washington state, USA.

  94. I have an 81gazelle and was wondering if it takes a 9volt battery and if so how do you change it out? Also how much is it worth? Thanks

    • If it still has the factory electronics, no… there is no battery. It is possible that it could have had the factory electronics (which by today’s standards are extremely primitive) with a modern electronics package with a battery in the body. You can look inside the body with a flashlight and mirror and track the pickup wire coming from the bridge to see if it goes to the controls and directly to the output jack, or if it goes to some other electronics box (preamp) and to see if there is a battery connector or a battery inside.

    • Agree. 9V is not original. If you think of selling it, let me know, I might be interested (depends on where you are located)

  95. Yes still have it.

  96. Have two Daions up for sale on Ebay. A Daion Performer (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/291380139164?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649) and a Daion Acoustic Electric http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/291387339885?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649.

    Have owned both of these for a number of years and are the last of the collection I had.

  97. George Lang Says:

    What is difference in quality and price wise between Azumi Nanyo and MK XX?

    • Had never seen an Azumi until this post. Right offhand, the Azumi is a bolt on neck guitar, while the Daion Mk. XX is a nine piece laminated neck through design with laminated body wings. I would imagine the Azumi to be typical of any cheap Japanese guitar of that era, similar to Westone, Ibanez, etc… Daions were comparatively very expensive new (like two to three times more) and a handmade high end instrument. Would be like comparing a Fender Squire to a Paul Reed Smith. Price now, I’d expect the Azumi to be a $200-300 guitar in mint condition. $1,000 plus for a good Mk. XX now.

  98. I have a Daion Savage in great shape low action plays and sounds great. Looking for a pre 80s usa made strat

  99. Moving to smaller space, so selling some MIJ guitars including

    Daion YW-50 Acoustic 1979

    Daion Mark 1 12 string

    Daion Performer MIJ LP Standard

    Other Yamaki built
    Yamaki Deluxe W118 acoustic

    Washburn Eagle 1980 Yamaki neck thru Wing Series

    Washburn HB35 1981 (811421) Yamaki string thru like Headhunter

    Check link below, or email me for more info and pics.


  100. Right now lol

  101. Anea telecaster style on ebay right know in case anyone is interested
    From what I gather Anea and Daion are closely related

    • Not real sure what the association is. Before releasing their original designs, Daion was an instrument distributor that dealt with many different companies and many different grades of instrument, some of the not very good. The original designs and some of the late Daion copy guitars were made by Yamaki.

  102. My brother had a beautiful Daion ‘The 80’ oval soundhole etc back when they came out, and it was stolen from his flat in the mid 80s. I have thought about buying him a replacement ever since, but have never seen one come up.
    Hopefully, someone here might see this if they have one for sale.
    Email: bens_jems@btinternet.com

    Many thanks

  103. David Stirrat Says:

    Hi, Daion 80 for sale. Serial 30062719 I think (the 1 is faint). Located in Edinburgh.

    I came across this site when researching my guitar, which turns out to be a Daion ‘the 80’. Really interesting blog and history, thank you.

    My 80 is in fantastic condition having been a much loved couch guitar for around 20 years since my uncle, a collector, gifted it to me. it has a couple of minor dunts and imperfections here and there but is incredibly sturdy and polishes still to a beautiful luster. original brass nut and bridge though two of the brass tuning pegs are lost and replaced with plastic ones. Light fret indentation on the first and second. I will send detailed photos to anyone interested.

    Sound is just fantastic and the reason it has stayed with me for so long. Wonderful projection and an unearthly combination of deep and rounded, but at the same time brilliant tone. Selling as I play only fingerstyle jazz now and that’s just not what it’s for.

    I could find two previous examples online today both of which seemed to have replaced bridges, and both went for around £500, so that’s my price. Respectfully I am not interested in low offers, I am confident the quality of the instrument means it will realise it’s value in time. Comes with the quality hard case I received it in, I don’t know whether it is original or not.

    PM stirrat underscore david at yahoo dot co dot uk.

  104. Hi Barry
    I have the caribou listed on ebay check it out or email me at fretboardharmony@aol.com for more pics and I will send pics of savage. Where are you located.?

  105. Hey Daion lovers!
    I just bought a Savage and now I must have a Power Mark XX.
    Please sell me one!
    I am in Australia.
    US guys won’t ship to me 😦


  106. Hi
    I have a power mark x listed on ebay in good condition eBay USA if anyone is interested also I will be selling a few more Daions a savage which is white in great condition and a daion caribou all with cases 2 are original for the power mark x and the savage . The caribou has a samick pre amp and the saddle needs fixing as there is a crack across all the pins I got it from a gentleman on this site a few years ago . Too many guitars need to sell for financial reasons. I can send pics on request. Feel free to contact me at fretboardharmony@aol.com shipping only to USA
    Thanks Ken

  107. Kevin Charney Says:

    I have a nice Daion YF-30 for sale. This is an auditorium size. Between a dreadnaught and parlor. Very rare and comfortable as a couch guitar or travel guitar. Nicely optioned with spruce top and rosewood back and sides. Rare slotted headstock. Located in Canada, near Toronto. Will ship world wide. Reply if interested.

  108. Hi there, I’m looking for a Daion Savage or Barbarian. If you would ship to Germany please contact me: pollon_@gmx.net

  109. Hi, I’m looking to purchase a Daion Caribou acoustic. I’m in Australia. PLease email me at initek1@gmail.com if you have one for sale. Cheers.

  110. Amir Eliah Says:

    Hey there, what’s up! Im from Amsterdam and ran into this site. Think it’s worth spreading the news that I sell a yellow Daion Savage Bass. Currently it is on marktplaats.com so have a look. It’s been build in 1980. If you are interested, don’t hessitate to email me.

  111. I have 2 Savage basses I haven’t played in a while and am considering selling. A yellow fretted and a blue fretless (no fret lines on the neck). Both have rectangular cases (not original Daion cases). The basses and their cases are in very good condition. Not interested in trading. I live in WA state. Let me know if you’re interested in one or both! I can email pictures and more description.

  112. HI Folks Just got in a LP set neck performer ‘ cherryburst [ rally nice! 7 1/2 lbs and it sings ! .– Also a very decent all original Power X bound top. . Interested? I’ll have phone by 10 / 24- 14 Call Bruce at Diamndstrings.com 11-9 est 585-4524-3369

  113. Hi all. I have for sale a sunburst Daion Performer with glued neck which I bought around 1982 from Chappell’s in the UK way back before Yamaha took them over. Arthritis is setting in therefore this guitar needs to find a good home. It is in virtually mint condition with its original yellow-lined case and growls like nobody’s business. Would any Daion enthusiast be interested in it before I put it up on Ebay?

    • Hi Mike,

      please send pics and price. SkyFlyer86 at web dot de
      I´ve no that much mailspace, so please try to keep the files small. Thanks.

  114. 1982 Daion 555 Headhunter Tobacco Burst for sale. Check out my
    Listing on Reverb.com. Prices to sell. You can also make me an offer. See what kind of deal we can make.

  115. Hi there, selling 2 Daions.

    First one: Daion Gazelle.

    To see pictures and a German description look here: http://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de/anzeigen/s-anzeige/daion-gazelle-elektroakustik-gitarre,-extrem-rar,-japan-vintage/238355476-74-9462?ref=search

    The guitar has 2 main problems I try to explain. I hope you understand what I mean, as English isn´t my mother language:

    1) the top of the guitar was grinded (made thinner) by one of the pre-owners. That causes that the top has lifted a little bit due to string tension. So the top isn´t really plain anymore (little bit wavy) and the actions is higher than it should be. I played the guitar with a D-tuning to handle this, which worked quite fine. Maybe someone who is talented can fix this problem better than me.

    2) The original control knobs were removed and replaced by an active preamp system (see pictures).

    Besides that, the guitar is in nearly perfect condition. You see the age of the guitar nearly only at the tuners. The finish has only some nearly invisible scratches in the first coating layer. And: The original case with matching serial number is included.

    Please make me an offer if you are interested. Due to the condition I sell this guitar as damaged and there are no returns accepted and no guarantee included.

    I am located in Germany, shipping is possible within the moste european countries for 21€ on own risk of the buyer.

    Second one: Daion L-9

    Nearly like new, can send pictures. If somebody is interested, please drop me a line.

  116. I have a yellow savage bass with the daion case. The case has no handle. The bass has been modified (it was like this when i got it). Someone drilled another jackhole in it, and the pickups might need to be rewired.

  117. YES,in mint condition,the “80,all originall,with K&K pure mini with volume control,with hardshell[not original]
    Anybody interested??

  118. Hi Folks, My L-999 and my Heritage 12 string are still for sale. I haven’t tried too hard to sell them but they really have to go now, due to reorganization in my house and that I can no longer keep instruments just because I love them – working instruments only from now on! They are both in fine condition but i have loads of photos available, and am happy to receive inquiries by e-mail – andrew at andrewperry dot plus dot com Thanks

    • hello from tyler,tx, I have a problem with buying a picture , but if you are within driving distance we may get together. I like the L 999 daion. I have five daion guitar in the acoustic line. and always looking for more acoustic’s. 903 279 7380 thanks j.t.

    • Hi, I just thought I’d let you guys know – I’ve just put my Daion ’78 Heritage 12 string on UK Ebay – goes live at 6.30 p.e. tonight.

  119. Hey there,

    I´ve got an Daion L-9 in nearly perfect condition. Nearly like directly out of the musicstore. Would swap against a 555 Headhunter or a Caribou or Gazelle. I´m located in Germany. Leave a Reply if you´re interested.

  120. Martin Mets Says:

    Hello, guys.
    I managed to get a Daion Power Mark II in a green case. Looks to be all original and sounds great, but it’s not my style. So, I’m planning to sell it.
    If anyone is interested, contact me on my e-mail.

  121. Kelly Jones Says:

    I have a Daion Mugen Mark III Accoustic Guitar!! Serial # 805692 I am parting with. In excellent condition given that it is 34 yrs old! Only has a couple of small niks in the back of the neck. Location Perth Western Australia. Best offer. These are rare guitars. Not original case though. Please contact me on kel.alan@bigpond.net.au

  122. Michael Thornton Says:

    Hey. Looking for a Power Mk xx guitar-particularly in green. Player not a collector but would prefer original electrics and hardware. Australia.

  123. Tom Claire Says:

    Hello JT, I am in the NY area, if interested please give a call at 201-397-4001.

    Thanks, Tom

    • hello tom. sorry it takes longer to reply, my internet went down. contact me on what you have and maybe get together on it. thanks j.t. 903 279 7380 tyler tx

  124. Hi
    I am interested in the headhunter.Where are you located? I am in the United states in RI
    Feel free to send pics and info, cost more details about guitar etc to fretboardharmony@aol.com

  125. I have a tan power mark xx on ebay and reverb right now. Check it out. Skatterbrane pickups installed but originals are included. Damn near perfect condition.

  126. Dave Mishalanie Says:

    I have 2 Savage basses I’ve been considering selling, as they’ve been sitting and not been played much. A yellow fretted and a blue fretless (no fret lines on the neck). Both have cases, although not original Daion cases. The basses and their cases are in very good condition. Not interested in trading. I live in WA state. Let me know if you’re interested in one or both! I can email pictures. djmishalanie@nctv.com.

    email: djmishalanie@nctv.com


  127. No prob. Email address?

  128. Ross Lahana Says:

    Hi, I have a mark xx electric for sale… serial number: 830186 with original green alligator hard case… I am in South Africa but shipping can be arranged.
    contact me on ross.lahana@webmail.co.za

    • peri beecraft Says:

      Can you send some pics and price, delivery will be OZ nut I would cover that.

  129. Chris Charlesworth Says:

    Morning Andrew …… I am very, very keen on your L999. Please contact me about the price. I own a Daion ’82. I live in Wallingford, England, and hearing your accent, assume that you are available on Mainland UK. Please contact me 🙂

  130. In mint condition Daion Gazelle for sale,mail me info@windkracht13.nl

  131. Tom Claire Says:

    Hello, I have a Legacy l-999 from mid 80s in good condition (just a few nicks) with HSC, let me know if any interest? Thanks

  132. Looking for a red power X six string.
    I had one of these in the eighties as a student – unfortunately it was stolen.
    I’m located in Australia
    If there is a someone interested in a sale, please contact me.

  133. Apologies, I forgot to mention that I am in South Africa (Far across the waters Yeah) will ship or whatever. Thanks.

  134. Hi folks, I have a Headhunter 555 in tobacco sunburst in reasonably nice condition (Has a few small marks on the front and back of the body and one at the top of the headstock) with the original Daion hardcase still in good condition including the original label on it, with serial no. 83034, which corresponds to the serial no. on the guitar label still intact in the body signed by the manufacturer.The machine heads are still in excellent condition turning smoothly and light to the touch.No scratchy switches which are still original, in fact the whole guitar is still in original state. I have set it up and it has the most beautiful playing action I have yet encountered. This is truly an awesome well made (with quality components) great sounding instrument. Makes me wonder why someone who has built such a wonderful instrument is not around in the market place anymore. My price is $2,000 My gibson costs much more and this Daion is in leaugue if not better!
    Will send pic’s to interested parties

    • Interested, but in US, don’t know what it would cost to ship… please send pics to zack at kerrvillelandscaping dot com

    • Hey I just picked up an 83 (83038) I love it , never thought I would fine one let alone own it. I have had two Daion acoustics for years. I paid 1400.00 Canadian not original case
      Marty in Vancouver BC

    • Please send pics.

  135. Power Mark XX-B bass for sale. Melbourne, Australia.

    see details here:

  136. Zack send me your email address

  137. I already have a person how wants to buy it at my asking price. If it falls through I will contact you.

  138. wgpanzer@earthlink.net

    I’m also in CA – S.F. bay Area.


  139. It’s in excellent condition. I am in Norco CA send me your email and I will send pictures.

  140. I have a Daion HH 555 in its original case. Burgundy. That I would sell.

    • Where are you located? How is the Headhunter’s condition? Any idea about price? Depending on the answers, I’d be very interested.

      Thanks, Bill

  141. Power Mark XX bass for sale.
    Newcastle. Australia.

  142. It’s a tan bass.
    I can send pics if you like although I have someone who I’ve said could have it. I’m just waiting to hear back from them.

  143. Robert Goowin Says:

    Hi guys! First post in here but I have a Daion The 78 Heritage that I am considering offers for. Being old it does have superficial marks but still looks and plays great.

    Please feel free to email me for more info or pics.



  144. princesslea Says:

    I am selling a Power Mk xx – b bass for sale.
    Going on hols in 3 weeks so looking for a quick sale.
    Been used for gigs so usual bumps and knocks for it’s age.
    I’m based in the UK but will ship world wide, am considering ebay but would prefer a private sale.
    Message me if interested – carlmalcolmsmith@gmail.com.

    • Hey i was curious as to which power mk you have, i’ve got the red on tan , and the natural finished one. If yours happens to be the green on tan i may be interested in buying.

  145. Edit edit:
    Thank you !

  146. Edit :
    Poor cond.
    Dose it’s job!

  147. For sale
    1980 Daion mugen mark 1 12 string
    Very good condition
    Email for pics

  148. peter prinsloo Says:

    Hi. I am so excited. I just bought a Daion l-999 from a used goods dealer for about $35. When I saw the little guitar I just knew it is something very special. I sat down in the store, tuned the guitar and played it for about 45 minutes. I couldn’t believe beautiful full sound and tone. I did research on google while in the store in Johannesburg South Africa and realized this is a very special little guitar. It needs a little attention but is in very fair condition considering that it was built in 1982. I would love to know what the value is. Can anybody help? Many thanks and blessings peter peprincc@gmail.com

    • Wow! What a find! You’re very lucky. Valuing these guitars can be tricky but one recently sold in UK for over £500 / $800. Treasure it!

  149. Hi
    Hi, I’m in France and I sell a Daion Mugen Mark II serial number 80072539.
    The guitar is in good condition, some scratches of plectrum on the table.


  150. I am surveying the interest, I have the red/tan powermark xx guitar with original case and all (I believe) original hardware. It has some cosmetic issues, several chips, but it is overall the beautiful guitar we’ve all fallen in love with. When I got it, the fretboard was/is in good condition but the frets were rutted to hell so I had it re-fretted.I play acoustic almost exclusively nowadays though and am looking to get the guitar to a good home where people will truly appreciate it if the going price is compelling. I was just playing it tonight and it makes me twinge a little, but I have other toys I want to buy. Plus, I still have a 1960 Telecaster to tide my retro bug ;). Interested parties contact me at: MZachThompsonRN@gmail.com and I will send you pics of the current condition. I may list it on ebay if there is enough interest and the $ calls me.

  151. Hi, I’m looking for a Headhunter case, located in Virginia,USA.

  152. Daion Mark 1 acoustic 12 string offered on ebay:


    Near mint condition, wth nice hard case.
    New Elixirs.

  153. Paul Whitaker Says:

    I have a solid body Daion acoustic guitar with piezo pick up All Black with cream binding … sounds awesome with Electric style neck with full 24 frets ….. Its for sale ….. $500

  154. Hi Massimo.
    Beautiful guitar.
    Interested. Please contact me at areslaptop at gmail.com
    Best regards

  155. Hi Massimo,

    also interested (living in Germany). Please leave me a message at SkyFlyer86@web.de and tell me your price.

    Best, Al

  156. OK Peter, leave me your e,mail

  157. Hi Massomo,
    i’m interested, please contact me for further details.

  158. Selling:
    L-999 (S.N. 808015) in perfect condition, original owner, with original hard case also in perfect condition.
    Pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n9r7l5dma1056pk/RqFOVZG8Nl
    Located in Italy, shipping only to UE.
    Contact me in private message.

  159. Hey Bill,

    shipping costs are 36 € and I´d like to get 150 € for the case. So that would be 255 USD including shipping (I guess there will be customs in addition, as said).

    I guess thats too much for a case for you. If not, let me know.

    Best, Al

  160. Al:

    “CONUS” means continental United States – the 48 contiguous states (all but Hawaii and Alaska). I’ve never had something as big as a guitar case shipped from 1/2 way around the world (I’m in California), but I guess I assume it’s too expensive to be worth it. But if it’s in relatively good shape, I’d certainly be interested if shipping isn’t too much. Do you have any idea what shipping would cost? And, of course, how much do you want for it?


    • Hi Bill,

      I will have a look what shipping would cost (can take some days). But I guess there will be also customs for you. And I agree, certainly this will not make sense.

      Best, Al

  161. I’m looking for a case for a Power Mark XX, preferably in the CONUS. I located in California.


  162. Daion power mark xx just gone on eBay in Switzerland!

  163. Michael Teague Says:

    Have just put my Mugen Mark 1 with original case on eBay as it needs a new home. Many photos are available. Based near Southampton, UK


    Feel free to contact me if you would just like to make an offer

  164. For Sale:
    Original case for Daion Power Mark XX. A little square of the tolex and a part of the tolex on the grap is missing. Besides that in good condition. Located in Germany, price 150€ or near offer.

  165. iansteve2013@outlook.com

    Please send pictures and price

  166. Wondering if anyone owns a Daion Savage bass and would be interested in selling or trading for a Musicman Stingray. I’m on the east coast in USA.

    • Dave Mishalanie Says:

      Hi Patrick:

      I have 2 Savage basses I’ve been considering selling, as they’ve been sitting and not been played much. A yellow fretted and a blue fretless (no fret lines on the neck). Both have cases, although not original Daion cases. The basses and their cases are in very good condition. Not interested in trading though. I live in WA state. Let me know if you’re interested in one or both!

      email: djmishalanie@nctv.com

      • Dave Mishalanie Says:

        I still have 2 Savage basses, still consider selling them as they have not been played much. A yellow fretted and a blue fretless (no fretlines). Both are in very good condition and have cases (cases not original Daion but in very good condition). I live in WA state, USA. Email for pictures if interested.


  167. Hey there, I´ve got one for sale. Contact me at SkyFlyer86@web.de
    Well, but to be honest, I´m a little bit confused about the Daion cases. I´ve got a Power Mark XX and a second case (which is the original one and completely the same that I have vor sale), but the guitar doesn´t really fit in the case. It moves in the case when closed, so it doesn´t really feel protected in it for me. Anyone there who has the same problem?

    • The original cases get worn over time. The foam degrades in the pocket under the neck and lets the guitar wallow around a little. Another thing to watch is that the pad at the back end of the guitar also degrades and there are screws that can come through and chew up the finish. Ask me how i know.

  168. I’m looking for a case for a power mark xx – can anyone help?

  169. Offered for sale: Daion YW-50 Acoustic 1979
    Beautiful, great sounding an playing guitar
    Amazing condition
    Original Daion hard case.
    Offered @ $800 Price is firm and fair
    This is the last of my 5 Daions to be offered for sale (sold 3 Power Mark XX and 1 Headhunter).
    Link to pics below:


  170. Mark Keller Says:

    Why doesn’t anyone ever post pictures of the basses here? Not only does it give a historical base here, but makes it easier for any prospective buyer. Sheesh!

  171. Stephe Ellis Says:

    After about 30 years, I might just have to part company with The ’78 Heritage. Expressions of interest invited. stephe(a)lineone.net

  172. If it doesn’t go Dave drop me a line on phil@stormproductions.biz I’d really like one but Ebay stuff just gets silly and pushes the price to unreasonable places for me.

    • Thanks for your interest, Phil. I admire your work, great vocal on Heaven Knows and celestial sound from your Daion.

      • Thanks Dave. Glad you liked the work. Although I have guitars coming out of my ears I just wouldn’t mind another like mine! Keep me in the loop.

  173. My ’78 Heritage 6-string is for sale on ebay. Owned since new in 1980. Needs a new, good home.

  174. Looking for mark xx for husband 🙂 Especially if there is green one in the world, but that is wishful thinking I know. Australia based.

  175. I believe they are going for $1,200 to $1,500 in mint condition. Depending on wear & tear, maybe half of that. Kind of a narrow market though. Good luck

  176. Kjetil F. Wevling Says:

    Hi! I have a Daion Power MK XX 6 string electric guitar I’m concidering selling. My problem is that no-one I have talk to at vintage guitar shops in Norway know anything about them, so I’m a little lost when it comes to finding a right price for it. It’s not in mint condition and without the original pickups. The color is tan. Can anyone help me?

    • Hej Kjetil!
      In Sweden one were sold for 6000skr orginal and near mint this spring. Prises is usualy higer “Over there”.

  177. Michael Becker Says:

    Only interested in the Headhunter.

  178. hi have a look at ebay listings item no 251343788330 see my items regards andy r

  179. Hi, I have a mugen MK2 for sale, in good but used condition. I am based in the Uk. I also have a headhunter for sale. Send me your email for pics.

  180. im listing my 78 heritage on ebay Saturday nite 21,09,2013 bids offers welcome listed under daion in surch engine also bcrich usa 80s model

  181. I am in the UK and interested in your 78 heritage. Any chance of a picture. phil@stormproductions.biz

  182. I am interested, could you send pics to zack@kerrvillelandscaping dot com

  183. ive a 78 heritage brown 6 string sat on its stand since 84 any use to any one open to offers and a usa mid 80s bcrich Floyd rose in white

  184. Michael Becker Says:

    Hey Jeff, Thanks for sending the photos. This looks real nice, I’m very interested. May I ask where you are located? I’m currently in Boston for a job, but go back to Los Angeles on Thursday or Friday. Just hoping maybe your are near one or the other. Can you send your contact info to my email, so we can discuss? Thanks, Michael

  185. Looked over, played, and took pics this morning.
    Super clean, amazing condition, frets like new.
    Flaw by input jack pictured, split in wood, no negative effect.
    Price very firm.
    Pics on limk:

  186. Michael Becker Says:

    Could you please send some photos to michael@nucircle.com
    Thanks! Michael

  187. I have a natural Mark XX with OHSC for $1450+ $60 s/h from FL to LA.

  188. Michael Becker Says:

    Hi, I am looking for a Daion Power Mark XX 6 string guitar. Open to different colors/finishes. Will pay the fair market price. I live in Los Angeles. Thanks! Michael

  189. Hi,
    Sorry to hear that. Feel free to send me pics of the guitar. What kind of shape is it in? Where are you located? Does it come with a case? send me more info at fretboardharmony@aol.com.

  190. Henk Jansen Says:

    Because of Parkinsons desease I cannot play the guitar like before
    for sale: Daion Maribu ’81

  191. zack derese Says:

    I have a Daion Mark I that I found in a barn… put strings on and now its my favorite. Would like to buy another and maybe one of the electric, (Mark XX?).

  192. princesslea Says:

    Hi Al
    Ping me your email and I’ll send you some pics directly.

  193. Hello from Wales uk
    I have a daion bass power mark xx B I am planning on selling no case.
    In box me for details.



  195. Jerry G. Ransom Says:

    “81” caribou for sale. Well hi all. First, thanx for all the info on this site that I just found. Second, I have a very nice “81” Caribou 6 string acoustic electric I need to sell. I haven’t been able to play in several years due to a hand injury that caused me to retire from work, and it doesn’t look like that will change. Anyhoo, I used to play a lot in church and never really wailed on it except occasionally at home messing around. Never intended to sell it but if I don’t it will just lay in the closet gathering dust.
    From reading a bunch on this site I gather it’s worth about $1000 or so. It is in excellent condition with a couple small dings that didn’t even break through the finish. Plays and sounds excellent.
    The 9 volt battery box that powers the equalizer is missing the little spring tab to keep it inside the compartment, but it stays in when you push it into the eq. Part that is broken is a standard battery holder and can be replaced without any problem.
    If anyone is interested please contact me at jrfixer@aol.com. I do have a good padded case with it although not the original. I am in Tampa Florida. I will ship it worldwide to purchaser. Please contact me if my price info is not accurate. Thanx, Jerry

  196. I have a mark-x natural finish bass with repaired headstock.Plays like a dream,all original with normal wear and original case.Willing to part with,Im going on the road and dont want to risk her getting stolen.All fair offers considered.My phone is 615-388-0336,live in Nashville Tn.

  197. Nigel, I have a Daion Mugen Mark V, rare, all original, with a Martin traveling hard shell case. I am going to be listing it on eBay. Raj was also interested in this. I have been travelling and have been delayed on getting pictures of it to send out, let alone list it on eBay. The serial number is identifiable and early 80’s … 81 or 82 as far as I can find out. I cannot find a reliable list of serial numbers anywhere.

  198. I have my beatufull DAION HEADHUNTER in honeyburst for sale on EBay Germany right now! I will ship worldwide, info@tischeausberlin.de

  199. Hello
    I am a Daion Guitar player/enthusiast looking to buy Daion or Yamiki Acoustic Guitars I live in Adelaide South Australia.

    • Be careful of this bloke, I am not sure he is legit.
      Have alerted admin.

      • He just tried posting with another name, ian steve. Different email addy, same basic ad wording and exact same IP. I am watching for this IP and will delete any further postings from him if the spam setting doesn’t shut him down. Thanks for the warning.

  200. I have Power Mark XX-B Bass, Natural Finish, original case, in great condition. $1,000 U.S.

  201. I have a Mark I, not really sure of the year, I inherited from a family memember looking to sell but not sure what to ask for it. Can anyone help me out for a general price? Very good condition no case.

  202. I have just read through about three years of blog posts on this sight and I must say I am intregued. I didn’t know that Daion guitars had such value. I have what I think is a 78 Heritage and I am really curios about what it might be worth. If anyone can give me an idea I would like to know. You can reach me at
    wandsshufelt@gmail.com and thanks.

  203. Hi Jeff,
    could you send me pics of the washburn eagle, also the aria pro II warrior, and some of the pro tones guitars…my email is fretboardharmony@aol.com.

  204. Hi again Jeff.
    The Yamaki and Daion acoustic, The Washburn Eagle, the Pro Tone Teles are of interest.
    Can you please mail me prices and pics?

  205. thubbard Says:

    I have a Daion Mugen Mark V I’m looking to sell if anyone is interested. I have the serial number, I think it’s circa 1982 but I cannot find definitive answers on Daion serial numbers

  206. Hi, I’m interested in the Headhunter. What color is it and how’s the condition? How much are you looking to get for it? My email is robsbark@gmail.com

  207. Here is a list of what I have, and of recent sales.
    Let me know which ones you are interested in, and I can send pics, desciptions, and prices.
    Matsumoku built
    Trak 4 bass

    Black n’ Gold TA 335 /Gibson and Dan Armstrong pups.

    Mach I AE550 ash Strat 1977 Pre Aria ProII 2012 11’s

    615 CST Tele ARIA USA Made in USA Seymour Duncans 1993?

    LP Custom 600 1980 Elixir 5-11

    Aria WJ-300 Martin D-45 copy Martin 10’s 7-12

    Aria Pro II “The Warrior” WR-1003 1989 dimarzio MIJ Neck thru

    Electra X410 Lawsuit headstock, 333 style, pre 1978 /tortoise binding

    El Degas ’51 Pbass, tele bass

    Cortez LP jr 2 p90, bolt on neck 1980

    Yamaki built
    Yamaki Deluxe W118 acoustic

    Washburn HB35 1983 Yamaki string thru

    Washburn Eagle 1980 Yamaki neck thru Wing Series

    Daion Headhunter 1983

    Daion Mark XX (dark) 1982

    Daion Mark XX (natural) 1983

    Daion YW-50 Acoustic 1979

    Washburn HB-35 MIJ 1989? Modified
    Washburn WP-80 LP Custom MIJ 1989
    Alvarez Acoustic single cutaway 70’s set up 8-11
    Ibanez Musician MC 150 Pearl White 1982
    Ibanez Artist 2617 1978

    Korean (Pro Tones are awesome guitars)
    Squier Pro Tone Thinline Tele
    Squier Pro Tone Fat Tele

    Custom “Thaler” 2X P90 2012

    SOLD Westbury Custom

    SOLD Westbury Custom S /tortoise binding

    SOLD Westbury TN 2000

    SOLD Westbury Series 200

    SOLD Daion Mark XX (nat} 1981 (still have 1 more)

    SOLD Washburn 1979 A20

    SOLD Aria RS 750

    SOLD Aria FS 750

    SOLD Aria CS Black n Gold

    SOLD Westbury W180D Acoustic

  208. HI Jeff.
    Could you send me pictures and prices for your gituars for sale to areslaptop at gmail.com ?

  209. Hi Ken,
    I have a rare Daion YW-50, a magnificent guitar, in wonderful condition.
    Pics available online:
    Also Have Yamaki Folk Deluxe for $300

  210. gary Lindbom Says:

    Hi Ken, If your ready to purchase my Daion call me if you still have
    my number. If not e-mail me at garydl@charter.net i have not tried to sell it since we talked last. Gary in alabama

  211. Hi,
    Anyone have a daion acoustic for sale? Either a gazelle , or other models that would have a brass nut and pins at the bridge. I missed out on one listed here awhile back. Feel free to contact me at fretboardharmony @aol.com.

  212. Hi Jeff,
    nice to hear from you…no my comment was directed to the guy from Spain..well done with your guitars..
    take it easy..

  213. Hi Raj,
    Received your comment regarding wasting your time with a bad email address. Not sure if it was meant for me, because we did correspond on January 8 and 9 regarding my Headhunter, Mark XX for sale, and you said they were “too pricey”.
    You were also interested in my Westbury guitars for sale. There was quite a bit of interest in the Westburys. The TN2000 sold for $2000 to the UK, the Custom S for $950, the Custom for $750, and the Series 200 for $500. I have always thought these were these were superb guitars, and greatly undervalued. It is nice to see these amazing guitars being recognized.
    Good luck.

  214. Here’s an idea mate..try putting an email address that actually works!!! What a waste of time !!

  215. Julio Calero Says:

    Hello fron Spain i got a headhunter 555 and i would like it for sale. Can you help me to find a buyer. It’s wonder guitar but i can’t play her as well as i like it.
    Can send photos
    Any question
    Norbethoveen@hotmail. Com
    Thank you

  216. Mark Keller Says:

    I am trying to find the history of the Washburn B-40 and. especially, the SB-40 bass guitars. I have found a Daion B-40 made for Washburn under contract and its gorgeous. I need, though, info on Daion’s proto type involvement in the SB-40. Such as documents in any form, pictures, contacts to retired Daion techs/engineers/records etc. ANYTHING at all helps. Hoping something pops up. I am also MEKer on talkbass.com

    Cheers to all.

  217. Hi I am interested..kindly email me at
    fretless@btopenworld.com and let me know how much you are after, and some pics too please. Thanks

  218. Julio Calero Says:

    From spain. I own a headhunter 555 sunburst for sale. If anybody is interesed please you can contact with me in this e-main
    Thank you

  219. I have a daion mugen mk1 for sale with hardcase.Make me an offer.clive.lombari@talktalk.net Bedfordshire uk

  220. I have 30 MIJ guitars I am offering for sale from my collection, including 2 Daion Power Mark XX, 1 Headhenuter, 1 Acoustic YW-50.
    Also have a Yamaki Acoustic Deluxe folk, and a Yamaki built Washburn HB35 (string thru 335).
    Most of the others are Matsumoku built, and some are extremely rare.
    See CL posting:
    Please email or call if interested.

  221. ken hellman Says:

    Hi Mario

    If you still have the power mark xx guitar(blue) feel free to contact me at fretboardharmony@aol.com…thanks

    • ken,
      guitar left in aug 2012 to norway,
      but, got 2 headhunters (tobacco and burgundy) the 82 an the heritage 78 for sale…..
      if you are interested.
      mail to supermor@web.de
      sorry for late reply, haven´t been on this HP for a long time.

  222. I have a Daion 6 string MK1 with original case the serial number is 80062528 can anyone give anymore information on this guitar.
    It is for sale if anyone is interested but has some small damage a half inch hole has been pocked through the case on top and down through the guitar i am sure can be repaired quite easily otherwise its in perfect condition for photos or offers please email francislawley@gmail.com

  223. Hi
    I am after a part actually, a tone/volume control knob for a Savage. Any out there?

  224. I have a Headhunter for sale. Honey sunburst. Just a few small dings, 1mm x 2mm probably the biggest. Only finish missing is a couple tiny scratches at extreme end of headstock and a ccouple small ones around butt-end strap button. Gold plating on keys and bridge very slightly detiorated. Guitar is probably 85-90% perfect. Eletronics great. Sounds great.

    No case. No label sticker inside.

    Located near Nashville.

    Email me at calefevre3 at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

    This will go on ebay soon unless someone here is kind enough to make an offer.


  225. Hi,

    would perhaps sell my Daion guitar case if the price is good enough (maybe a collector is missing his Daions case). It looks like a Les Paul case, so it maybe for a Les Paul copy, but as one of my Les Paul copys headstocks touched the buttom of the case when being put in it, I think it is perhaps a case for a Daion Power model ? It´s located in Germany.

    And besides that: I´m looking for a Daion Power, Headhunter, Caribou or Gazelle here in Germany. If somebody has one for sale let me know.

  226. Hi all.
    I am looking for a power mark x or Mark xx. Any colour considered. I’m in Sheffield UK. Cash waiting. Please email deztone@gmail.com

  227. jason roberts Says:

    Hi – I’m looking for a case for my Daion L-999. any help is appreciated! – phlow42@aol.com


  228. Terry Crosby Says:

    Ken, I have not forgotten, just terribly busy, Will get you pics this weekend. This is areaaly nice guitar, but just sits in my home not played often.

  229. Terry Crosby Says:

    Will get some pics to you tomorrow and yes, it has the original hard case with Daion name on front.

  230. Terry Crosby Says:

    I have an 81 Gazelle that is in very nice condition with original hard case. Would part with it somewhere in the $1000.00 range.

    • ken hellman Says:

      Hi Terry,
      Feel free to send me pics as I am intersted. My email address is fretboardharmony @aol.com…looking foward to pics. Give me some detail on the guitar and if it comes with case.

      • I also have a Mugen Mark V I am looking to sell, fretboard and head dead on and straight. Second owner have had it for 26 years. The sound is absolutely incredible. Also have Martin traveling road case in excellent condition I keep it in. There is a crack on the front below the rosewood pick guard but it DOES NOT go past the ribbing supports. The crack is sealed and old, it happened the year I got it. I can provide any and all pictures and video of it being played.

  231. Ken Hellman Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Feel free to email me at fretboardharmony@aol.com. I would love to see the pics of your guitar, and I would be willing to buy or trade. Hope to hear from you….Ken

  232. gary lindbom Says:

    I have a 1982 Daion series model for sale in good shape with
    a m180 lr bragg pick up new. e-mail me for pictures and info
    will sell for $850 or trade for ? what you got?

  233. Ken Hellman Says:

    If anyone knows of a Daion Headhunter guitar for sale in good condition,please contact me at fretboardharmony@aol.com…Thanks,

    • I have a workmate that is interested in selling a Mugen Mk V in excellent condition if your interested?

    • Hi Ken:
      I have 2 Savage basses – blue fretless (no fret markers) and a yellow fretted. Not sure if you’re looking for guitar or bass. I’d be interested in selling one or both. Both are in very good condition and play great. Both are right handed – I’m left handed – the only reason I might sell them.


  234. Ken Hellman Says:

    If anyone has a Daion Savage for sale let me know. You can contact me at fretboardharmony@aol.com. Thanks,

  235. I am considering to sell my Daion The ’79 BR and was wondering what it is worth? I haven’t found any information or reference about a similar item for sale, most guitars for sale tend to be the ’78 or ’80 or later year series. The guitar has a wonderful sound and is in a very good condition considering its age. It comes with a case (not sure if it’s Daion but its shape matches perfectly with the guitar).
    Location: Belgium

    • Hi Bart, I am in Finland. I am very interested in your guitar. If you can e-mail some pictures maybe we can talk some more.

  236. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply. I will gvei it a try. If anyone has a Daion Mark X or mark XX or any other daion electrc guitar let me know. You can contact me at fretboardharmony @aol.com .

  237. My Power Mark X is for sale. If you want to discuss shipping, drop me a line through the CL ad. Thanks!


  238. ken hellman Says:

    if anyone has a daion guitar for sale drop me a email. I am looking for an electric specifically a mark xx..also a good acoustic…thanks…Ken

    • Hi there!
      I’,m sending you this note on behalf of the guy who bought my PowerXX some time ago and has now listed it on ebay.
      (just search Daion it’s the only one). I wanted to let you know,
      this is a remarkable example..I owned it for 20 years. Perfect condition, plays like butter and is the “rosewood” version.
      check it out..well worth the money!
      the “chromelightning69” address is his. I would NEVER have sold this guitar but only play acoustic fingurestyle now..It’s Perfect!

  239. No, it’s in Canada. Try searching Daion 1980.

    Thanks, matt

  240. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that my Daion power mark XX is on eBay, item number 261097350286.
    Thanks, Matt

  241. I am looking for a Daion Case, for MarkXX-B
    Located in Germany

  242. I did not sell my brown 1981 Daion Caribou acoustic electric guitar yet.

  243. Hi Everyone. I’m looking for a place to get a set of new/used Daion machine heads for a 78 heritage acoustic. Does anybody have a clue if they can be found or replicated? Rs Phil

  244. Hi John,
    I’m also based in the UK in sunny Berkshire.
    Could you email me and perhaps let me know your asking price. Thanks

  245. Hi there, just to let anyone know, my Dark Brown Daion Headhunter HH-555 (1983), with hiscox hardcase (new), is available on ebay for 10 days. Available to the UK, and a handful of European countries.

    Serial 83037H, so an 83 model.

    Excellent condition, one or two small headstock dings (dark), visible in photos, small millimeter ding in laquer above sound-hole. Overall, very good condition. Hiscox case is new (with tags). Delivery will be secure and packaged as well as possible, but more than likely expensive to Mainland Europe (prices seem to have gone up quite a bit in last year).

    Courier costs still be decided. Chasing DHL to get prices.


    Available for 10 days. Photos also visible in Facebook’s Daion Owners group, uploaded by myself awhile back.

    Thanks for looking.


  246. Ryan Box Says:

    I have a Daion barbarian electric all original with the original hard case. This guitar is in prestine condition. Looking to sell can anyone give me a good amount? I have had it appraised at $1200-$1400. Email me for pics. I live in the U.S.

  247. Dave Joyce Says:

    I have available a Legacy L-9. It is in excellent condition and has no issues at all. The guitar has a bone saddle and brass pins. It has a fitted Fishman sound-hole pickup. This guitar sounds amazing both acoustically and amplified. Included is the original Daion hard case.
    Guitar is in the U.K. but I can ship world wide.
    Open to sensible offers.
    Need more info? just ask.

  248. I have a green 1981 Daion Power Mark II in excellent condition for sale. It was bought in 1997, and I am only the second owner. Sounds incredible (as expected), and has almost never been played in the last 10 years. I’ll gladly answer any questions from serious buyers. I’m in south Florida, but will ship. Offers???

  249. I have a DC-200 Daion Classical. Bought it in 1983. It’s in near-mint condition and sounds really great. Anyone have an idea what it’s worth?

  250. I have a brown 1981 Daion Caribou acoustic electric guitar for sale. Haven’t decided on a price yet. I’m in Louisiana.

  251. Hi Peter,

    I tried to send photos but I’m getting a “mailbox full” error message back?


  252. Hi Ian,
    thanks for your reply. Here’s my mail adress: tiemannsmail@freenet.de


  253. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the interest. I bought the guitar from a friend about 15 years ago. Used it on a show a couple of times live and after that it’s just sat gathering dust which is a shame as it’s a beautiful instrument!

    I’d never heard of the make when I got it so just assumed it was some kind of “cheap” make. That never really made sense though as it played so well and sounded great.

    It’s in it’s original case. There is some damage to the back of the case but it doesn’t affect the guitar inside due to how it sits.

    Hope this helps

    I can send some photos if you let me have an email

    Best Wishes


  254. Ian Eardley Says:


    I have a 80 Double Neck for sale. Great condition and plays wonderfully. Comes with case.


  255. I am lookong for a Daion clip amp. Anyone?

  256. Joachim Wessman Says:

    Hi I am looking to sell my red 82 12 string with original case all in good condition.
    Does anyone know the value or would be interested?

  257. Giorgos Says:

    Hi there , I have a Daion Power Mark XX-B in excellent condition , but I’m a guitarist so I’d like to trade for a Daion guitar . I’m also thinking to sell it , so any offer will be well consider . Keep in mind that I live in Greece so it’s easier for a resident in the EU .
    My email is gmrock1963@gmail.com

  258. Still I am selling,Gazelle,Heritage and the 80 in mint condition,only play marks with K&K and non original HSC.
    in the Netherlands

  259. Matthew Says:

    Hey everyone, I have a 1980 Daion power mark XX that I’m looking to sell because I’m going back to school. Here’s the exact guitar:

    If your interested, email me at chromelightning69@yahoo.ca

  260. I am selling my Daion L-999. Serial # is 100503, which is from the first round of production. That places the construction in 1978 or 1979 and makes it extra rare.

    The guitar is in very good shape. The frets do not have any worn grooves. All in great shape. Straight neck. Finish is in great shape.

    The only condition issues are some fading on the tuners, a couple of minor dings on the top and minor marks on the back. Feel free to contact me for additional info or specific photos.

    • What is the price? Model? Condition? Shipping cost? Pictures? Please post your email and I can contact you. TY

  261. Hello.
    Selling a Power Mark XX-B in very good condition.
    Sn: 830336. Dark Green.
    Email: rcastro.guitars@gmail.com.
    Location: Lisboa – Portugal.

  262. Looking for a heritage 80 anyone have one that they no longer play and would be willing to sell?

  263. John Norris Says:

    Ok,good luck it would be nice that someone who knows the breed to have it. To date there is 31 watchers on it but only two or three bidders at the moment.


  264. Hello Daion-insiders

    I have an unused Daion Mugen Mark II 12-strings guitar for sale. (serial number 826394 D).

    It has never been played more than a couple of times. It was owned by two women who both found it too hard and difficult to play. The guitar has no signs of use or scratches apart from some very light marks in the varnish of the pick guard. It was strored in its original Daion case since it was bought 30 years ago. I am the second owner. Here is a picture:

    Googleing a bit shows me that this guitar has quite some value, but how much exactly? And what would be the best way to sell it? Ebay? Or is there a special platform for instruments? I live in Switzerland.

    Thank you very much for your hints and thoughts!


    • Sean Bryan Says:

      Morgy …did you manage to sell your 12 string on E bay .I am desperate for such a guitar as I have owened a Diaon Mk 1: 6 string for the last 30 years and would love to have a pair

  265. Hello everyone!
    I have a Daion Power Mark XX savage.
    My uncle told me is rare and only 7 of these are made! its original straight from ’78. he also told me it costs around 3000 euros with its original case but it is used,it has some very little scratches and a broken ->(the thing up from fretboard where keys are).But its glued very well and it cant brake again. so he told me
    its price might has fell down..dunno whats its price now.Thats why im asking

    • Couple of things need clarifying…. A Power Mark XX and a Savage are two different instruments. A Mk.XX has a neck thru design and will have a laminated body (different types and colors of wood in layers). A Savage is a bolt on neck guitar built like a Strat or Tele with four large screws that go through the body on the back side and hold the neck.

      To know the date of manufacture, look at the serial number in the back of the headstock near the neck. The first two numbers are date of manufacture, best as we can tell (82xxxx would be a 1982 model). If it is indeed a very rare 1978, it probably will have no fretboard. The laminated neck will show through as the fretboard and the guitar will probably have much more squared off look than later ones. There are some examples on the Super Rare Daions section of this website.

      If this guitar has had the headstock broken off (part tuning keys are attached to), its value will be very low. Brand new, the guitar sold in the early 1980s for $999USD. In original condition with all the paperwork and original case in perfect condition it would be worth well over 1000 euros, but I doubt you would be able to get over 3000 for it in any condition. With normal wear, I’d say 600-700 euros, but with the headstock broken, it is probably more like 200-250… if you can find somebody that wants it. A guitar with a broken headstock is similar to a car with a bent frame.

      • hmm thank you for your reply and your clarifies..so its a Power Mark XX with daion symbol in headstock(i couldnt remember the word:P) and a few cm below is its name :Daion Power Mark XX.Its number is 820505.so yeah an ’82 model…it may has a broken piece of the headstock but the guitar works like a charm:) i play all the day without problem its awesome.

  266. Hi,
    I am interested, kindly email me with your asdking price , pics and where you are based.
    Raj (UK)


  267. I have a Daion L-999 in mint shape if anybody interested let me know.

  268. I meant to Put Daion Power Mark X, which Is a very nice and rare guitar!

  269. I have a Very Rare Daion Power Mark I I’ll finally let go of. They didn’t make allot of these so text or call for info. Taylor at 501-580-7001

  270. doug lick Says:

    I have a 78 for sale. good condition in Vancouver bc

  271. I am looking for a Daion 78 Heritage 6 string acoustic to buy please contact me at mccrory.tom@gmail.com or post here
    with thanks,

  272. it is ok to text me at 719 480 3040 if you are interested in buying my daion guitar…

  273. From your area code it look like you’re pretty far away from me. I’m in the metro NY area about 15 miles north of NYC.
    I’m guessing UPS would fine for shipping. I’ll pay for the shipping if we can come to terms on the price.
    Is it Ok to text you at the number you gave?

  274. keith worley Says:

    i still have the daion power mark xx 6 string electric guitar. and it is still for sale! cheaper if u come get it, but more expencive if i take it to u… (no shipping, unless u have a legit way) msg me, or call me at: 719 480 3040

  275. Hi,
    I have from years a Daion Savage bass (red, with OHSC).
    I would like to sell it now.
    Do you know the approx price?

  276. Hi,
    I want to sell my Daion Power Mark XX. The color of it is like the first guitar on the Blogroll on the right side off this page under ‘Super rare Daions’. Condition is near mint, just a few tiny dings. I’m the first owner and this guitar is almost never been played. I only play acoustics, that’s why i’m selling it. Original case (without Logo).
    My e-mail adres : marinus@exterioplant.nl
    I’m situated in Groningen, Holland
    Ciao, Marinus

  277. I have a 1979 Mk1 Mugen (Daion) which I’ve owned from new but have sadly decided to part with. Excellent condition in original hardcase. Located in Essex, UK.

  278. Hi, My black Daion Savage (Dual humbuckekr) has some marks of playing on the pickguard (the plastic cover actually). Does anybody have a spare left for sale?

  279. I have a Daion Mark XX on Ebay Germany for sale.
    I will post another one in original condition after this one is sold.
    Also, i have a Caribou in brown for sale. 6 String with non-original case for 850€ in excelent condition. Player! I am Located in Berlin.

  280. Daion Savage, 1982 for sale. Excellent condition. Guitar maker Ruokangas guitars has serviced the guitar recently. Location Finland.

  281. Hi,

    I am going to sell a super rare Daion Power Mark X-B FRETLESS bass, S/N: 830328, colour: transparent black.
    Pictures can be send if requested.


  282. Hi, i am looking for a L999

  283. I have a 81 Daion Caribou in very good shape, with the case. I was thinkng of selling it. What is it worth (besides “what you can get for it”).



  284. keith worley Says:

    I have a daion power mark XX for SALE it is in good condition, few dings and scraches, still plays (wonderfully) all i want for it is $500 i need a guitar that sounds good, and only costed me about $200. anyway: i dont know how to do the shipping thing. i can go to you if you live in USA.

  285. Still for sale,in the Netherlands,Gazelle 6 string,Heritage 6 string with K&K in good shape with hardshell {not original}


  286. hi out there……
    got some daions for sale:
    1. Daion 12 string the 82, not original case, but fits like catsuite, brown tolex, white plush, guitar sounds great.
    2. Daion Legacy L-9 with original case.
    3. Daion Caribou, like new, original case.
    if interested, make offer.
    located in germany,
    eMail: supermor@web.de
    best regards, phil.

  287. Greetings!

    I have a beautiful Daion 12 string I have had since about 1980. I love it but I rarely use it, so it is up for sale. I have to tell you, it sounds more like a grand piano than a guitar and is as easy to play as a 6 string.. Amazing.

    I don’t know exactly what model it is. It looks a lot like the one on the front of the ’82 catalog here only a 12 string. Brass everything. It does have a few nicks here and there but other than that it is in great shape. Can take some fresh pics upon request. Located in western Canada. Original hard shell case.

    Oh, I fund two numbers inside:

    • Hey There Greg;
      How are you? I am located in Nova Scotia… where in western Canada are you? I am VERY interested in your 12 string Daion, what are you asking for it, and would it be possible to see a picture perhaps… my email is:
      I look forward to your reply at your convenience…
      Thank you most kindly…

  288. Dana crouch Says:

    I bought a Daion mark xx new from music city music store in nashville in 1985. Unfortunately it was stolen between sets at a the rosewood farm music festival that same summer. I would love to own one again.

  289. Still for sale in Europe HeadHunter 555 in brown burned.
    Anybody interested?

  290. Still for sale,Heritage and Gazelle with K&K anybody?

  291. keith worley Says:

    MKXX power mark XX for sale! in colorado, usa! in good condition. sounds absolutly sexy! TAN in color, still in good shape! all i want is $500. i need to sell it, but i am in no hurry

  292. OK I am at aandersonk@aol.com maybe you could let me know how much you want for them and where you are based. Thanks

  293. I have for sale a Gazelle and a Heritage in good shape with Hardshell {not original},Heritage with K&K,who is interested.

  294. I have a Mark xx in tan in good condition with original case
    and thinking about changing to a very good Headhunter.

  295. Thanks, and the same to you. I really love the mark xx. An incredible guitar. After one evening with mkxx I put several of my other guitar for sale…..I do not need them anymore…

    • Hi,

      I have a HeadHunter in very good condition with original case. I´m interested in your Green Mark xx . Are you interested in exchanging them?

      • Hi Cris, I know you’re looking to trade your Headhunter, but I’ve been desperately searching a Headhunter to purchase for years with no luck. If you don’t have any luck exchanging your Headhunter and decide to sell it please let me know. Thanks!

      • Ok Traton. Send me an offert for it in:


  296. Daion HeadHunter (83 model), Dark Brown, Maple/spruce. Possible Mahogony neck. Twin Humbuckers.

    Beautiful Condition. E335 type hardcase (used but still useful). UK sale only. Courier Delivery or pick-up.



  297. Hi All
    I am selling a Daion Power MK XXB Bass guitar.
    I am based in the UK.
    Please email me if you are interested and I can send pics etc for discussion.

  298. I have a mugen mark I for sale, its all original (except strings) and come with the hard case that was purchased with the guitar from The Music Center in Palistine, TX in the late ’70s. I have owned this guitar for the past 15 yrs and my grandfather was the original owner. It does have a few minor scratches but in overall great shape. I live in North Carolina, USA and can be reached at kozmikkowboy@yahoo.com

  299. Dominic Wallis Says:

    hey there
    just discovered today that the guitar ive been playing for ten years is a Daion Mugen mark 1. nearly sold it for $150 NZD in a rush but ended up being tipped off that it was worth more.
    Any one interested? im a poor student and could use the extra cash
    i live in NZ
    email is armpitt_4@hotmail.com

  300. I want to sell my HH-555 from early 80´s. It´s in very good conditions, with original case. How much can I get for it?

  301. Jonathan Gray Says:

    hi there,

    If you’ve noticed the Daion Guitar Facebook group lately, you may have noticed I currently own a Daion PWR XX guitar (green), a tan Power XX bass and a Headhunter electric semi-acoustic (Dark Brown/Mahogany).

    I’m probably looking to sell off the Headhunter and the Power XX guitar. I’m based in the UK, I’m not sure if there’s any other daion fans/owners here on this board? I can send you HQ photos than the ones I’ve put up on the facebook page, if you want.

    Sensible offers considered. I have an idea of their worth. Failing that i’ll be putting them up on Ebay Uk shortly. So if you’re an Daion fan, player or collector, and in the uk, keep your eyes peeled.


  302. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve put me Daion Power Mark XX-B on eBay;


    Currently the listing says I will only ship to Australia but I will in fact ship worldwide. I’ve changed this but apparently this takes some time to register in the eBay system.


  303. i am looking for a L999 accoustic. Many years ago my stepfather purchased me one – it was my second guitar. Foolishly I sold it so I could buy a cheap strat copy and rubbish little amp. 20 years later I am still looking to replace it and have not been able to find anything that suits.

    does anyone out there have one?
    I am based in new zealand. danielnmay@hotmail.com

  304. Xavier BRETILLON Says:

    Hi, everyone
    I own a Daion Power Mark X 6-string electric guitar in brown colour that I am willing to sell. It is located in France. I will consider offers. Thanks for your interest. Please, Email me at xb21@free.fr for pictures or to make offers.

  305. Hi, i am looking for a Daion BARBARIAN!

  306. Hi everyone!
    I want to sell my ’80 W, an acoustic doubleneck 6/12 string with a great sound! Serialnumber 103345. I got it back from my luthier today after being repaired and optimised (strengthened bridge, flattened frets). According to my luthier it’s a very good guitar, nearly mint condition. Nearly, because it’s used, so a few minor dents and scratches are to be found if you look closely.
    It’s in its original flightcase with a bright yellow/gold interior. It has a professionally installed pick-up, not visible from the outside. It comes with a handmade wooden wallmounting. My e-mail addres is Boldy_P@hotmail.com. I live in Holland (the Netherlands).

  307. I have a Caribou for sale. With original case. Tyher is a repaired crack on the top..everything else is fine.
    Email me if interested.
    I’m based in the UK.

  308. I have seen a Daion Ovation copy on ebay but can not get any reference for it. Is this a cheap chinese knock off, because that’s what it looks like?
    Meantime I am interested in buying a Caribou and Goldtop HH if anyone is interested in selling.

  309. I have a 1978 Daion Heritage in very good condition with aftermarket pickup professionally installed. Comes with original case and I am the only owner. Email if interested and I will send pics. YOU pay shipping. PayPal ONLY

  310. Daion Doubleneck for sale! Condition near NEW!
    Propably the best one existing!
    No sunken top, no scratches, no dings or dongs,
    no nothing. Original case. Beautyful….
    Not cheap! Located in Berlin Germany.

  311. Hi Stephanie, I do have a Power Mark XX bass (plus matching Daion case) for sale (green, 1981), overall very good condition. Please send me your email addy at: khartoumcowboy@shaw.ca and I can send you the pics directly.

  312. Stephanie Says:

    Hello –

    I’m looking for a Power Mark bass if anyone has one for sale. Hopefully a XX in very good condition. Please email me if you have one for sale. Thanks!

  313. I am selling a Daion Headhunter on Ebay Germany.


  314. I have a 1983 Daion Power Mark X-B with original green hardshell Daion case that I would sell for the right price. It has the natural finish. I just had the pots and wiring freshened up and had it buffed at the Gibson Guitar factory in Nashville. It’s in good shape (some dings/scratches) and sounds like GOD. Seriously.
    Trying to find examples of these amazing basses for sale online is next to impossible. This is by far the best bass I’ve ever played, but I need to part with some toys. So… Hit me up if interested.

    • I might be interested. I have a Power Mark XXB already that i defretted, but would love yo have a fretted one also. I’m in NY.
      Let me know if it’s still available. I just came across this site.

    If anyone is c ontacted by a man calling himself “Lan Blau” with the following email address

    Be warned,,,the man is a SCAMMER.
    He contacted me using a post on this site, offering me a L-999 in mint condition, with original case for not a lot of money.
    GHe even used pics from the Diamond Strings website, and c laimed it was his guitar!
    You have been warned !!!

  316. Hi to all.
    I’m still looking for a model 80 6 string..anyone have one for sale at a reasonable price?
    email me at

  317. Xavier BRETILLON Says:

    Wonderful site, a real mine for information. I am considering selling my 1980 Daion Power mark X, serial number 8040XX. It is brown in colour, fully original, has a few dings and nicks but plays and feels great. I will consider offers above € 600 plus shipping.
    I am located in France (Dijon).
    Please send me your email address, if interested, for pics (please specify what parts you are interested in).
    Thanks for your interest.

  318. Trayton Says:

    Very interested in purchasing a Daion Headhunter. Please let me know if you have one you’d like to sell. Thanks!

  319. Hi Anyone out there with a Mark xx that can reccomend a good travel case? Does the gator ATA fit?

  320. whats the difference between a mark 1 and a mark x

    • Mark1:acoustic guitar, Mark x: Electric.

      ATTENTION all guys out there. Do never buy a guitar, when
      payment is by WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER !!!!

      Be carefull…

  321. Hi there,

    I have just discovered this great site for Daions, I have quite a few Daions inclusing an L-9, L-999, a ’78 Heritage and two Mugdens. I have a Mark I and a Mark II but I have to say the Mark I sounds amazing and streets ahead of the Mark II.

    I have just posted on ebay the L9 for sale. The item number is 110700807055. Please feel free to have a wee look at the pictures if there is anyone out there on the lookout for a L-9

    Great site

  322. Hi Jari,
    her it is: tiemannsmail@freenet.de

  323. I have desided to sell my mugen mark v. Very good and with original case. Location: Finland.

  324. Jeff Donnelly Says:

    i own a Daion legacy l-999 in excellent condition with original case and brass fittings. i have been storing it in its case with proper humidity, the neck is perfect, action perfect, bridge hasn’t warped the top, etc. i have owned it for about 15 yrs. now, but have been thinking on selling it. i don’t have an idea on the price i should be asking for it. any help in this area?

  325. Hi folks, can someone send me pics of a Headhunter GOLDTOP?
    Thank you very much!

  326. Regarding the 81 Gazelle 12 string I have, would like to sell it, one person tells me its worth at least $1500 another says $2000, anyone else have an opinion? Seriously. Email me @ kbenicek@wi.rr.com

  327. does anyone know what a daion the 79br series acoustic guitar is worth.
    my friend has one for sale…..ddane@verizon.net

  328. Price is $1,800.00 USD

    • Thanks,
      but that’s too expensive for me!
      I know quite well that Daions are highly rated, but I think, that’s a bit too much, even for a beauty in mint condition.

  329. Would like to sell an ’81 Gazelle 12 string acoustic/electric. I have some pics, please email me if interested. Guitar was a gift to/from a family member who has lost interest in playing. No case.

  330. I have a Daion Headhunter for sale. 8 of 10 points.
    All original. Plays and sounds awesome. Honeyburst.
    I’m located in Berlin. €1300 fix. Case: yes, original: no.

  331. I have an Daion “81 Caribou” Red in color that I will be selling.
    I have had the guitar since 1982.

    If interested e-mail me at djh17651_blr@yahoo.com

    Title the e-mail Daion because I don’t open all e-mails unless I know them.


  332. I am looking for a gazelle or a Caribou. If you have one to sold
    please contact me


  333. —–

    Hi there, im selling my original daion caribou HARDCASE. If interested send me an e-mail.


  334. I have a Diaon Mugen Mark 5 Can any one tell me what it would be worth
    In Very goo Condition

  335. I always check into any possible strange daions, as they did occasionally produce a rare oddball. I just found it odd that someone sent me a message to my yahoo account with a cut and paste reply that is on this page concerning an acoustic and was asking for my e-mail account and info. BTW, this was not either poster that was offering the blue xx. It was from Andres Rolles

  336. A little concerned about a couple of posts/posters here!!! I may be way off, but I’ll post this anyway and let the mods sort it out and delete this post if necessary. I’ve asked for pics of the supposed blue mark xx, as I’ve never heard of a blue mark xx being produced. One of the posters requested an e-mail address to send pics to. I’m no computer genius, but my e-mail addy is attached to my profile. I supplied my e-mail addy, and I got an e-mail reply about the blue xx that is identical to a reply to another poster on here about an L999 saying that the guitar is in good working order, still available, good offer will be accepted, and stating that an e-mail addy and shipping address and price is needed to send pics and more information. Well, if you are e-mailing me this response, which is identical to the response you left on here for another poster about another guitar, why are you saying you need my e-mail addy? I smell a scammer! FORUM MODS PLEASE CHECK INTO THIS!!! And folks, please be careful!

    • BTW, the poster who contacted me telling me he had the blue xx with the identical post as the post on here about the l-999 was NOT one of the two posters who stated that they had a blue xx.

      • So you never got pics after sending your email addy? Give me the poster name and I’ll spam it out. We’re not playing that game here.

        As for a blue XX, I have never seen one, but then I had never seen a solid black or a solid white one until a year or two ago. Both are in NZ/Australia and are late production.

  337. I am still after a model ’80 6 string…anyone?

  338. Roger Miller Says:

    If anyone is interested, but Power Mark Bass is on ebay with a BIN or best offer listing. I will take any reasonable offer. Would love to find her a new home. Thanks.

  339. Hi,
    I’m after a Model ’80 6 string…can anyone oblige?
    I amm based in the UK.

  340. MugenJunior Says:

    Daion Mugen Junior 12-string acoustic for sale in Sweden.
    Images available over at the swedish classifieds.

  341. Joshua Aveling Says:

    Hey guys.

    I have a Daion L9 Legacy acoustic guitar for sale. Still with original case. I’m the 2nd owner and have had it for 19 years. Please get in touch for photos. I’m In Melbourne, Australia. Thanks so much!


  342. Roger Miller Says:

    I have a Daion Power Mark XB for sale. It has a little mojo, nothing too terrible. The bridge and pickup poles need a slight cleaning but a beautiful and fully functioning Daion classic overall. Lots of high res pics and details here on talkbass.com where I have 70 positive feedbacks.


    I would love for this to get in the hands of someone who appreciates these so please reach out to me on TB or here if you are interest. Thanks.

  343. Daion bass wanted.black savage with reflective scratch plate.also want power mk 2 as well.contact me if you want to sell.

    • Hi Rudy,

      I’m selling my Power Mark XX-B, it’s not the Savage but it is top of the line. If you’re interested you can email me at the following address and I can send you some photos;
      a-bennett (at) optusnet.com.au


    • Roger Miller Says:

      I have one. See my post below. Interested?

    • Teresa Says:

      Hi Rudy,
      Are you still looking for a black Savage? The one I have has a kind of brushed gold looking scratchplate (now this is lame, but you mean the front of the body with the pickups, etc., right?) It is not perfect, it has a small crack in the body and I do not have the original case. I believe I am the second owner….let me know if you would like pics. Where abouts are you? I am in Canada. My email is teresao2000@yahoo.com


  344. Hello to all Daion-lovers. I’m thinking about making a little show/exhebition about Daions next winter in a gallery in Berlin-Mitte i am looking for support. I have by myself until now 6 Daions (2XX,2HH,1Caribou,1Savage). The Gallery will cost some money, so its just for fun and for the love to the Daions. Who wants to help with Guitars to show, a little payment and/or ideas?
    Arne info@tischeausberlin.de

  345. Brad Diamond Says:

    I am a long time Daion XX Power Bass owner, but am looking to part with it (I traded an 1971 Triumph Spitfire for it back in 1990!). Can you help?

  346. daion power mark xx on ebay italy for sale, very cheap!

  347. WANTED

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a Mark XX-B Bass. No matter if fretted or fretless. Please contact me if you got one for sale or know someone who wants to sell. Thanx.

    • Hi Steph,

      I’m looking to sell my Mark XX-B bass guitar. It’s completely original and in excellent condition. It’s fretted and the colour is wine red. Send me an email and I’ll send you some photos and answer any questions you might have;
      a-bennett (at) optusnet.com.au


    • michael Says:

      Are you still looking? Just read your post, but see that it is a few months old. Please reply. I have a fretless that I would consider selling.

  348. Hi there! I am looking for a Daion BRIDGE in brass for a solid body.
    Also looking for an original Headhunter-CASE. also looking for a MARK XX in natural! Who can help?
    Bregards, Arne

  349. 78 Heritage 6-string. For Sale.
    Original owner 1980. Excellent condition.
    St. Louis, Missouri

    • Dave,

      Did you sell the 78 Heritage? Just thought I woudl check. I only found the link to this stie tonight.



    • Tom McCrory Says:

      Dear Dave,
      I’m interested in buying this guitar – is it still for sale please and how much would you be asking –

      best wishes,


    • Greetings From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada…
      I am inquiring regarding your 78 Daion Heritage 6-string guitar… Do you still have it for sale?
      I look forward to your reply, thank you for your time…
      Kindest Regards;

    • doug lick Says:

      Hi just wondering what you sold your heritage for ? I have the same guitar and I’m thinking about selling it.
      Thanks Doug

  350. Hi to all,
    I’m looking for an L-9, l-99, and a model ’80.
    Does anyone have one for sale?

  351. lokking for a headhunter…..
    maybe deal with mark xx or the 82 6-string or the 82 12-string or daion stratocaster or legacy l-9?

  352. **WANTED**

    Looking for anyone that may have an original bridge for the daion mark xx bass and is willing to sell it. The custom one that the previous owner installed makes this bass unplayable.


  353. I have a Daion L-999 for sale, based in London UK. It’s a 70s model in excellent condition.

    There’s pics here: http://muppet.xen.prgmr.com/daion/

    No case, although I do have a Hiscox case that fits it well which I might be tempted to sell too, if ya really need one.

    Drop me a line: daion <> gtv8.org

  354. Andy Kramek Says:

    Mugen Mark 1 12-String
    Serial Number 80062628
    Mahogany back and sides, Rosewood fingerboard, bridge and headstock with carved Daion logo
    Excellent condition, with case
    For sale, located in NE Ohio, USA. Anyone interested?

    • Sean Bryan Says:

      Hey Andy ..long time but is your Mugen mark 1 12 String still available.I have a 6 String and am desperate for a pair

      regards Sean Bryan Grahamstown South Africa

  355. I am still looking for a Mark xx in green. contact: info@tischeausberlin.de

  356. Daion 81 Caribou for sale

    contact: cesareoselenio@hotmail.com

  357. I am looking for a mark xx in green or a headhunter… anyone?

  358. Hi all,

    I’m looking to sell my Daion Power Mark XX-B bass guitar. It’s “Wine Red”, completely original and in excellent condition. I’m located in Melbourne, Australia – anyone interested can email me at;
    a-bennett (at) optusnet.com.au


    • How much for bass sent to Australia phone0408871599

      • Feel free to send me an email with an offer and if you could include your location with in Australia for calculating shipping. Alan.

    • I might be able to come down on holidays to have look at bass call o40 8871599 if thats ok

    • Hey Allen its been a long time but did you sell the daion bass?

      • alanmotion Says:

        Hi Rudy,

        After I posted this original ad I had a change of heart and decided to keep it. But after long deliberation I have changed my mind again and I’m looking to sell it. It was a hard decision to make – it really is a beautiful instrument.

        Most likely I will put it on eBay as this is probably the safest for all concerned, but if you like you can make me an offer before I do that. My number is 0402 060 922.


      • Hi Rudy,

        I’ve put the XX-B on eBay;



  359. neil trett Says:

    interested in the L 999 aswell is it still for sale?anyone around canada have one ?

  360. neil trett Says:

    i have seen them around,400 to 500 CAD,but they don’t show up that often,and most people don’t know the brand,so you might only get top dollar from a fellow daion collector

  361. Chris Suckle Says:


    I have a Daion YW-20 12 12 String Acoustic. I’ve had it now for 20 years approx. S.N. 9102751 It’s in great condition, appart from 2 small scratched below the bridge. Does anyone know what sort of value should I expect this to hold?

    Kindest regards,


  362. May be interested in a Legacy series acoustic Daion. The L-999 is tops on my list. Contact me at rayeast (at) hotmail (dot) com .

  363. just an update my headhunter Goldtop is on ebay uk item number is 280632177473 £700 starting price can ship worldwide .

  364. Hi Andrew,
    is your L-999 still for sale?

    I live in south England too…sunny Berkshire.
    my email is

  365. hi, out there, have a power mark xx (blue) for sale, tiny scratches, not original case, live in germny, make offer.

  366. Chris Law Says:

    hi all new here – i have a 1982 headhunter Goldtop in great condition, ok it has a few tiny marks – http://www.guitar-list.com/daion/electric-guitars/daion-headhunter-hh-555/82184H
    looking for around 1800 – 2000 UK Pounds
    Locatede – Wiltshire England

  367. I have an ’81 white Savage bass (S/N 10492) for sale or preferably trade for a Savage guitar. It is in excellent condition! An original case, warranty card, original Bill of sale/ hangtags… I am the second owner of this instrument, it’s got a great feel but I’m more of a guitarist. I’m located in the U.S. Offers? Email me: chilly88@gmail.com

    • Hi Chilly,
      Is your savage bass still for sale? I am living in Europe. Could you eventually send it to Europe?


  368. Andrew Perry Says:

    OK, I’m not convinced that I want to sell them but I have GAS for something else …so :
    L-999 Legacy incl original case – VGC – brass fittings intact, no neck issues.
    L-78 Heritage 12 string – slotted head dreadnaught – VGC. all brassware intact
    No issues. non original basic hard case.

    I’m based in southern England. Offers ?

    • Hi Andrew!

      Do you still have your L999 for sale?


      • andres roles Says:


        I am contacting you regarding your wanted advert, How you still interested in buying this item.. I have it still in good working condition and in perfect order. Good price is accepted, if you are interested in buying from me. Let me know your price as well as the your shipping contact address for shipping to your home. I will need your email address so that i can forward you pictures and details. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

        Best Regards
        Andres Roles

        Address..Segovia 22,
        Bajos CP 28005 Madrid, Spain


    • Hi Andrew!

      Is your L999 stil for sale?

      email me at wielund@mail.dk


    • The L-999 still available?
      Please reply.


    • Nick Lewis Says:

      Hi Andrew
      Do you still have the L-78 Heritage 12 string and if so is it still for sale? Any chance of a photograph?

    • Hi everyone, I have decided that my lovely Daions have to go as I just don’t play them anymore – they are – as preciously said – an early ’80s L-999 and a Heritage ’78 12 string – bothin very good condition with no issues. See my youtube vids here :

      and the twelve on:

      my e-mail is andrew at andrewperry dot plus dot com

    • Hello Andrew,

      Love your guitars. I actually owned an L-999 many years ago. Sweet guitar.

      How much are you asking for that one?

      Would you consider a trade for some fine art?

      I’ve done the first poster for the Dixie Chicks and a mural featuring Ted Nugent.

      See my art work at http://www.rayistre.com

      I would be very generous in a trade for the L-999.

      Ray Istre
      Crowley, LA

  369. I have a mugen mk1 FOR SALE serial no.100981 with the carved headstock logo in good condition with original case (the scratchplate is coming unglued but I have not messed with it!) I am in the UK (Cornwall) any offers………

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