Enlightenment And the Numbers (Serial Numbers, that is)

Due to a very limited production run, the musical instruments of the Daion company are rare. The quality and craftsmanship of these instruments is known only to the “ENLIGHTENED,” those few souls fortunate enough to actually own one. Apparently, no actual records of production exist anymore, so speculation as to the exact number of instruments built, or the number of any type made is just that, speculation.

The numbering system seems to be YYXXXX or YXXXX, where the first two digits indicate year of manufacture. If the serial number starts as 82xxxx, year of manufacture would be 1982 ( they were only in business from 1979-1984) and if the serial number is 2xxx, that would also be a 1982 manufacture date. The following numbers would be the unit manufacture number. 821139 would be the 1139th instrument built in 1982. At this point it is not clear if the numbers were by model, by series, by type, or even if they are actually completely consecutive.

I do maintain a serial number database with numbers and owners from around the world. That list includes model, serial number, color, bass or guitar and includes special features (fretless, apparent model changes, hardware changes, etc…), in order to generate a better picture of what the total production was, and when changes took place.

If you send me the serial number, model, color, type (bass or guitar), and any unusual or different features on your instrument, I will add you to the database. I try to answer all emails, but some unfortunately get overlooked or accidentally deleted. If I don’t get back to you in a few days, try again. Be sure to include a reference to Daion in the email title or your email will undoubtedly get deleted as spam.

The serial number list is starting to pay off, as of 9/2010. Thanks to all who have contributed, some patterns are starting to form, especially in the highly populated Mk.XX database! It appears that, at least by 1982, there were sets of 5-10 basses OR guitars built in a similar color and configuration, and sets of 10 or 20 guitars AND basses of like color. As more numbers roll in, we’ll get a clearer picture of how the numbers worked out.

Send Emails to michaelcallahan01@gmail.com

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