First, Latest, Current

OK,  let’s get a little interaction going here. Could be fun.

What was your first Daion, when and where did you buy it?

What is your latest Daion purchase, when and where did you buy it?

How many Daions do you currently have?


47 Responses to “First, Latest, Current”

  1. Rob Baartwijk Says:

    I have a Mugen Mark II(serial # 80080634) that I bought in 1980 I think, the year i was released. I wanted to by a Guild but as an 18-year old I couldn’t afford 10.000 guilders of course…

    I have not heard a better sounding acoustic guitar for under 3.000 dollars. Taylors beat the Daion but not by that much. And real Taylors cost as much as a new car…

    Had it fitted with an excellent piezo transducer for the amplification and I can play in any band at any volume level.

    This guitar has been with me all over the world and it will be with me until the day I die.

  2. My first was a humble red Rockson Strat. Cost something like $170 and then another $40 to get some minor fixes. Of all my guitars it’s the one that gets the most use, on stage and off. Sounds ridiculously good for the cost and plays beautifully.

    Since then I’ve added 2 more strats (one about as good as the first), a very 80s looking performer bass and a 335 copy that appears to be a bit of a rarity in the Daion line-up. Just about to take delivery of a headhunter, which I’m quite excited about. Damn, these things are addictive.

  3. Hi, I’m a Brit, and contracted a rare condition which seized up my joints …for ten years between 1983 and 1993, and so my musical “career” such as it was – just ended. By ’93, I was working and walking again and whilst in town, saw this beautiful guitar in a shop window. I hadn’t played for ten years and had a Martin in the attic, but I was intrigued by this strangely shaped brown guitar. I thought about it for a week and decided to splurge out it and went back to find that the guitar – and the shop had gone!

    It kinda haunted me and prompted me to get the Martin down from its ten year stay in the attic (it was fine) and all this coincided with my twenty year career ending as I took voluntary redundancy.

    My ex-employers offered me six months “outplacement” so I’d go into the “office” every day, and do my job search campaigns. However, I also had free internet and phone called and so after job searching I researched the guitar. I found out what it was – Daion L-999 Legacy, but couldn’t find one anywhere. I phoned a luthier friend of a friend, and asked him if he knew of one. He coughed and spluttered as he had at at that moment opened an envelope containing an 8 x 10 photo of one of his customers posing with his …L-999. He said that as he had just taken ownership of a custom guitar, that he might be selling the Daion and I should phone him.

    When I did, there was a silence before he said “how did you kn ow I was thinking of selling my guitar?” I explained the situation, and I discovered where he lived (a long way away, but curiously close to a town that I had to travel to in a week or so.
    The deal was done. I’ve had it ever since.

    Later a friend of mine told me about someone who wanted to sell a Daion ’78 Heritage 12 string and so I bought that to keep company with the L-999.

    …..and now after all these years – I am seeking to sell them.

    See them both on You-tube – look for “Silly Moustache” .

  4. bought my first Daion at Iron Music in West Vancouver BC my first fulltime paycheque – I still have it wonderful guitar I always get comments on the sound. I picked up an 80 on Craiglist for $100 had a big crack in big bout – fixed it up and it sounds amazing. flipped another 78 and a mark I for 3x what I paid. Had a red savage sort of gave it away to my luthier, he sold it to someone in Germany. Recently found a Headhunter 555 Honeyburst it is amazing I never thought I would ever find one locally. I am now complete.

  5. Hello. I own a Mark X bass since middle 80’s. Cherry red with cream pickups. I have played it regularly until I bought a MM Stingray like 5 years ago. Nowadays I need two basses due to different tunning in some songs. As there’s a great punch difference between both instruments, I’m actually considering a change of pickups. Do you know wich pickups did Daion use for this bass? I wouldn’t like to buy a new ones and later realize they are worse than the originals.
    Thanks a lot for helping.

  6. You might also want to post in the “for sale/wanted” section to get more hits, if you are wanting to sell it.

  7. Hi guys, I’m sitting with my old mans’ Daion Savage Guitar 1983, he passed away in 1999, and the guitar is going to “waist”.. Anyway, serial number 83294E. It’s in mint condition without a scratch and original greenish hardcase. You can check out the pics i’ve posted on my facebook page. Only problem is, i live in Cape Town South Africa, if anyone was interested.. neverless, you can add the serial number to the list. Take Care, Jacques

  8. Hi, I’ve had a Daion Savage #8294F for a couple years now. All the electrical wiring and pickups are original but the paint job has been replaced with the coolest local perth artwork front and back of the the original red undercoat. Its the smoothest gruntiest guitar i own and love it more than any other guitar ive had. I wonder what the “F” stands for tho… i assume 82 is thge year and 94 is the number of that batch… but F? approximate worth if anyone knows what these savages are going for nowadays> ? Thanks Guys.

  9. Hi Guys.

    I’d never heard of the Daion brand before buying my first one in January 2013.

    I was on the lookout out for a natural finish Strat style guitar, not necessarily a Fender, but nothing too junky either. I happened to be also searching for Kinman pickups and came across an add for a Daion Rockson MDL with a set of Kinmans fitted. I’d never heard of Daion, but figured it would be odd to throw an expensive set of pickups in an average guitar.

    After going to look at it and play it, I was blown away by how nicely it appeared to be built, and the neck is just killer, such a great profile, silky smooth and the tinting has gone a lovely yellow’ish colour with age.

    Overall it’s in very good shape and considering the pickups are worth circa $400 Australian, the AU$299 I paid for it (including the hard flight case) seemed like a good price. Some pics of it are here:

    After being so happy with first one, I’ve kept my eyes open for any more for sale, and a few weeks ago another Daion Rockson MDL came up. It was advertised as being a little rough around the edges, and the sound would drop in and out sometimes, but for the asking price of AU$75 and the actual purchase price of AU$60 I figured if the basic unit was as good as the first one with a little work it would be a good thing.

    The neck is equally as nice as the first one, and I’ve currently got it pulled apart to sort out the electrical issues, which at first glimpse appear to be simply a touchy 5-way switch and the ground wire to the spring claw needing re-soldering.

    I’m not really a Black Strat person so I’m thinking of doing a re-finish in either shell pink or surf green. Some pics and info here:

    Needless to say I’m still keeping my eyes open for any more that come up cheap enough, as they do seem to be a very good guitar, and a lot cheaper than the “name brands” which quite frankly are often not that great by comparison.


  10. I still have my first bass – a Daion Performer P-bass with white pickguard, red body and split p-bass pickups. I never considered it a \’good\’ bass, until i tried replacing it – nothing else felt right or played the way I like!
    it\’s heaviest bass i\’ve ever played, but i don\’t know what it\’s made of. it\’s got a very pale fret board. i can have a hunt for a serial number.
    i got it for a 1/4r of pot back in \’94 or so and it was used live from then to about 2000, as well as an \’inhouse\’ bass for guest recording artists when they visit my studio.
    now it\’s getting brought back to battle-readiness, as i\’ve just joined an old-school punk band so she\’s about to get a damn big helping of \’i wanna be your dog\’ and \’ace of spades\’.
    used to run extra-heavy strings (up to a .115) but now i\’ve reset it for flatwound medium .105\’s and it sounds awesome through my Big Muff and Yamaha B100/15 series 1 combo amp (with Celestion Green Neo 15\” speaker).

  11. I bought my first Daion, a Mugen Jr in 1983 from Zenith Music in Claremont Western AUstralia for $149AUS. I sold it to buy a Kasuga solid top Dreadnought. My current Daion is an L9 which I bought in Cash Converters about 20 years ago for $60AUS. I play it every day.

    • I bought my one and only Daion – a Mugen Junior, like bugsy – from Zenith Music too, though in Fremantle WA (in maybe late ’84). I’d never heard of them but loved the look and the sound and got it for $180 or so. The action was perfect from the off. The only problem I’ve had has been a couple of tuners working a bit loose, and a slight warp to the (plastic) scratch plate. It’s been all over the country, in a 1000 share-houses, homeless and in hock in the ’90’s – and thankfully back out again – and in jams and a few gigs. Mick Turner (Dirty Three) played it and said it was a truly fine guitar – especially loved the feel of the neck. It’s leaning against my desk right now with the afternoon sun lighting up that rich cedar top, glowing. Romantic, huh? Good blog btw.

  12. Hi, I just bought an SG copy, beautiful to play. There is no visible serial number, any ideas about the guitar? HAsw a lovely cherry finish, solid neck to body, a little peeling of a little chrome…

  13. When I was 14 I started getting interested in rock music (and girls) and showed some interest in learing to play. My parents took me down to a specialist guitar store and I picked out an entry level Ibanez. Somehow, through a good salesman I suspect, I ended going home with a Fender strat. My guitar teacher was surprised as it was ‘better’ than most of his own guitars. I can’t remember why, but the lessons fell away and the Fender got sold (the interst in girls got too strong I reckon). A few years later I did try to pick it up again but it didn’t go anywhere.
    Fast forward many years and my own kids are at school with a good music program and one of my boys has decided to put his flute away and play guitar. I asked a knowledgable family member to find a decent guitar, not too expensive. Knowing my penchant for Rock and good rock-pose music, he forwarded a link to a Daion Performer Fling V that was for sale. Not having heard of them I started searching but could not find any images, photos oreviews or info apart from sites like this which make passing reference to them. Well, not finding any info apart from how well reviewed many of Daions guitars are, I snapped it up, thinking I may have a bargain on my hands. So here I am, still looking for info. I can send pictures if requested (I have posted a couple on the Daion Guitar Facebook page).
    I guess I have really bought the guitar for myself haven’t I…


  14. Andrew Perry Says:

    My First Daion!

    I started playing guitar in about ’69-’70. Prior to that I had been a drummer.
    I worked my way up to getting a decent Martin by about 1983, but developed a rare muscular complaint which stopped my playing for ten years.
    I was made redundant in 1993, and decided to see if I could play again and I started to relearn to play with some success.
    I saw a dark brown guitar on a shelf on a music shop in my home town, tried it, desired it, but was hesitant as for the first time in my life I was unemployed. I decided to go back to buy it and the shop had closed down. Well when you can’t have something – you tend to want it even more. I commenced a search for this strange rare guitar.

    I phoned around the shops and luthiers that I knew and then one morning called hit pay dirt. I called him in the morning when he was in his shop opening his mail. I asked him – do you know of anyone that has, or may want to sell a Diaon Legacy ? There was a strange noise down the phone as he coughed his coffee over the phone. At that precise moment he had opened an envelope from a client of his with a publicity photo of him posing with ….a Daion Legacy. When he regained his composure he said – well I’ve just built a guitar for this guy. You could phone him .. and gave me his number.

    I phoned the guitarist, and asked him if he had the Daion as I was looking of one. A long silence…then… “how did you know I was selling my guitar?

    I told him how I’d got his name. How did he know I was selling my guitar ? He was suspicious. I explained the situation. Yes we should meet.

    Regrettably we lived a long way apart, but then a walking group of mine decided to organise a walking weekend in his area, and so I got a free ride to East Anglia and managed to buy his great L-999.
    That was 1993. The resurgence of my playing life.
    At present, at least, I still have the guitar although I no longer play it. Shortly after another luthier pal of mine contacted me and told me of another client who had a 12 string 78 heritage – out of my meagre redundantcy pay I bought that too!

    Ol’ Andy

  15. Hi Everyone, a little different story here for all you Daion fans. Back in the mid 90’s, I was in the US Navy, and was doing my duty overseas. I was in a band on my ship, and we would play differnt venues depending on the port we pulled into (mostly for the guys on the ship, but sometimes we would get the locals involved too). The lead guitarist and myself both had guitars with tremelos, so going from place to place it made it hard to keep both in tune. We pulled into a small port in New Zealand for some R and R. We worked out a deal to play a local hotel bar for a couple of nights. I decided to head out into town to take in some local culture. I stumbled across a small music shop and decided to go in. While looking at their VERY limited selection of guitars, I found a Daion Performer SG in vintage cherry (red wine) with a black pick guard, in mint condiiton. It looked cool (the whole Angus Young down under thing) so I decided to try it out. It was an absolutely fantastic peice of equipment. Played smooth, and sounded awesome. The only problem is that they didn’t wax pot the pickups, so on stage at loud volumes I get some feedback. I have never seen another one, and believe me, I’ve looked. I would love to get some pics posted if anyone is interrested.

    • toni Branson Says:

      i also have a Daion SG “angus young replica’ guitar that I bought from a second hand shop in Queensland Australia in 94. It is in good nick, plays well and sounds great. I havent seen any other like it either.

  16. Andrew Perry Says:

    Hi Folks, just foud my sub mail so thought I’d make an entry.
    I have three Daions – an acoustic L-999 Legacy incl.original case, and a 12 string – L78 Heritage – slotted head 14 fret drad body. Both are in excellent condition, but I confesews have been wall hanfgers for some time. This has prompted me to look at them carefully and the necks are fine and payable – I keep them strung up with Elixirs, but not under tension.

    I also have a fretless bass “Power” Mk X-B – but I suspect it has non original tail piece and pickup. Plays well though !

    I’m in the UK, and sometimes I think about selling them, and sometimes I think about finding an ’82. jumbo with reverse sunburst – but I don’t really have room for collectors items.
    Anyway – I’ve shown my face as it were – so happy new year Daion folks,

  17. My father just gave my son his Daion 71 Heritage serial no 106906.I always thought it sounded great when he first bought it but was skeptical because it didn’t say Gibson or Martin or Taylor on the head stock.Somehow the tone of this instrument won me over.Bright,clear and full are the best adjectives I can muster since I am not a guitar player.(I am a drummer).After all these years I am proud that my son has taken possession of this instrument and glad it has been given a new life.

  18. As cool and rare as it is, I’m considering selling it- I’m not much of a bass player, more drums and guitar. Would also trade for a Savage guitar if anyone is interested?

  19. I have a white Savage bass that I picked up at a yard sale! The wife and I went to a mobile home park that a bunch of the residents put on a park wide sale, looking for toys/ clothes for the kids. One of the carport ‘yards’ had some misc junk, and this odd shaped bass I’d never heard of in it’s original case. Since we were looking for smaller items, didn’t have enough cash on hand to pick it up 😦 Never heard of Daion, but it was a cool looking instrument. After we went home I looked it up on the web and found out what I had passed up!! Damn! I went back the next day and knocked on the trailer door…. They still had it so I snatched it up! It was like a time capsule in the case- original bill of sale, hang tags, warrantee card, sweet! Looks like it was bought with the intention to learn to play, got a little action, then sat in the closet for 25 years!

  20. Eric Michener Says:

    I have a Power Mark XX fretless bass natural finish that is one of those players not a show bass. After all as beautiful as they are to look at, they’re strength is playability and sound. It has a groove in the face from picking, yes I know. Sweat on the back of them where the strings go through seem to cause the wood to swell a bit also. I was going to sand, refinish, and seal it but I decided to leave it alone. If anyone is interested in buying it contact me at I’m in Texas, DFW area. Asking $450 (no case).

  21. Dave Mishalanie Says:

    I own 2 Savage basses: one yellow fretted, one blue fretless (no fret lines). They are both in great condition; I do not have the original cases. The yellow base ((#10116) has a few nicks, plays great, although the neck pickup cuts out once in a while (short maybe). The blue fretless (#10740) is almost mint, pickguard shows minor wear/fading. I picked up the yellow one from Bruce Diamond (NY). I picked up the blue one from the fiji website (Canada). Both are right handed, now strung lefty. I’d love to get my hands on a left handed Savage, have never seen one. I’d be willing to trade one of my beauties.


  22. Gavion Dixon Says:

    I bought a Heritage ’78 second hand from a guitar shop at the end of the road. Always loved the sound – so clean and crisp. Does anyone know where I can get brass bridge from?

  23. ive got a powwerbass mk2 awesome.used to have a great black savage but the celibate rifles nagged me for 18 months to buy a yank bass.unfortunately i yielded to their narrow minds

  24. I bought my first Daion in 1982. It was “The ’81 Caribou’, blonde and gorgeous. I had to sell her in 2003 to actually feed my family. In 2007 I bought an identical 81 blonde caribou #113233, then I bought my wife an 81 Blonde Caribou #830714, then I bought an 81 wine red 12 string Caribou #829536…I was on a roll. Then I bought the lady of the house…my 81 Blonde Power Mark XX #812576, what a sweet ride! I would just love an 81 Gazelle to complete my collection. I’m in northeast Ohio.

  25. I Start Playing Guitar 1981 but it worst.
    Then i see this wonderfull Guitar in a shop in Osnabrueck
    no money in my pocket but i know my got old friend Frank
    and he talk to the Owner and in minutes i got a credit an i
    got an Mark XX a case and a belt and strings and tips and really a big bunch of stress
    from my loving fiancee ohoh (no money, no chance, no mercy, u have to go to work etc.)
    But 🙂 the Girl is gone, and the Daion gives so many good Times to me
    i never regret.
    It never forsake me Live/Studio/Session the best Guitar ever
    and in the end i learn a bit Guitar Playing hihihi
    Just a look on the nice Daion body wooow and i have to Play it.

    i Luv my Daions (^_^) grin

    Greatzzzz to all mcburned

  26. I have just managed to get my hands on a Yellow Daion Savage #10595. in Fiji of all places! The electronics is all cut and messed up. It was lying around for years until my boss handed it to me. Didn’t know what it was so did some research. Can’t wait to get wiring working. Any help/tips appreciated.

  27. BAZ, not sure if you can post pics in a comment. You might can put your pics on a sharing service like photoucket and link to them.

  28. Oh, I am not a total purist, about mods. It just depends on what kind of condition teh guitar is in,and more importantly, the price. A bass with swapped pickups, aftermarket bridge, and the owner’s initials carved into the surface with a kitchen knife might still be a great player. No way I’m paying $800 for it, though, lol. More like $150.

    That’s my Caribou. There’s a pick worn spot on the top that goes almost all the way though. The top has a finish crack the entire length of the body. The finish has dings and chips all over. Great $250 acoustic, though.

    A beat up Daion is just a great way to get a cheap deal on a fine instrument. Still plays the same.

  29. Hi there,

    More than happy to have a Power X and XX basses, and a Power X guitar. The three are and will remain stock. But when you have a chance to come across a Daion, don’t be that dogmatic…

    18 months ago, I missed a Power XX guitar. Well. The guy was moving overseas, and decided to find a new owner for some of his impressive gear. Old ibanez 175 copy and a musician series one, another archtop, and the Mark XX were the ones I was interested in (over the phone. As soon as I saw the XX, the other ones became just… ordinary guitars). Unfortunately, a Roland midi set had been mounted on the guitar, with the sensor screwed (!) into a two millimeters deep groove rapidly carved into the table (!!!)… Horrible (and avoidable) mistake, but it was done. The guitar had been played a lot, had a few marks, etc, but when I tried her I knew she was still a good one…

    As a stupid purist, and mainly because of this alteration on the table, I didn’t buy her. The guy also asked a lot for her, which made me even more rigid about the luthery sacrilege, etc.

    I now bitterly regret I didn’t grab her, despite the modification. I just didn’t understand, then, the inherent quality bound to these guitars. That piece of wood chopped off the table, as horrible it is, didn’t alter the consistency, balance, and overall rightness of this guitar, not to mention its quasi organic beauty. When I realised that, two days later, the guy was gone…

    Next time, I won’t discuss that much. I’ll just think guitar!

  30. Baz Walker Says:


    I have owned a Heritage 78 and a Heritage 80 since new.
    They are the two finest acoustic guitars I have ever played bar none.

    How do I post a picture of each on the site ???



  31. I’ll take a few photos for you later this week. Great site!!!

  32. You sent me info on this bas while back, but I managed to lose the email, which was driving me crazy. This one goes on the rare page, for sure.

  33. I own a very special bass. It is a Power Mark X B. It has a 2 piece Ash body with a single split PBass pick-up and has a cherry translucent finish. I purchased it from a guy who used to be a sales-rep for Daion. The story goes that this bass was loaned to Jack Bruce right before Jack endorsed Aria Basses. Jack did not like the 35″ scale of this bass. I’ve owned it for the last 23 years and play it almost every day.


  34. Chris Gauntt Says:

    I also need to make a correction on my first post. The caribou I have listed is actually a Gazelle. I noticed this when looking for the serial number on the inside of the guitar. It has a little wooden strip that says ” ’81 Gazelle” right inside the sound hole. Sorry for the confusion.

  35. Thanks for the post Chris! If you indeed got that guitar in 1983, that’s gonna throw a wrench in the works for the serial numbers, as it has always been assumed that the first digits represented year of production. Perhaps, they switched numbers earlier in the year, so that the serial would be correct by the time they got out of the factory? This is certainly common with auto manufacturing (I have a 1972 Cherolet truck that was built in November of 1971). Being as your grandfather worked for MCI, he might have gotten one a bit before they normally would have hit the street. Just an idea.

    Being a player myself, I don’t consider the pickup swap sacrilege, especially if the original pickups are kept intact and with the guitar. The Daion electronics were, to me the weak point of the design. For all the careful handcrafting and features of the Daions, they sure cheaped out on electronics. It’s bad enough on the relatively low end Savages, but the electronics on the Savages are the same ones used in the Mk.XXs. You’d think they would have jumped on the active electronic bandwagon, but that might have pushed the already high price of the upper end lines completely out of the market. Modern electronics sure make them a far better instrument for playing.

    • Chris Gauntt Says:

      It could have been in 1984, as my memory is not crystal clear that far back. I would think after learning the serial number system that it probably was 1984. I think your serial number information is probably correct.

  36. Alright, I’ll start us off, here.

    I was a regular in the little guitar shop called Music Alley back about 1981. I had a junky little Jap import short scale Jazz bass copy… kind of, except it wasn’t even a good copy. I was ready to upgrade and was checking out the Yamaha and G&L basses. The Yamaha’s were nice, but didn’t flip my switch. The G&L was nice, but I really wanted one of those Rickenbacker 4001s because of that tone.

    I walked in one day and this odd looking black bass with a gold metallic pickguard caught my eye. I picked it up more out of curiosity than anything. Immediately noticed how nice the paint was, looked a foot thick. Played it and it felt REALLY good. Plugged it in and I was sold. It had more of the Rickenbacker tone, so it was exactly what I wanted. It was more money than I really had, and more than I wanted to spend, but I went ahead and put it on layaway. I was making a few bucks as a full service fuel pump attendant. A few months later, in early 1982, I bailed out my black Daion Savage Bass, #82304B. Sadly, it was stolen ten years later.

    My latest Daion is a somewhat beat up Caribou I bought through an email contact. I had wanted one since I bought my Savage in 1982, but they were far too expensive back then. I had a couple fo cheap acoustics, but gave them to neices and nephews over the last few years, hoping to inspire.

    I tell people that I am a bass player and a guitar owner. I could not justify spending a bundle of money on a really nice and expensive acoustic guitar. I wanted a cheap acoustic, so when the chance opened up to get a slightly beat up Caribou for the same price as a cheap new acoustic, I jumped. I am the current owner of Wine Red Caribou #113109.

    All total, I own four Daions at the moment. I have a Wine Red Mk.XX bass (out on loan to a friend), a Black Mk.XX bass, a Tan factory fretless Mk.XX bass, and the Wine Red Caribou.

    • Chris Gauntt Says:

      Hello! I have owned at least one Daion since 1983. My first one was a gift from my grandfather, who just happened to work for MCI in Waco, Texas. They were the distributor for Daions in the U.S.. It was a black Savage six string electric with serial# 84039. I still have that Savage, and it is the guitar that I play the most on stage and in studio. I have unfortunately removed the stock pick-ups and replaced them with EMG’s, but the rest of the guitar remains original. I also currently have a six string blonde ’81 Caribou with serial# 100566. The Caribou sounds great and it is the acoustic that I play on stage when an acoustic is called for.
      I think that my grandfather still has a few of the Daions at his house, but I don’t know which ones. I know that he owned one of the jumbo acoustics in the wine color, and a twelve string Caribou just like the one that I have. I will check the next time I am there. I love these guitars!!

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