Former Daion Dealers

If you know the name of a music store that was an official Daion dealer, please post here. Please state if you know whether they are still in business, as well.

Only one I know for sure was Music Alley in Birmingham, AL.  They are still in business.

I remember visiting a music store in Little Rock, AR around 1984 that was a dealer, but cannot remember the name.


19 Responses to “Former Daion Dealers”

  1. Dianne (Meyers) Reding Says:

    I was a manager for H&H Music in Houston, TX from 1974 to 1982 and we proudly sold the Daion acoustics when they came out. Unfortunately, H&H was sold in 1984 and the rest is history. Good memories there with the likes of George “Red” Novak, I.J. Gosey, Herb Busby, Kenny & Greta Kirkland, Jim Newsome, Mark Condit, Dick Jones, Martin Lockard and the list goes on and on. I fell in love with this line and got one years later second hand.

  2. Mark Ehringer Says:

    If I am not mistaken they were imported into the United states by MCI inc Waco Tx. the same guy who owned the company invented the Guitorgan.There main distributor here in central Texas was Hennigs heart of Texas music and the only store that has not closed is the store in Austin Tx. and I believe Stevie Ray Vaughn frequented that store.

    • Yes, Bob Murrell was the head guy at Daion, but MCI was actually owned by another guy, Burr (first name escapes me at the moment). There were two sides of MCI, the musical instrument side (MusiConics, Inc) and the medical ultrasound imaging side (MediConics, Inc). Basically, when the Daions didn’t take off in a few years, Burr got tired of pouring out money and bailed.

  3. I bought mine from Hewgley’s Music Store in Knoxville, TN in 1983 and they had a pretty full line. That company still is in business but only in Franklin, TN according to their website.

  4. Stephen Louis Says:

    Zenith Music in Fremantle, West Australia, circa 1985 (the year I bought my Mugen Junior)

  5. lee fabris Says:

    Hi CMI MUSIC distributed them in AUSTRALIA in the 1990s


  6. Mike Riley Says:

    Bought my acoustic Daion Mark iv in 1983 at Remenai House of Music in Toronro Ontario Canada on Bloor St. W., they are still in business; back then they sold only Daion guitars, and pianos. Now they just sell pianos, and are still in business. Regards, Mike

  7. Ross Taggart Says:

    Bought My L-99 ‘AY092′ Ser# 103554’ at Mothers Music in Edmonton Alberta Canada 1982 Drove through a snow storm to get it and I still have it 🙂

    I recently found a year series guitar at The Acoustic Music shop here as well ‘AY02B’ Ser# 821177D

  8. Tor-Gustav Pettersen Says:

    Bought my YW-50 at Ace Music centre in Miami in 1982, but it’s no more 🙂

  9. Victoria Music in Southend-on-sea, Essex, UK. Sadly, no longer there and dwas such a good store.

  10. Thanks Ray, following up on that!

  11. I traded a Takamine Jumbo Guild Copy with Bob for the L-999 I had. He was a nice guy who would have answered all your questions. Kenny Frazer is someone who knew him well. You might get some answers from some of the faculty at the McLennan Community College dept. of commercial music.

  12. Ray, from what I gather talking to some former employees, Bob Murrell WAS Daion, at least the original designs. He was the one who put the designer and the factory together and then marketed the original Daion designs, at least as I understand it. Sad he is gone, I have about a million questions he could answer and eliminate a lot of speculation and debate.

  13. Bob Murrell, in Waco, TX was an importer/dealer for a while. He died in the 80’s, but was instrumental in developing the midi system and sold musical equipment and a few instruments.

    I might be interested in a Legacy series guitar, L-999 or other, if anyone wants to sell (email me at rayeast (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  14. Ray Hennig’s Music sold me my Daion in Waco, Texas…home of MCI. Ray also has stores in Temple and Austin, Texas though the Waco outlet is sadly history. I’ve got an old Guitar Player magazine that lists a few “authorized dealers”, need to go dig that up and I’ll post a few more…

  15. Buckdancer’s Choice in Portland, Maine. Just checked the web and they are still around. Got my Mark I there in 1982. It was a joy to play then. Moreso now 29 years later!

  16. Sam Gibbs Music in Wichita Falls, Texas, sold me my Daion in 1982. I think it’s still in business, though maybe more of a high school band instrumental rental place now.

  17. The Music Shop – Oak Park Avenue in Tinley Park, Illinois – still in business

    sold guitars and basses that were distributed through Harris Teller music wholesalers

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