Super Rare Daions

Got this in an email today, very possibly a prototype Daion Mk.XX! Note the squared off body, no fretboard, rosewood knobs, and even rosewood pickup rings. Brass fret marker dots are in the rosewood neck laminations. The pickup coils are split by pulling out the vol knobs! Bought at a guitar show in the late 80s in Dallas TX, currently living in NW Alabama. Serial number 792716.

Then we have a similar squared and bound Mk.X…

The goldtop H-555 Headhunter, formerly owned by Bruce Diamond…

Left hand Headhunter

Michael Bechmann’s odd single coil Savage with tremelo bridge!

If you run across a Daion that is really odd and/or rare, please send me an email


20 Responses to “Super Rare Daions”

  1. I have the same guitar in the top 3 pics… never realized the coil taps work by pulling volume knobs til I read that! Thanks!

  2. Moved to Daion Performer section…

  3. david clay Says:

    ive got a daion yd 35.think its a copy of the martin d 45.thats got the daion name on the head stock rather than the fork.its made by yamaki daion.solid eir back and sides and solid spruce top.sound amazing and plays great.defo the best 1 in my collection.also got 2 daion savages,1 wiyh the humbuckers with coil tap and the other 1 has the single coils.both are superb.

    • Bill Panzer Says:

      I recently found one of these on craigslist! I had to clean a super glue smudge off the front. Also, when I got it the high E was fretting out while the low E had way high action. I put a new Tusq nut on and sanded it to really nice action across the board. Great sounding guitar. Mine looks almost brand new. I can’t believe I got this for only $300!

  4. david clay Says:

    hi,just picked up a daion savage with the single coil pickups and term system.havent recieved it yet but will check out if theres any serial mumbers on it.anyone have any idea where and when this model was made?

  5. bobbystahr Says:

    I have a Power Mark X 791543 that they will pry from my cold dead hands only…well sometimes I play my 1959 Supro…but onlyfor blues….Mark X fills the bill admirably forallelse

  6. Vendo Daion HEadhunter 555 honeyburst

  7. Hola quieres una honeyburst?

  8. Is the goldtop HH still for sale? Let me know. Thanks.

    • Sorry, sold it years ago. IF I had known it was a ‘custom order’ I sure would have asked a LOT more for it. I’ve yet to see another one. but there’s GOT to be at least a few others out there. Happy hunting!! Diamond Strings

  9. Chris Law Says:

    i have a headhunter goldtop identicle the third one down!
    so now i only know of 2 goldtop headhunters and mine is up for sale .

  10. Hi! I have a model like the first up the list but in black!!! I am really knocked because I know my guitar is a DAION just a few minutes ago!! The mine is from 80′ years, (the serial number starts 80..)maybe was the same model than the one in the pictures. It’s really the same!

  11. The inlay logo is common to a lot of the acoustics. Have not seen a solid headstock on a 12 so far, but I know very little about the acoustics (I am a bass player, but only a guitar owner).

  12. Neil Trett Says:

    the head on my 80/12 doesn’t have brass,and the head is not slotted,like others i have also has a small inlayed logo on the base of the heel.

  13. Sometime in 1984, they switched over to the name logo, in place of brass inlaid lyre. Probably a move to lower costs. Decal is a lot cheaper and less labor intensive than an inlay. Check the serial number list to see on what number the Lyre disappears.

  14. Ted Benedict Says:

    Has anyone ever seen a Daion with a different headstock design than the ‘tuning fork’ symbol? I have an 84 Mark XX 6 string, all original inc. case with the word ‘Daion’, in their fancy font like on the case, set into the headstock instead of the symbol. How rare is that?

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