555 Headhunter Serial List?

Since I am doing all the others, might as well include these…

To be on the serial list, I need model (Headhunter, just so I know which list to put it on), color (tobacco, sunburst, goldtop, etc…), serial number, your location, and any odd features (left hand or anything similarly significant). Send info to michaelcallahan01@gmail.com

Please post comments about other models on appropriate category pages. I cannot move posts to other pages, so unrelated posts will be removed or not approved.

Michael Bechmann has generously compiled and created a new list for us that can be found at the “Updated Serial Number List” link in the blogroll on the right side. This list will no longer be updated, so if you don’t see your instrument listed here and have sent your number to us, check that list. If you don’t see your instrument on the updated list, then please email me!


82237H  Honeyburst  (IL,USA)



28 Responses to “555 Headhunter Serial List?”

  1. drunkenafficianado Says:

    Not a big deal, as a point of information: June 29, 2016 statement by daionsonline says “You have obviously never seen a Headhunter in person. They are most certainly neck through.” In fact, the Headhunter 555 is a glue-in neck to the centerblock which resides inside the hollowbody. It is one the details that give it sustain along with the bent head stock and brass bridge and nut. But the neck is not “neck through” body, it is most definitely glued into the centerblock and has been on each of my 3 Headhunters. Thanks.

    • I was wondering when someone would agree that the Headhunter neck is set in, not neck thru, as DOL stated.

  2. Does anyone know of any sound files or video Youtube type reviews of a Headhunter 555? Been looking and can not find a single item of this guitar in action online. Thanks.

  3. The early Washburn HB35s from 1981-83 are very similar to Headhunter 555s. Some say the serial numbers Yamaki was using go sequentially from Headhunters to HB35s integrating them as they went along in sequence.

    • Well, HB35s may well have been Yamaki builds early on, but they are only similar in the fact they are hollow body guitars. Most HB35s have set necks, have tailpieces with a Gibson type bridge and have no rear cutaway. HH555s are neck through guitars (only hollowbody I know of with that feature), string through with totally different bridge, the cutaway and a couple of other unique features.

    • The 1981-1983 Washburn HB35 have several similarities to the Headhunters.
      They are string thru, with Daion style tone-lock bridges.
      They are both hollow body, with sustain blocks.
      They are set neck, as are the Headhunters (not neck thru).
      They are both double bound, and the extremely rare HB35 DL binding is 7 ply, like the Headhunter.
      The DL also has 3 screw humbucker pickups, like the Headhunter.
      They HB has coil split V pots, and the HH has coil split switches.
      I have owned 3 Headhunters (and 3 Mark XX), and 3 string thru HB35s. I presently have an 81 HB35 (s# 811421) and an 82 HB35DL (s# on headstock 821188, on label 821198).
      I also had an 83, s# 832835.
      I have found the HB35 construction, the feel, and the sound to be very similar to the Headhunters, and believe they are likely to be Yamaki built.

      • You have obviously never seen a Headhunter in person. They are most certainly neck through. A friend has had one for about twelve years now. I do not doubt the HBs are Yamaki made, but they are a 335 copy… a good one, probably better than a Gibson.

      • The 1981-1985 Washburn HB-35s all are string through, and not Gibson-style tails. This is a fact. I own several of them. The pickups are the exact same that the Headhunter 555 uses. The bridge is also the exact SAME as the Headhunter 555. Yamaki made the Washburn Wing series high end guitars. They also made the early HB-35s. Look at photos of them side from Google images. Both guitars are very very similar, right down to the clear coat which Yamaki used Both outstanding guitars from an underrated Japanese factory.

      • Typo, I meant to say 1981-1984. There were no HB-35s made in 1985. It was out of the catalog until 88.

  4. I picked up a mid 80s mij strat no serial number on headstock
    Fender tremolo big and nasty bridge look

  5. I have a Headhunter 555, serial 83011H in Honeyburst (in Sweden). I got it from my girlfriend’s grandfather when he passed away. I’m sad to say I don’t even know how it sounds, as I’m still working on polishing all the metal parts and cleaning and restoring the rest. It’s been used quite a bit the 30 years the old man had it.

  6. I have a Daion 555 HEADHUNTER (8,5 + out of 10)
    83064H Brown with original case (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Bought it -96 for like $250. Glad i kept it 🙂

  7. 82220H Deep Burgundy. Excellent shape and all original except case. I’ve had the guitar for about a year. Works and sounds great – I play it nearly every day. Located in Virginia Beach, VA, USA

  8. 83026H
    Tobacco sunburst, all original, near mint with OHSC.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
    Also have:
    2 Mark XX’s
    and uber rare Westbury TN2000

  9. I have a Daion Headhunter 555 made in Japan 1983, bought used in 1992, S/N 83046H, it is all original, Tobacco Sunbust color, it never had problems and still plays very well. My location is Pistoia/Italy

  10. i have a Daion Headhunter 555, which looks to me is an 1983 mod. serial nr. 83019

  11. got a headhunter 555 in tobacco sunburst. serial number is:
    82363D and another headhunter 555 in deep burgundy with serial number 83031; both mint, both original, except these ugly poti knobs, which i have replaced. also original cases. location is nuremberg/germany.

  12. conrad burnett Says:

    I am the original owner of a 1982 Daion Headhunter 555 and the serial number is : 82108h

  13. A friend of mine has me setting up his Headhunter 555 and the serial number is 88,177H

    Is this possible? A 1988 Daion??

  14. I bought my Headhunter 555 honeyburst in 1987 or so and I am the second owner. The serial number label was not in my guitar either. Mine has the label on the outside of the OHSC. Unfortunately a portion of the label was scraped off. All that is left of the Serial number is the first part 8259. The label shows 555 and the serial number on the second line.

  15. Serial # location confirmed on Russell’s brown 555 Headhunter. The serial is in the upper right hand corner of the label, inside the F-hole. It’s possible that there is a stamped serial somewhere inside the body, as well, but the one on the label is certain.

  16. Jesper, I’ll double check, but pretty sure my friend’s 555 has the sticker in the F hole with the serial. On the Caribou/Gazelles, the serial is printed on the butt end of the neck, up inside the body. You have to use a flashlight and get the angle just right to read it. I’ll check Russell’s Sunday night, if we play.

    As for the case serials… good luck, lol. I don’t think I have seen more than a couple of Daions with the number tag still on the case (I have one), but even rarer is to find the case with a serial number tag that matches the guitar (mine does not). Remember, when Daion went under, the dealers DUMPED them. They just slapped whatever guitar in whatever case fit and shot it out the door. Same with the warranty cards… the warranty was null and void, as the company no longer existed. I have one warranty card, but it’s not for any of my guitars. They didn’t bother matching numbers up, best I can tell.

  17. On the topic of serials for the HHs.
    Mainly most highend Daions had a sticker at the bottom of the OHSC where both model and serial was indicated.
    Of course this is often lost over time,and for most of the Daions it doesn´t do all that much as the serial can be found at the back of the headstock.
    Not so with the Headhunter.

    I´ve only seen a few this far,my own included,and have yet to see a Headhunter with its serial indicated anywhere on the guitar.
    My own lacks it too,but the sticker is still on at the absolute bottom of the case so i guess in my case it´s all good.
    Conclusion MIGHT be that the Headhunters for some reason never got attributed with a serial on the actual guitar?
    Other highend jap semis i own indeed has a sticker inside the body-read F-hole.
    Never with the serial though.Model only.

  18. Chrsitian Morel Says:

    I live in in Geneva, Switzerland, and I own a Daion HeadHunter 555 serial #8218H.
    This guitar was bought in 1982 by its previous (and first) owner, and I got it this year.
    Best regards.

  19. Craig Wilson Says:

    Just listed a Headhunter 555 in burgandy on ebay. It is the first guitar made in 1982 by Daion. Serial number 8201C (or G). Hope you’ll bid!

  20. Eric Ward Says:

    Daion HeadHunter
    Deep Burgandy. This Guitar is very near mint and is with it’s OHSC! I absolutely love it. I play “Bobby” in a Grateful Dead cover band, and this guitar finally gives me the ability to reproduce (severe limitations only as a result of my playing inadequacies) the ridiculous sweet sounds that Bobby miraculously created and contributed in the 70 while playing his 335. it will also crank out any mood that I am in with ridiculous tonal flexibility and crazy dynamics. I’ll get you a picture of my all my babies as soon as I can.

  21. Not being an owner of a 555, I’m not real sure. Sounds like the label fell off at some point in the past. I’d grab a flashlight and search around in the corners of the body to see if the label is still in there.

  22. Richard Shatz Says:

    Hi, I’m the guy that registered the Headhunter listed above.
    A friend of mine has one of these but we can’t find a s/n anywhere.
    There is no label in the body cavity. Any place else it could be?

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