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Having taken on the duties of collecting serial numbers for all models now, I am getting some questions I do not have enough knowledge to answer. Any questions emailed to me will be directed here, in hopes that somebody out there might have helpful information.


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  1. rajanspolia Says:

    I’ve just purchased a Daion Headhunter, and desperately need a wiring schematic, as it has a fault, and I need to try a fix it.
    Can anyone help?

  2. Hi I have a Daion Mugen Mark 1 no 829525 D 6 string in otiginal case in mint condition. Lessons started but never pursued. Could you let me know if any musos interested in buying it.

  3. Gerhard Harmse Says:

    Hi All,

    I own a Daion Mugen Mark 1 12 string acoustic guitar with serial number 831918. If you can help I need the year model and estimated value of the unit. It is still in mint condition.


  4. I picked up an Anea guitar recently at a goodwill. It has the shape of a Flying V with the same headstock. Do you have any info on it

    • We are not exactly sure what Anea had to do with Daion, if anything. It is looking like they were a salvage builder that took leftover parts from various factories and finished them out at bargain basement prices.

  5. Tony ross Says:

    Hello just wondering if you would be able to give me some information on my guitar? I’m just curious what it’s worth, it’s very sweet sounding.
    DAION 821846 DC200

    • mbechmann Says:

      The DC200 is a classical instrument. They are not in high demand so that hurts the value. They are difficult to price. Condition is also a big issue. Also where it is in the world, and if it has an original case.

      They are rare. I only know of 3 in total – 1 earlier than yours (1982) and 1 from 1983. I have seen others but dont know the model or the serial number so I cant date those.

      That being said, I have seen prices vary a LOT on them. They have sold from 160$-480$ but this is over a timespan of 8 years.

      I hope that helps. 🙂

  6. Hello,
    I have a black acoustic Daion with the model number DB300BK.
    I was just wondering if I could get any information on it?
    Thank you 🙂

    • I’m sure Michael Bechmann will chime in soon as he sees this, but I think it is a later Korean model.

    • mbechmann Says:

      Hi Matt
      It is indeed a a Korean model. Unfortunately the quality is not up to the standard of the Japanese models. They usually go for around 100-150$ in good condition.

      • Thank you 🙂
        I’m not looking to sell it because it holds too much sentimental value and was my first guitar! Thank you very much again 🙂

  7. Hi, I’ve just come across a blonde Mark XX Bass in very good condition but with active pickups. Surely these basses originally came with passive pu:s?

    • The original pickups were passive. They have been swapped.

    • Mr Bassman Says:

      A lot of people confuse active and passive pickups. Generally unless the pickup is an EMG or similar and actually needs a battery to function, then it is passive. However, if the pickups have a pre amp which needs a battery then it is most likely a passive pickup with active electronics. But… you can have active pickups with an active preamp… In your case, unless a battery was installed, the pickups would be passive in both cases. A bit tricky to explain.

      • Maybe best way to say it is, look in the pickup cavity. Trace the wires from the pickups themselves. If there are three wires, black, white and red, it is active pickups (red goes to positive battery terminal). If there are two wires coming out of the pickup, they are passive.

  8. Paul Williams Says:

    Hi All,

    I I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with a guitar that was left to me. I actually do play and have a small collection of acoustics including Taylor’s , Washburns etc however this guitar was bought for my mother by my dada before she passed away and I was there when it was purchased in Sydney around 1994.

    So now it’s over 30 yrs old but still in perfect condition as its been hard cases the whole time when my mum wasn’t playing , it’s a semi acoustic with a pick up , I notice it has quality grover tuning pegs and the top looks like possibly a spruce top ( who knows hard to say) the timber grained back and sides are very nicely grained with a stringer detail on the back of the guitar.

    I don’t know if the back and sides are Lamy or solid though I assume Lammy with the price point these guitars sold for at the time .

    I see. To remember my dad paying around $400 new for it.

    Anyway any help of information would be appreciated if any one knows anything about this guitar as I’m just curious to the quality , I’ve had it services and restrung over time as I do play it. The action is quite high down the neck other than that it plays and sounds real nice with a set of Elixers.

    Any help appreciated thanks in advance.

    • Without a picture, model number, or some identifying features, it is imposssible to know what guitar this is. Look at the 1982 catalog on this site and see if it resembles any of those models. If not, then it will be a later, probably Korean model.

      • mbechmann Says:

        If its a Daion and it was bought new in 94 it means its either Korean and possible even Chinese. Daion in Japan closed in 83/84. In both cases its not worth much. But if it was bought second hand in 94 its another story. Than it may be from Japan

  9. Original owner of Daion Mugen Mark I dreadnought, serial #102623. Sound is still full and rich, holding it’s tonal peak. Brass wound strings bring out the best sound; I’ve been using Elixir strings.

  10. I was given a Daion Acoustic gutiar.
    Model number DMK-2 made in korea
    Does anyone know anything about this guitar – what its worth?
    There is nothing I can find on the internet.

    • mbechmann Says:

      The Korean guitars re not worth a lot. They are nowhere near the quality of the Japanese build. The Korean ones mostly go for around 100-125$.

  11. Hey there, need some help please. I found a Daion acoustic guitar in a storage unit I bought. I was wanting to find some more info out about it. Searching the Internet hasn’t helped me find much on it. Inside the numbers are DC-200 and 82603 C. Any info y’all could give me would be great. Thanks!

    • mbechmann Says:

      Thats a rare one you found there, Karel. Its only the second DC-200 classic I have heard of. Daion was made from 78-84 and are very good instruments. The guitar itself is from 1982.
      We are still trying to figure out more about Daion in general. The best way to figure things out is to go to our Facebook Group and post a few pictures of it.


  12. steve truman Says:

    I have just bought a daion solid body electric that looks like a savage with a third pickup added. Serial no. is 83046E. It’s trashed and needs total restoration so I’d be grateful for any comments, info especially on the original finish & pickup setup. It appears to be the same body as the guitar pictured at http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8OhTjW11748/Udu6GBfSx5I/AAAAAAAAA1g/U7mUvswUqZI/s1600/RARE+Daion+Savage,+made+in+1981+in+Japan+274513932.jpg but it’s been horribly hand painted, and as I said, it has a third pickup in the middle

  13. Hello
    I have an 81 Caribou (not for sale), s/n 29707. Is there any way of tracking down its history?
    Also, what are the best strings to put on it?


  14. Robert Heide Says:

    Have a Daion Bass Guitar emerald green in color Power Mark XX-B. s/n 813988.
    Was just curious what the value might be….not really thinking of selling, at least not yet.

    • Robert, I am trying to post on Daions for sale, I can reply but I do not see any link to start a post, I am probably missing the obvious, can you help. P.S. I have seen the Power Mark in green, it’s gorgeus

  15. Hi
    Just purchased a Mugen junior
    How do I tell what year it is
    I cant find anything about it?

  16. Rich Bolch Says:

    Hi there,

    New to the site. Recently purchased an acoustic Daion for £8 from the Internet, I really love it.

    It has a model number inside of YW 30 and 140101.

    Wondered if somebody could tell me more about it. Maybe value and a bit of history about this model, I’ve read the history pages. Guitar sounds lovely.

    Many thanks!


  17. Lavinia D'Amico Says:

    Hello yall 🙂 my brother left me a Daion power mark xx with the serial number 801681 couldnt find any informations about the model or the price on the internet. Maybe you guys can help me out and tell me something about it, just write me your mail here and i will send a pic of it. Thanks alot 🙂

    • Bill Panzer Says:

      Do yo still have the Daion Power Mark XX? If you’re still looking for info, or might be looking to sell, get back to me.

      • Can you tell me what the two mini toggle switches do?

      • If you have the original pickups or replacement pickups with coil taps, they convert the humbuckers to dual single coil pickups. Single coil position should be brighter and cleaner sounding than in the humbucker position.

  18. A picture speaks a million words…… Do you have any pics?

  19. so I’ve just come across a Daion that I can’t find any information about. It’s an electric classical like the Chet Atkins nylon acoustic electric guitar. It was made in 1984 according to the serial number. It has Daion on the headstock and the logo on the electronics. Any idea on what model it is and its worth?

  20. Hi,I have sold my Gazelle,and my Heritage,I only have the 80 in mint condition.

  21. Mark Ehringer Says:

    Does anyone know if the legacy L series are solid or laminate backs sides and if so do they sound the same as the solid body acoustics they made?

  22. Hey everybody,
    Just bought a Yamaki AYC78S at a garage sale for $10!!! It is in great shape, a number of small dings on it and two spots where the dings were hard enough to slightly crack the soundboard but not through the finish. Plays and sounds amazing. serial number 231027 It does not say Daion anywhere on it so I am assuming it is pre 1984?

  23. Tom Claire Says:

    great, thanks

  24. Still for sale,81 Gazelle,original,missing one bridgepin.if you are interested I send photos

  25. Paul Barry Says:

    Hey guys just a quick question, ive just purchased a daion acoustic guitar da71cn from a travelling tourist, just wondering if it is a decent guitar or not, it sounds nice to play but any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks heaps

  26. Tom Claire Says:

    Hello, I have a Legacy l-999 from mid 80s in good condition (just a few nicks) with HSC, any idea what this is worth on open market?

  27. Chris Adams Says:

    Hi just wondered if angone could give any info on a guitar ive just bought it says Daion on headstock inside bottom of neck YW20 the inside soundhole Yamaki ltd since 1954 made in Japan it sounds absolutely gorgeous and was wondering what woods etc thanks

  28. carmen jimenez Says:

    i would like know ehere i can buy daion guitars in spain.thanks

    • David Gwynn Says:

      I have a friend who is selling a Power Mark II in Madrid.
      Don´t know the price, but I could give you his contact.

  29. Hi

    friend gave me his yamaki Mugen Mark I , 6 strings.

    serial number is 80030308

    Do you know the year?

    (Sorry, I ‘m french and not good at english )

  30. Can anyone describe for me how dark the dark green is on a Power Mark XX? The catalog listings I’ve seen state that the XX came in tan, wine red, brown, and dark green. I just scored one on eBay that is either black, or the darkest green I’ve ever seen! Has a black XX ever been reported?


  31. guitarist wanna-be (for me) Says:

    Hi: Girls just seem to be born to shop and it seems I got sort of lucky and just bought a Daion “80” (the one with the oval sound hole) for $75. But it needs work. The bridge was cracked along the peg holes because of some bowing.

    So I carefully removed the bridge and just ordered a new one (hopefully it will match the same holes when it arrives). and I’m not sure whether to put the brass saddle in the new bridge, or the bone one that will come with the bridge? I tend to like richer tones and from another forum I found the brass makes brighter, not necessarily richer tones?

    Has anyone ever had work done because their guitar needed the bowing brought down and re-inforced? I’m not sure how much I should invest in this guitar since I only play for myself (and still learning at that).

    Also, the logo on my headstock is carved out, but there’s no brass in it. Did all models have the brass inlay there? All the other brass seems fine, the neck is straight and the frets are even. Even the bowing didn’t cause any cracks anywhere and the few strings that were on it before I removed them had no buzzing when I played them at purchase time. I really like the looks of this guitar and think I’ll enjoy playing it once it’s back together again. I just don’t want to overspend putting it back together again. My budget says just glue the new bridge back on, my head says that could cost more in the long run even though I’m not planning to sell now, in the future it could come back to haunt me, or my kids, if these guitars become serious collectors items some day. Any help would be appreciated guys. Thanks

    • Daions were designed to have too much bottom end, the brass bridge compensates. With the brass and the huge body/oval hole, the sound is even and BIG. Put the brass back in it.

  32. Hello. I own a Mark X bass since middle 80′s. Cherry red with cream pickups. I have played it regularly until I bought a MM Stingray like 5 years ago. Nowadays I need two basses due to different tunning in some songs. As there’s a great punch difference between both instruments, I’m actually considering a change of pickups. Do you know wich pickups did Daion use for this bass? I wouldn’t like to buy a new ones and later realize they are worse than the originals.
    Thanks a lot for helping

  33. this is the Daion “jazz bass” … true or not true ?

    • ebassotti Says:

      Hi there,

      I’ve got one of these, bought used in the UK around 2007. It’s definitely MIJ (by Matsumoku if memory serves), and I like it a lot. Unfortunately I had to replace the pickups (one shorted, one low output) with ones taken from an old Tokai bass, but they are a really good match. Like on Serge’s, it’s missing its pickup covers and pickguard, although I think I still have the ‘ashtray’ lying around somewhere.

      I can post pictures or details if anyone’s interested.

      – ebassotti

  34. Hello, I look for information about my bass “jazz bass” model (Daion electric bass, on the neck), is really or is it a false? I found nothing on this model.
    thank you

  35. still for sale,Gazelle,first owner,good shape

  36. I have seen similar pictures, I think these guitars are coming from Korea perhaps or somewhere else in Asia that is using the name.

    I’m sure it’s not from the early era of Daion in Japan.

    Depends on the price seller is asking while it may turn out to be a good guitar you might be better off looking to buy a Washburn or a Cort, both out of Asia. I have played both and they aren’t too bad for the money especially the.Washburn WD10SCE Acoustic Electric Guitar I recently bought one of these for my Grandson and it was a great player (In my opinion) straight out of the box.

    Good luck with your search.

  37. Hi all! Looking at buying this Daion, but struggling to figure out what it actually is – seller has no idea of the model. Anyone seen anything similar before?

    Picture: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/993769_10200764064536471_82256874_n.jpg

  38. I have recently “joined the club” with a Mugen Mark I 12 – string which, so far, I like a lot. I also have a Martin D35 12 1969 and a 1965-ish Fender 12. How do I learn more about the makers? Why is it called Mugen & not Daion? The serial number looks like 5010517 and there is no label – just the MUGEN Mark I stamp. Behind the headstock it just says MUGEN. Top looks like cedar, back & sides mahogany but stained dark and laquered. Would that be original stain?Neck mahogany / rosewood, open slot tuners. Love to know where I can find out more. Thanks.

  39. Thank you! 🙂

  40. I am looking to find out about an Anea electric six string that I ran into in Austin Texas yesterday. It is clearly a Daion Mark X looking instrument. Same multi-wood body, same two humbuckers, same two volume and two tone knobs, same two mini toggles for coil taps. Big brass bridge and brass nut, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, frets are jumbo ..But it has a four screw bolt on neck instead of the neck through body. I know that MCI started labeling some Daion guitars Anea (named after his daughter) but have not seen a picture or much talk about them. This looks just like the Made in Japan Daion Mark Series but the bolt on neck has got me baffled.
    Can anybody shed some light here.

    • I have had a few comments and emails on folks about the Anea guitars. It’s hard enough to keep track of everything on the Daions (which I have also heard were named after Bob Murrell’s daughter, maybe there was a mixup by my source or more than one daughter) but I know absolutely nothing about who sold them, where they came from or anything else. The bodies are just like the Mk.XXs, but the necks and headstocks are bolt on and of a totally different design. Very likely built in the same factory as Daions, but other that that, it’s anybody’s guess.

  41. Michael Montgomery Says:

    Where does an owner send serial number info?

  42. Angelo.Kats Says:

    Hi all, i found out its a 1982 B-54E.heres a link.http://www.vintage-guitars.se/1982_Daion_B-54E_82281D.htm…for anyone whos interested.Im not selling but would be interested in its true value if anyone knows.Thanks

  43. Angelo.Kats Says:

    Hi Bill.Thanks for your interest.I think its japanese but im not sure to be honest.It does resemble the 81 caribou with the same tuning head shape and oval sound hole.pictured here on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/1981-Daion-Caribou-acoustic-electric-guitar-RARE-Japan-/380453202922?pt=Guitar&hash=item5894c72bea.and yes its electric, the guitar lead plugs in at the rear strap buckle.Hopefully somebody here can shed more light on its origins..As to what i paid,lets just say i got it for a song.lol.

  44. I have never seen an acoustic electric Daion is it MIJ Japanese or MIK Korea? How much did you pay?

  45. Angelo.Kats Says:

    Hello Dudes.I didnt even know these guitars existed untill i was browsing a local online buy sell trade type place. I wasnt even in the market for a guitar but there you go and here i am.Anyway this guitar caught my eye,looked further into it and ..wel..its come home now .I am now the proud owner of a Daion electric acoustic guitar.Going by my 2 other Japanese guitars from the 80s it had to be good.Good turned out to be an understatement.It has a great action and big sound,When you play it hard it comes onto its own.Love it..Cant quite make out the first few serial numbers but it may start with 8 and ends with 2244.Im hoping someone here can shed some light on the model and year.Heres a pic.Cheers.http://s763.beta.photobucket.com/user/9R01M/media/100_1278.jpg.html

  46. Before anyone can think about price, they need to see;

    (1) Some photographs showing any damage (Chips or scratches to the finish) or cracks if any, show the headstock (Front and back) , clear front and back of the body and a clear pic of the label if there is one through the sound hole.

    (2) Have an indication of age,

    (3) Know where it was made Japan or Korea.

    (4) Know condition on a scale of 1 to 10.with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

    All of the above helps because info on Daion is pretty sketchy so the more information you post the better your chances of finding out more of your guitar and an estimate of value..

  47. Need a price on a DAION acoustic guitar black with white edging serial number DA71C

  48. Without several good clear pictures it’s anyone guess, there are even people who actually like the well used look as long as it’s playable.

    Go to Youtube, have a look at Willie Nelson’s Martin, most players would have ‘Binned’ it long ago………But if it ever went on the open market he would get a good $$$$$ for it.

  49. A friend of mine has a Mark II with case serial number 80040420. She doesn’t know much about it. The guitar itself is in poor condition, but case is good. Wondering if it still has any value? Thanks for your time!

  50. david wills Says:

    I have a Daion L999 without the daion lyre logo on the headstock. everything else seems to be the same. does anyone know anything about this? Thanks

  51. I take it it’s an electric, Daion evolved from Yamaki who as far as I know only made acoustics, often in the Martin style similar to D-28, D-35, D-45. so it’s likely you may find Yamaki tuners on a Daion.

    How much did you pay for it?

    • if you are answering to me, its acoustics. I did not pay anything for it, It says mugen mark II

      • sanbibi – Sorry I was thinking it was an electric here is a link http://daionguitar.com/acoustic.php it’s possible because companies may use a combination or production date,factory and build number often in no obvious easy decipherable sequence, 9121205 could mean something like 9th day, 12th month etc, difficult to decipher unless you know the code. They are good guitars usually Laminated construction (Not always a bad thing) I have a Yamaki dimensions closely follow a Martin D-28, I have a Martin D-28 and they are very different guitars and the Yamaki is a very playable well made guitar, manufactured in Japan up to about 1984 after that perhaps in Korea.

        There isn’t a lot of verifiable history about Daion/Yamaki on the net so keep digging around.

  52. Have a question, i found guitar, it has daion on back and yamaki logo on keys, or what ever the metal string squeezers are called. inside it says mugen mark II and yamaki logo or trademark. Problem is in the serial number its 9121205. Is that even possible?

  53. There are Heeps of Korean Daions out there. Used the name Daion but were nothing like the Japanese made Daions. Beware they are throw always and worth nothing. Dreadnought and Strat style.

    • Not really an opinion I would agree with as I have a Daion ‘Strat’ and it’s a better player than my either my Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster and sounds every bit as good.

  54. Mark Keller Says:

    Hi all———doing research on some Washburns which Daion did the proto-types for: namely the Vulture II, the SB-40 and the LB-40 (all 1979 to1982-3). Does ANYONE at all have authenticated documents or pictures, ads, posters, anything at all showing the bass along with the bass name on the truss rod cover of any of them? I’ve been to every site in the world about these dang it. Washburn got rid of all records pre-1986 —smart move. Please contact me if so at mekentinc@yahoo,com
    Thanks a lot, Mark Keller

  55. It was probably built by the remnants of Yamaki which morphed into Daion in the late 1970s, they eventually stopped making acoustics and moved to making copies of Fenders under the Daion name.

    Possibly your Daion was built during the transition from acoustics to electrics.

    I have an early ’70s Yamaki Deluxe which I recently bought from someone in Perth Western Australia, who had bought it in Japan.

  56. I have an acoustic Daion and have not been able to find out any info on it. I love the sound of it and it plays like a dream. I have always had compliments on it and not been able to tell them anything about it. The numbers inside the guitar are as follows
    I was trying to find out about what company made this model. I was also wondering about the worth of it as well.
    Thanks…… Hopeful. :O)

  57. What are the body dimensions (upper and lower bouts) and scale length of the 81 gazelle & caribou 12 strings? Thanks.

  58. forsale Daion heritage and Gazelle in good shape ,anyone?? .

  59. I am interested in the Power Mark. My email is robsbark@gmail.com
    Contact me and we will see what we can arrange.

  60. I want to sell my Daion Power Mark XX. I’m the first owner. The guitar is in mint condition, with original case. I think i bought it in 1985 and i’ve almost never been playing on it. I only play acoustic and i’m going to buy an expensive Martin so that’s why i’m selling the Daion.
    Anybody interested ? Please contact me.

  61. Yes, the US and I believe European distributor of Daion was MCI, out of Garland. They were a two sided setup with one side (Musiconics, Inc) selling the Daions and Bob Murell’s Guitorgan, the other side (Mediconics, Inc) selling medical ultrasound scanning and imaging equipment. Apparently, the music side didn’t fare so well in the long run and shut down after only four or five years. From what I have found on the internet, the medical side continued for quite a while.

  62. …crazy question, but I seem to remember reading about this connection somewhere…
    Were Daions ever made/constructed/assembled, anything done to them, in Texas, specifically the Dallas/Garland area?

  63. re-post

    I have a daion DW-25N acoustic. It says Daion quality guitar, central musical instruments Australia, but it does not state where is is made. it is a well built guitar and has a crisp, lively sound, any idea of the date? I know it was obtained in Australia. I don’t think this is a high end Daion, But I am still interested to know how old it is if possible,
    and if it is made by Yamaki.


  64. Clayton Says:

    Hey guys,
    I have an ’81 Gazelle 6 string. Its missing a bridge peg and has a few surface dings. Most of which don’t even break the varnish. The one I’m worried about is roughly half a quarter size and penetrates a layer of wood. If I refinish it, I’m afraid that it will lower the value. I’m looking to sell. There’s no case with it I’m wondering how to proceed/what I can possibly get for it. Any advise will help!

    • Clayton, I call what you have a “player”. It will never command the top price of a mint condition guitar with the factory case, but it is a perfectly serviceable instrument that will play just as well. This is the guitar that you can leave sitting in the living room without being too concerned that the dog might knock it over, or take to a club to play a show without worrying about it getting a ding or nick in the finish. All my Daions are “players” and spend several hours each week out in public.

      As a player, this is still a fantastic playing guitar with a great sounding pickup. If somebody were really wanting a nice electronics setup in a Caribou, this is a great guitar to buy and swap over to a modern high end setup, as it is not a collector grade guitar.

      In this condition, without a case, it’s probably a $300-400 guitar in my mind (mint with case usually goes for 3 times this). Bridge pegs are available anywhere. As this is not a collector, no big deal if it doesn’t match perfectly. Refinishing probably won’t hurt the value much at this point, but it might cost you $200 to have it refinished… and you still have a $300-400 guitar due to it being refinished.

      • Clayton Says:


        Thank you, that was the detail in simple terms I was looking for! I’ll just get the bridge peg, a fresh set of strings and see what I can get for it.

        Thanks again,

    • Hello, I would possibly be interested in purchasing the guitar. Could I get some pictures of it and the blemishes you are referring to. Also how is the action on it? My email is robsbark@gmail.com
      Best Regards,

  65. Lawrence Says:

    Hi there folks. Would anyone happen to have any information on an acoustic Daion guitar I just picked up, model number D124E. Inside the sound hole it says, “Made for Musical Instruments Central Australia” and Made in Korea. The headstock has the name Daion on it, not the Daion logo. It also has a pick up in the neck just above the sound hole and a volume and tone control. Any information on year it was made, type of wood used etc. would be greatly appreciated. For its age the guitar is in top condition and sounds really nice, so not a cheap poorly made guitar. Thanks, Lawrence

  66. i have a Daion 81 Caribou acoustic electric in good condition except for pickups, i was wondering how much it is worth and how much it would cost to have a new pickup put in it

  67. Michael Smith Says:

    Hi all. I just acquired a Daion DMK-1 acoustic. It needs some work but it’s still playable and sounds AWESOME. Really loud, with nice tone.
    Any info would be much appreciated. It has no serial number and says it’s made in korea for central musical instruments Australia.

  68. Just obtained a Daion ‘Performer’ Strat, made in Korea sticker on back of the head but I can’t find a Serial number, is it likely to be hidden somewhere.

    Guy I bought it off had it for 7 years, he bought it 2nd hand and is the second owner he thinks it maybe 20+ years old.

    Anyone have any clues about the Serial number?.

  69. Hello have a left handed mugen Mk 2 12 stringer serial number 101259 It has been under the bed for over 20 years. I took it out the other night to have a strum and the bloody thing was still in tune. Not concert pitch mind you but still playable. Can anyone tell me what year it is?

    It is mahogony with spruce top with the lyre logo in the stock with Daion written on the back of the stock.


  70. Dave Mishalanie Says:

    Has anyone seen any left handed Daion basses, particularly looking for a Savage. BTW, I currently have 2 right handed Savage basses, one fretted (yellow, good condition, bought from Bruce Diamond a while back) and one fretless (blue, no fret lines, very, very good condition, appearance-wise nearly new). I may be interested in selling the blue fretless . . . contact me at djmishalanie@nctv.com.

  71. Rob Barkman Says:

    Also my email address is robsbark@gmail.com

  72. Thomas Kahrel Says:

    I am a dutch lutier, better known as the guitar whisperer, based in Lisbon Portugal.
    Since 1982 I am the owner of a Daion 81 Gazelle in perfect condition, and I decided to put it on the market.
    Say the word

    • Rob Barkman Says:

      Hello, I am interested in the guitar. What kind of condition is it in? Any cracks, dings, dents or repairs? How much are you asking and will you ship it?
      Thanks and best regards

    • I am a dutch guitarplayer en ik ben geinteresseerd in de Daion gazelle. Is hij nog steeds te koop

      • Ik heb een Daion 81 Gazelle in heel goede conditie waar ik wel afstand van wil doen….

  73. I own a 81 Caribou blonde color in mint condition with original case and brass bridge and nut. Would entertain selling.

  74. I am looking to sell a Daion Mugen Mark I/12. I have no clue of the it’s value. It has some small chips at the tip of the headstock and a few minor scratches here and there, other than that its solid as a rock. It feels much sturdier than my Ibanez cheapo Acoustic 6 string. Any idea on a ballpark range of value would be appreciated.


  75. Daions were made at the Yamaki factory.


  76. Any knowledge about which factory Daions were manufactured in? I sent an email to Fujigen and they flat out said they weren’t made there. mmmmm

  77. Hi,

    I have three Daion guitars – one Fretless bass – a “Power X-B” serial No. 820683 (or 5) – the finish is – I think “tan” and the bridge assembly has been modified with a Fender style in black. It has the original brass nut, and black tuners (original?) The pup(s) are two two pole type – “selkect” by EMG. I can’t find any pics of this modelm and so donlt know if the pups and tuners are original. It plays and sounds perfectly.

    I also have two acoustics – a Legacy L-999 ser no 114431 and a Heritage ’78 12 string serial no. 829493d.

    The Legacy has the original case. All three guitars are in very good condition.

    I have read somewhere that a guy in the US thinks he has the only fretless Daion. My bassd gives no indication of being converted.

    Does anyone know anything about this bass / have pics ? and is ther any interst in the two acoustics? They are lovely guitars but not really played much nowadays.

  78. John in Melbourne Australia Says:

    Hi, my name is John.
    I’m looking to purchase Daion guitars.
    I’m looking for PowerMark X, PowerMark XX, Caribou (acoustic), Savage & Performer.
    Please email me at burncitygospel@gmail.com if you have any of these for sale.
    It’s Sept 20,2010.
    It may take some years to find these guitars 🙂
    I may always be on the lookout so please try me at my email.
    Cheers 🙂

    • steve cochran Says:

      john, I have a power mark 2, oringinal hardshell case, that i have owned since 1986 and it is in excellent condition, been thinking of selling it, are you still looking, although I have owned it for many years, i can go 2 yrs between playing it. it is rarely used.

      • Steve:

        If John doesn’t respond, I’d be interested.


      • Steve E cochran Says:

        Bill, contact me via email, steveandanissa@embarqmail.com ,  I am in the USA and many deals are broken or stalled by shipping overseas and such, so I hope you are in the USA, however, per the serial number I have a 1981 daion, the guitar is all original, even have the original case. there are no scratches, no belt buckle marks etc… I can provide photos, there is only on bit of damage  which is a chip in the finish by the strap button by the neck, I am not trying to gouge anyone on price, make a fair offer and it will be considered.

      • Hi, is your guitar still for sale? If so, please email me at burncitygospel@gmail.com

      • BurnCity Music Says:

        Hi, I’m interested in purchasing. Please send pics, condition details and price to email: burncitygospel@gmail.com Thanks

      • steve cochran Says:

        sorry everyone but I decided to keep this guitar, it is no longer for sale.

  79. I recently saw a Daion clip-on belt mini amp with headphones. I think I bid $100 and I didn’t win. Anyone know where to get these? It was probably 3″ x 4″ had the Daion name logo and a guitar jack and a headphone jack, maybe a volume knob.

  80. Suffice to say… A LOT. Good ones have been bringing $1000USD and up on Ebay. 12string could go more, just depends on how bad two or more people want it.

  81. Hi
    I have a pair of 1981 Daion Gazelles one is 6 string the other is a 12 string both are in very good condition and I am wondering what the fair market value of these fine guitars would be????

  82. Cross posting this from the acoustic serial number list…

    Roger asks:

    Daion Ym50 #9052405.It is identical to a Yamaki Ym50 of ‘76 except it has Daion on the front of the headstock. I am a bit puzzled because all the Daion’s I have found online have the name on the back with just the emblem on the front. Any thoughts. Thanks

    • Apparently sometime in 1984 Daion started using their Name Logo in place of the lyre logo. The lyre used to be a solid brass inlay, they switched to a decal then stopped using the lyre all together. They were trying to stay afloat in a competative market, unfortunately it was the cost of there material (top notch woods, etc) that sunk them.

      • Ted, you can check my serial number list for the switch, but I believe the only model I have seen with the name logo is the Mk.XX. If I remember correctly, this was not parallel to the strings, but across the top of the headstock, like so many other acoustic makes.

      • Hi Ted,
        I’m looking to purchase a Caribou and a Gazelle.
        I was wondering where you purchased your from.
        Are you interested in selling?
        If not, can you please point me in the right direction to finding them?
        Regards, John.

      • John, This is a link to Craigslist every city. Thats how I find my Daions. http://www.searchallcraigs.com/

        I cant sell any of mine, I’m looking for a good 555 Headhunter and an 81 Gazelle.

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