Daion Serial Number List

This list is no longer relevant and will soon be deleted. This list is for Daion Barbarian, Savage, Mk.X and Mk.XX models. Please post comments about other models on appropriate category pages. I cannot move posts to other pages, so unrelated posts will be removed or not approved. Not being fussy, just trying to keep things organized a bit.
Names have been left off to preserve anonymity, but I do have them on my private list. If you see your serial number with a question mark in a category, or your instrument is listed under another owner’s location, please contact me so I can correct and update the list.
If you do NOT see your serial number and want to send it to me, I’ll update the list and add your instrument to it. When sending instruments, include model, type (guitar or bass), any special features from the factory (like fretless bass, no lyre logo on the headstock, rosewood knobs, etc…) and your general location.
Michael Bechmann has generously compiled and created a new list for us that can be found at the “Updated Serial Number List” link in the blogroll on the right side. This list will no longer be updated, so if you don’t see your instrument listed here and have sent your number to us, check that list. If you don’t see your instrument on the updated list, then please email me!
Send emails to michaelcallahan01@gmail.com


8243E W (Swed)
Ebay 82231E Bl (US)
83140 R (UK)



10060 GY (Reutlingen, GER)
10102 BBFL (Toronto, CAN)

10116 BY (WA, US)

10285 GB (Halifax, CAN)

10481 G?

10734 BB (Edmondton, CAN)

10740 BBlFL (WA, US)

Ebay 10748 BBFL (CA, US)

10768 GY (CAN)

10882  GR (Aust)

10892 GY (NZ)

10899 BWMFL (NJ, US)

10916 BBMFL (Ottowa, CAN)

10930 BY (AUST)

Ebay 8284F GR (Maryville TN, US)

82124 GW (DMK)

82304B BB (Bham, AL, US)

82327E BW (?)

82426E GR (S Africa)

825228E GB (82528?) (SWED)

83535E BB (SWED)

84079 GB (Austin TX, US)

84097 GB (FIN)

84109 GB (FIN)


792758 GR (FL, USA)
801128 BR (CHI, US)

801612 BBr (Bern, CHE)

803682 GT (Sask, CAN)

803687 G? (BC, CAN)

? 803861 GR (SWED)

810235 BT (Tupelo, MS USA)

810236 BT (AL, US)

820592 G? (NZ)

821135 GT (Stuttgart, GER)

812319 B? (P only) (BC, CAN)

820288 GT (GER)

821364 BT (school inst) (Munich, GER)

821296 BR (AL, US)

821489 B? (NZ)

83210 GBr (TX, US)

83074 BT (OH, US)

840050 BB (AL, US)

? BTFL (P only) (GB)


792716 GT (no fretboard)  (AL, US)
792767 BR (no fretboard) (KC, US)
80408 GT (Cobden, ONT, CAN)

803209 GT (?)

803914 GT (SWED)

804214 GG (Burlington, CAN)

804318 GR (SWED)

810110 G? (FR)

810495 BBr (CT, US)

810500 BR (TX, US)

810648 GT  (SWED)

810891 BG (Quebec, CAN)

812150 GR (CAN)

812478 BR (SWED)

812548 GBr (Olympia WA USA)

812576 GT (Independence OH, USA)

813121 BBr (TX, US)

813124 BR (TX, US)

813605 GG (OH, US)

813620 BT (US)

813622 BT (TX, US)

813659 BT (KC, US)

813776 B?(NZ)

813899 GR (CA, US)

814030 BT (SWED)

814067 GR (GER)

814179 BR (Canberra, AUST)

814188 BBr (NZ)

814274 BB (AL, US)

820168 GR (GER)

820232 GG (AUST)

820268 GR (Denmark)

820544 GR (TX, US)

820614 BT(GER)


820634 BG (TX, US)

820654 BB (Gronigen, NE)

820716 BG (SWED)

?? 82713 GT (US Ebay, no response)

820751 BBr (Lurgan, N. IRE)

820783 BG (IRE)

820964 BTFL (USA)

820966 BTFL (MI, US)

820968 BTFL (AL, US)

820974 GT (WV, US)

820977 GT (OR, US)

820998 BR (Olympia WA USA)

820999 BR (GA, US)

Ebay, 12/06 821010 BT (TN, US)

821039 GB (Stuttgart, GER)

821060 BT (sold to ?) (US)

Ebay 1/15/08 821077 BR (TX, US)

821113 GT (TX, US)

821122 BRFL (?)

? 821138 BGFL (Waco, TX, US)

821139 BGFL (AL, US)

821161 BT (DMK)

821174 BGFL (GA, US)

821221 BT (GA, US)

821227 GT (DMK)

?821314 BT (NZ Ebay, no response)

821323 GT (Sydney, AUS)
821403 BB (Stuttgart, GER)
821497 GB (GER?)
821500 BT (US)
830145 BT L/H (AUST)
830150 BR (US)
830234 BBr MFL(Pau, FR)
830250 B? (US)
830360 BR (AL, US)
830399 G? (VA, US)
840091 GR Last harp (US)
840156 BBr (US)

840165 BBr (CT, US)

840168 GT (US)

840180 G? (OH, US)

840204 GT (TN, US)

840214  GB (NC, US) Ebay

840248 BR (KC, US)

840265 BW (Aukland, NZ) Painted all white

840280 BBFL (NZ) Painted all black


First two digits are year (except 1, indicating 1981)

First letter in second column indicates “G”uitar or “B”ass

Second letter in second column indicates color:

“B”lack, “Br”own, Bl”lue, “G”reen, “R”ed, “T”an, “Y”ellow, “W”hite

FL, indicated fretless bass, MFL indicates lined fretless. Lined fretless is only listed for the Savage model, so Power Series lined are very likely de-fretted and not factory.


100 Responses to “Daion Serial Number List”

  1. Hi! I wonder if you can help!
    I was left an old Daion 12 String acoustic Mugen mark 1 by my dear friend who passed away last year who taught me how to play the guitar! I was interested in seeing how old it is, I know he would have purchased it some 20+ years ago but I was curious to date the guitar!

    The serial number is completely different to all above! And reads:


    And then has the stamp for the Mugen mark 1 model.

    There are no other distinguishing features, the lure logo is present and has the 2 cut away’s on the head by the machine heads!

    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. Hi. Only just discovered your site and thought you might appreciate another owner’s update.

    I have a Daion Legacy-999 which I’ve owned since new. Purchased in Birmingham (UK) in 1978 as best I can recall – maybe early ’79. I’d recently given up playing in bands and sold my gear and decided to treat myself to a decent acoustic while I had a bit of money. My budget was @£250 I think – quite a lot then….

    I remember taking two musical friends along for the day and we trolled around the city music shops trying out and listening to all kinds of brands – even big names like Gibson and Fender. Eventually it came down to a choice between the (unknown make) Daion and a Yamaha and despite its small body size the Legacy sounded better. The USA brands were just so expensive and didn’t seem to be worthwhile in sound or playability and overall value for money.

    What with family and career etc. getting in the way of my playing, it hasn’t seen much use over the years and has sat in its case in the cupboard for long spells, so is in remarkably good condition. There is a little tarnishing of the gold plating of the machines and a very minor ding on the face below the sound hole, but still looks stunning and sounds and plays a treat.

    The internal stamps show LEGACY-999 on a bracing strut below the sound hole and Serial number id (inside, on the end of the neck) is 113154 and I noted today that the serial number is accompanied by additional text L-999E. Anyone know what the E represents ?

    As I begin winding into retirement I fully intend to dust the ol’ girl off and make a start to learn some ragtime blues pickin’ as I always said I wanted to … Wish me luck that I can get the old fingers toughened up and loose once more.



  3. Hi,
    Today I purchased a Daion Savage in red (S# 10218, good condition, no OHC) for 180 € (!)

  4. Hi all…Bobby Stahr here in Canada and it seems I’ve not added my Daion Power Mark X Rosewood guitar to the list.
    serial number back top of head stock is:

  5. 840184 GR Dallas, TX.
    Just got mine back from my brother who’s had it for the last 12 years. Picked it up in a pawn shop some 23 years ago for under $150. Had a few minor blemishes, but was a great find and still in good working order. I always admired the workmanship of the design and that it went all the way down to using wood for the electronics covers instead of plastic or metal. Was curious about the brand/model as there was no internet when I bought it and that led me here.

  6. Keith Marpole Says:

    Just acquired a Legacy L-999 (AY 091) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. SN is: 100518. I was told by seller that it was purchased in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  7. Power Mark XX – S/N 840225 – wine red, P/U’s were replaced with Dimarzio Super Distortions when I got it. Florida – USA

  8. Hi .i have two daion power mark xx fretless bass.(840056 and 840085) in very very good contition…

  9. Ba amadou Says:

    Hi, just got mine a power mark model . Serial number 812760 . Very nice Bass well crafted .

  10. I have a Daion Savage – 10050

  11. Thanks for info, I own Daion Power Mark XX-B Bass with serial 830559, Pickups were replaced for a Bartollini set, it works perfect. It´s in Madrid, Spain

  12. I have a blue Savage Bass with black pick guard. The serial number is 10523.

  13. Hi I have my dads old Daion no clue about it.. It is a 6 string acoustic.
    The numbers are;
    9(or a g?)112720
    It is laid it is laid out just like that. It’s a yellowish cedar I think on the top and the rest is a dark reddish brown.
    Any info would be awesome

  14. I have a 12 string acoustic Daion mid 70’s with the serial number ” AY080T / 05059 “. Everything is original to the guitar, and was wondering if you could give me some information on its value, and any other info you might know about this guitar. Thank You, and have a Merry Christmas.

  15. Eric Pistan Says:

    I have a Nugen junior with serial no. 826576 D. I buy it on swap meet for 50$ and it sounds like an expensive one. I’m from Perth Western Australia


  16. Catherine Says:

    Hi, my guitar says mugen mark1 831324
    Would love to know anything about it

  17. I just got a Power Mark XX. It’s number is: 821215. It’s red i guess, maybe rosewood. Good condition only smaller dings here and there. Sounds good! How rare are these guitars anyway? How many were made say in 1982?

  18. i have power mark xx serial no:812529

  19. J. Barker Says:

    I have a daion mark XX, wine red, serial # 830192

  20. Have a daion power XX GB No. 84205 ( Sweden )

  21. I have have found a daion guitar serial number 829581D in reasonable contain was wonder what it is worth

    • That’s an odd number, going to send you an email. Value will depend on how original, if it has a case with it, condition and which model. Assuming it is in typical 35yr old played, but not abused condition it could be worth a few hundred bucks for a Savage to nearly a thousand, if a Mk. XX or Headhunter.

  22. Maurice Vandebroek Says:

    Daion Power Mark X-B, serial number 803233. Koa, brown-red finish. Original pick-ups replaced with EMGs. Bought and used in Belgium.

  23. l have just done over a L999 sounds great . l am a collector and retired luthier . never worked on one before my old business partner really loves it.
    the serial number is 104725 could you tell me the year?

  24. Rick Clancy Says:

    830251 Power Mark XX-B Brown Bought in New Zealand now lives in Sydney Australia. My baby!!

  25. Hi,
    I found the daionsonline-webpage in the www and I was very pleased about it! I never saw such a forum about the Daions before, and I didn’t know much about these guitars and basses.
    I own a Mk X Bass with only one split coil humbucker, its serial number is 813682. It’s a lovely instrument, it looks great with the brown body, the long through-the-body-neck and the elegant design. I bought it new sometimes in 1981 at “Uli’s Musik” in Leverkusen near Cologne, Germany, for about 900,- DM (today 450,- Euro) and I will never ever give it away!!

    Greetings from Germany

  26. I have a daion power mark xx b.it’s located in manila philippines.serial number is 830614.this is not included on the list yet and i believe this is the only one that reached the phils.

  27. Hi. I have a Tan Power MKxx with hard case. It is in Sweden, serial 811492

  28. Jukka Rajakangas Says:

    I have the Power Mark XX #813611 with green case.
    Great guitar.


  29. Hi,
    I own the Power Mark XX serial 810013 (green guitar) + green hardshell case.

  30. je possède la hard case d’origine aussi verte

  31. bonjour
    j’ai une daion power mark xx tout d’origine (sauf les cordes!) acheter il y a une petite vingtaine d’année
    numero de série 810103

  32. yanborder Says:

    la mienne est une guitare power mark xx de serie 810044,
    j’aimerais avoir plus d’info dessus sachant qu’elle est mon instrument principal depuis plus de 10 ans

  33. I got a Power Mark XX in red. Serial: 821213. I would like to know the year, when it’s made.

    Greetings from Germany, Pino

  34. Jean-Michel Court Says:

    Hello, I have a black savage, his number is 10406 and I’m in France. Please, can you tell me when it was made?

  35. Hey man I have daion mark xx in my hand his number is 830504 and I’m in Thailand , sheers

  36. Jack Huffman Says:

    By the way, it looks like a white ‘Savage’ bass with a black headstock.

  37. Jack Huffman Says:

    I have a Daion Bass that was given to me. It looks like the one I have attached. What model is it? The serial number is 82329E. It needs a serious restoration, for it was abused very badly and the paint started chipping off. The neck needs a repair job also, but nothing that can’t be accomplished. By the way I need to find a bridge, you know where I can find one? Anyway, I hate to see an instrument like this not be brought back to life, but that’s where I am at.

  38. Vince Egan Says:

    Hi, I have just purchased a white Daion Savage in great nick from the first owner (from Cape Town, South Africa) – I’m in Limpopo, South Africa. The serial number is 83294E. I also have two semi-acoustic 6-string Daions: 1 burgandy steel string that has been used as a session guitar in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and has been knocked around a bit (serial no: 830685) and a classical in good condition (orange wood finish) that hails from Pretoria, South Africa (serial no: 830855). All guitars have the tuning fork logo. The Savage and steel-string semi-acoustic both have original Daion cases, the classical having an ‘after-market’ case modelled on the original.

  39. I stumbled on your site on http://daionsonline.wordpress.

    com/daion-serial-number-list/ and I’m so happy I did. I feel as though you’re reading my mind
    right now. You come across as knowing so much regarding this,
    like you authored the book on it or something.
    While I think some extra media like some pics or a couple of videos,
    this will be a fantastic resource. I will undoubtedly come back.

  40. Elvin Lategan Says:

    How do i get my DAION BASS listed on here . its a POWER MARK XX-B in BROWN . Wellington ,South Africa . SERIAL NO. 820927 The Hardcase is the original greenish with DAION name on it

  41. takeshi joe isozaki Says:

    my DAION POWER MARK XX-B has the serial number 821303.
    i bought it with black DAION case in orland, florida.1986.

    i had a DAION shield cord.
    sounds great like belden, smoother than that.


    i’m in chigasaki, japan

  42. Elvin Lategan Says:

    hi . elvin again . did I say it is a BASS ?

  43. Elvin Lategan Says:

    hi . my Daion is a Brown Power Mark XX B . serial number is 820927


  44. Hello there.
    I just bought a POWER Mark XX B yesterday 05-12 -2012 . The serial number is 820927 . There seems to be a slight problem as its not working . just a scratchy sound from the pickups . anybody with ideas ? should i open it up ? What should I be looking for. the guitar details are even written inside the hardcase on a sticker. what a beauty !!
    im in South Africa . goy it for 100 dollar . basicaly free . brown with green Daion case.

  45. I have a Power Mark X serial # 8008. Need more information on it. It has a little wear on it, but sure is a beauty!

  46. Hi, My name is Marcelo, from Chile. I have a daion power mark xx, serial number 830626 GT.

  47. Hi, I have a Power Mark XX- B bass in ‘Wine Red’ I bought in 1984 at Athens, Greece. The serial number is 820581

  48. Marcel Fennis Says:

    Hi, I bought a Power Mark X about 7 years ago. I bought it for 175 Pounds in the UK. The serial number is 820688. I have had two SDs installed as the stock pups squealed even at reasonable volume. I love my Daion. I might sell my Ibanez but wouldn’t even consider selling my Daion. Pics are on the Facebook page.

  49. bob becker Says:

    I have a power mark xx- b bass I bought in 1983. The music store told me it was a ”blem” as they said it was damaged as vandals (supposed competition) damaged the guitars as they came off a ship from japan. A hard to notice repair is visable along the pick ups and thru to the back…I paid $350 for it new… serial # 821028

  50. adriano Says:

    My Daion is a Mugen I -12 the serial number is 81183 k.
    I get it in South Africa and now the instrument is in Padova, Italy. I saw than all the serial number are followed by two letters, why mine not ? Do you have any idea about ? thank you. adriano

  51. In the 80’s I visited a Jukka Tolonen Concert in Nuremberg, Germany. He was playing a green Daion Power Mark XX 😉
    Two weeks before I purchased this beautiful guitar in red!

  52. Guitar, Power Mark Mk. XX BR #813611, bought from Helsinki, Finland 1990. Looks like –> https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-GnVZRw-7WWk/T5Zz8kN6-RI/AAAAAAAAUBQ/Ls4KpatTY0o/s557/Daion_Mark_XX_813611.jpg

  53. Hi, have owned my Daion Mark II since new, Serial no 831000 . bought in Christchurch New Zealand abt 1983/4. It has been stored for 30 years and in mint condition with original hard case with logo. Just been restrung @ the sound is awesome! It;s been suggested that I get a pickup put on it- any comments on doing this welcome.Also any idea of value?

  54. Helga Herz Says:

    Ich habe einen Bass POWER MARK X-B Ser.Nr. 820339

  55. hi, I own an elettric bass guitar Daion from 1988 , red wine colored and ivory pick up.
    In Italy Daion is not famous but his quality is very well.
    model M K . X , serial n. 81 1913.
    Maybe in Italy other Daion Bass Guitar?
    can i send some photo to have more comments and informations?
    Now lives in Parma, Italy.
    Thanks. Sergio.T. Parma Italy.

  56. ciao, ho una chitarra basso elettrico Daion acquistata nel 1988 colore rosso vino, pick up avorio .
    In Italia è poco conosciuto, ma la qualità è ottima.
    Modello M K .X , il numero di serie è 81 1913
    Ci sono altre chitarra basso Daion in Italia?
    Posso inviare alcune foto per avere qualche altra notizia ?
    Molte Grazie. Sergio.T. Parma Italy.

  57. Daion Savage 83210E in Finland

  58. Hi
    I recently purchased on Ebay a wonderful fretless Daion Bass Power Mark X-B in anthracite with only one split PU, S/N 830328 with orig. case. The bass now lives in Osnabrueck, Germany.

  59. Bill, check Stewart-McDonald. I think the switch is just a standard Les Paul type selector.

  60. my friend has a Power Mark XX-B bass w/org case it is one of the
    laminated ones (beatuiful) but it needs the three way switch, any one know where we could get this switch? The serial number is
    821516, he lives near Anniston, Alabama.

  61. I just picked up a Daion Power Mark XX-B (serial #821012) at a hole in a small-time, local music shop (Akron Music) in Akron. OH within the past week and it is beautiful! The tone is amazing, the finish is slick, the wood-in laid body is compact, curvy, solid, and the hardware is tough, but sophisticated. It’s a piece that I will never part with, for sure!

  62. Hi

    I have a Daion serial no 840719. Currently giving it a bit of a re-furbish as it has suffered from too much sun and salt water. (We lived on a boat for a few years.

    Presently live in Whangaroa Northland New Zealand

    Cheers Ian

  63. I have a POWER MARK-XX-B Tan fretless bought from ebay Australia. Been sitting in a cupboard for 23yrs with the same strings. All original parts…. tiny tiny pin sized ding near knobs (big hi-fi knobs). Tuners and Brass saddles losing their Gold plating, fret board has playing wear. Cleaned her up put on some DR sunbeams…. lovely sound, especially the P pickup. The J pick up is a little thin though.

    830043 (made in japan sticker underneath)
    Lyre Bird on front head stock
    Maple 9 piece with Rosewood Lam, looks like Walnut trim

    Exceptional craftsmanship on this bass. Dang these basses are right up there in quality. Pity the P/J with exposed alnico poles were all the rage in the 80s a bit more thought could have gone into the aesthetics there.

    Does anyone know what pickups they put in these? Are the originals Japanese or US?

  64. Douglas B. Fennell Says:

    Recently purchased a Daion Power Mk. X bass. The serial number is 821295, and the color is red. From your serial number list, I see its litter mate, 821296 BR, is in Alabama. I live in Durham, NC.

    Except for a few dings, my bass is in good condition. All the brass hardware cetainly caught my eye, and I could easily see it was a cut above the others hanging around it.

    As far as I can tell, my bass has no special or custom features.

  65. 1. Mk-X #820592 G? (NZ) is definitely a guitar. Dark red in colour.
    2. Mk-X #821489 B? (NZ) is definitely a bass. Dark red in colour.
    3. Mk-XX 813776 B?(NZ) is definitely a bass. Tan? (light brown) in colour.

  66. I’ve got a red savage bass that i bought about 13 years ago in Sweden. Everything still original and works perfectly. Serialnumber is 83162 E. Is there anyway of telling when it was made?

  67. hey…..a friend of mine give me a guitar that he described as a junk….actually it s a daion,in a really bad shape …some dumbass painted it few times in different colors and it took me forever to realise and find out it s a daion…..so now i guess i have to restore it completly……i will……number is:810215…i m in germany….it s power markxx
    does anybody has a set of tuner?thats the only original parts that i miss….thanks for reading and maybe answer

  68. Peter van Oevelen Says:

    sorry, forgot to tell I live in Holland (the Netherlands)

  69. Peter van Oevelen Says:

    hi there, I own a model ’80 W, serialnumber 103345
    the Bridge has started to loosen from the upper board,
    so i’ll have to let it restore professionally. Still doubting
    whether i’ll keep it or sell it afterwards. It’s quite unique
    to own this doubleneck 6/12 so there is reason enough
    for doubt, right?

  70. I have a Wine 81 Caribou #826343 D. I went to the Waco Tx. in 1982 Facility and picked one out with the owner. Great guitar and a attention getter. I live in Dallas,Tx.

  71. s.n. 82247E White, Spain.

    *Barbarian!* (edit by Mike C. to add guitar type.)

  72. Chris Powell Says:

    Hi, I’m looking at a red 335 style (NOT a Headhunter) with no tuning fork logo but the Daion inscription as described by Ted. There are no model/serial numbers, or label inside (could have come off). Anyone ever seen one like this?

    • If you are from Australia (and I see from your email addy that you are), you may discover all kinds of strange Daion marked instruments not seen in other parts of the world. The Daion name was used on many copies of more popular guitars including Strat, Tele, Les Paul, and others. This sounds like an ES-335 copy. I have heard both glowing reports and dismal tales of the quality of these guitars. Check it out in person before buying.

  73. Just bought a Daion Bass off of craiglist. It’s pretty banged up, but the price was definitely right. $75 with a silvertone practice amp! The serial # is 83126 E. Anyone know what the E stands for? I didn’t see any in the list above… No clue what model it is. It has a scratchguard, and two single pick ups. The guy I bought it from painted it white, which is a shame, seeing how these are collectors items it seems.

  74. I have a Daion Fretless , I will check the serial number and post it

  75. Probably indeed the first of 1982. You might want to put some words on the Headhunter serial list, as well.

  76. Craig Wilson Says:

    I am listing tonight (08/21/2010), a Daion HeadHunter 555 in burgandy, near mint condish, serial number 8201C (might be a G). Is this the first 1982 guitar made? See you at the auction!

    • Near mint? I guess everything is relative. The knobs are not original, the pickguard is an add-on (with probable mounting holes in the body), three-way switch cover missing, and it appears the neck has been broken off and re-glued with no effort to restore the finish.

      • Ya, I can’t believe it when someone runs a screw through the face of a beautiful guitar for a scratchguard. It doesnt have the original Daion case either.

  77. Daion Performer models are not included in this listing, as it is strictly for original Daion models. I have heard widely varied reports of both fantastic Performer copies and also horror stories. I’ll put up a separate page for Performer discussions.

  78. Ted Benedict Says:

    Hello, what does anyone know about the Daion Performer Les Paul? Is it a legit Daion guitar? I don’t see it listed in their 82 catalogue.

  79. And we have two black Savages

    1. Serial number 8224F stamped on the back, bought new in Sydney Australia from a local shop in 1982.

    2. Serial number 10526. Bought in Melbourne secondhand about 10 years ago.

    How do these numbers work with your guide as to what the numbers mean? Any ideas gratefully appreciated and both guitars now live on the Gold Coast, QLD.
    Cheers, P

    • #1 is an 82 model. #2 is an 81. The Les Paul is a Performer and could have been made as late as the mid-90s. There were a LOT of things sent down to Australia, NZ and other locations South that were never seen North of the Equator.

  80. Hi
    H741 is the serial number on a Daion Les Paul. This does jnot fit with what you have said above. Any ideas? Thanks

  81. Thanks, Tomas. Email sent for addtional info.

    Folks, please email me your numbers instead of posting here so this page doesn’t get too loaded up. I will add your number just as soon as I get the info. Make sure to include type (guitar or bass), color, number and your general location so we can get an idea of where Daions are around the world.

  82. Tomas Grek Says:

    Thanks for your devotion to great guitars and basses!
    I have a Daion Power Mark XX Guitar Tan – a real beauty!
    Serial no: 810648

    Best regards

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